Chapter 287 - Fatal Cold Air

MGA: Chapter 287 - Fatal Cold Air

“Now it’s interesting.” Chu Feng did not dodge. He changed the style of the two blades in his hands; one went up to block Dugu Aoyun’s pike, and one sliced towards his waist.

However, Dugu Aoyun was not a simple character. No matter if it was speed or reactions, he was pretty much not inferior to Chu Feng. He retracted his pike and trembled it downwards. The pike then instantly became coursing dragon as it flung Chu Feng’s big blade away, and after that, he abruptly went forward again and it became a blue-coloured long pike again as it ferociously attacked Chu Feng.

Two geniuses. One held two golden-coloured blades, another held a blue-coloured pike. With lightning speed, they fought into a lump with the methods from the Bow of Hundred Transformations and the battle was inseparable.

“Impressive! Chu Feng is actually evenly matched with Dugu Aoyun!”

“Many school heads couldn’t even do such a battle, and many school heads could not even force Dugu Aoyun to this state, yet Chu Feng can. This child has power that defies the heavens doesn’t he?”

As they looked at the battle that was in a mess, everyone’s gazes trembled and shock was hung on their faces. Even Yan Yangtian brows tightly locked and complicated expressions surged within his gaze.

Chu Feng’s battle power was too terrifying. At least in terms of battle power, he already completely surpassed Dugu Aoyun and the pillars of hatred were already set between the Lingyun School and the Azure Dragon School. If that grudge could not be dissolved, Chu Feng would certainly be the Lingyun School’s strongest enemy in the future.

That forced Yan Yangtian to rethink his attitude towards Chu Feng. The best way was to kill Chu Feng before he developed, and at that moment, it was the best time to kill Chu Feng.

Thinking to that point, Yan Yangtian’s gaze turned and his lips started to lightly close shut. Although his lips were closed shut and no one could hear him, Dugu Aoyun’s ears twitched and after that, his face changed greatly and he nodded towards Yan Yangtian who was on the tall stage.

It was a mental message sent through the air. A method that belonged to only Heaven realm experts. They were able to say the words they wanted to say to only specified people. Other than that person, other people could not even hear half a word, and the words that Yan Yangtian said to Dugu Aoyun was actually an order. He allowed Dugu Aoyun kill Chu Feng, and the consequences would bore by him.

*whoosh* After getting the order, Dugu Aoyun did not hesitate. He quickly put the blue-coloured pike away from his hands. His body became a blur and he suddenly retreated, then at the same time, he stacked his hands on top of one another, extended them towards Chu Feng, and loudly said, “Infinite Ocean!!”


After speaking, violent huge waves emerged in front of Dugu Aoyun. They were real, huge waves. The bright blue ocean water, the ferocious sprays, and very single wave was ten meters tall and at that instant, they were sweeping out one wave after the other and slamming towards Chu Feng.

The waves were quite peculiar. They did not go wild in all directions but instead, they surged on Dugu Aoyun’s commands. So, at the same time that they slammed towards Chu Feng, waves that covered a vast area also surrounded the fighting stage while spiraling and flowing around.

They did not drip out of the fighting stage though, and they were always circulating around while remaining on the fighting stage. At the end, the waves surged together on the huge fighting stage and it was completely taken over by the bright-blue-coloured ocean water.

The current Chu Feng already lost his attacking chance. He could only rely on the strong bodily martial skill, the Imperial Sky Technique, to ride on the waves to maneuver around. But his actions were in vain as the waves were simply too strange. Occasionally, they became sharp blades. Occasionally, they became an axe as they kept on chopping towards Chu Feng.

At that moment, Chu Feng was not only simply fighting against Dugu Aoyun within the huge waves. He was fighting on a mountain of blades and in an ocean of fire. Truly, danger was everywhere. If Chu Feng did not have extremely strong Spirit power to be able to detect the changes that happened to the waves, even with the ingenious bodily martial skill, the Imperial Sky Technique, it would be difficult for him to continue.

“What a strong martial skill. Is this one of the foundation martial skills of the Lingyun School, the rank 6 martial skill ‘Infinite Ocean’?”

“It is rumoured that this martial skill can change according to the strength of the user. It can change into blades, and it can even change into an ocean of fire. Clearly, Dugu Aoyun has understood the most obscure meaning of this martial skill and has displayed it.”

“Impressive. They are both very impressive. The martial skill that Dugu Aoyun is displaying has both might and power, but Chu Feng’s bodily methods and detection power are also very outstanding. It can truly be seen how impressive this child as he is able to move around within such a strong martial skill.”

The ring of battle between Chu Feng and Dugu Aoyun already surpassed the range of comprehension of normal people. Not only in terms of vision, but there was also a huge psychological blow dealt to them. Dugu Aoyun’s martial skill and Chu Feng’s bodily methods caused their eyes to light up and caused them to sigh to themselves because of their inferiority.

Even the various school heads admired the methods of the two people, let alone the disciples. Coming from the same generation as Dugu Aoyun and Chu Feng, they truly felt that they were very inferior. Especially Chu Feng. He was even younger than them, yet he was so exceptional. They who thought themselves to be geniuses before felt very ashamed.

“This guy is actually extremely strong. I truly overestimated my powers when I provoked him that day. It seems that I am lucky to not have been killed by him.”

The number one disciple of the Swordless School, Nangong Xiao, currently had a nervous expression with lingering fear all across his face. He regretted provoking Chu Feng that day as he was deeply afraid that Chu Feng would still remember that matter in his heart and make things difficult for him in the future.

Presently, Chu Feng was able to fight equally against Dugu Aoyun, so that already meant that Chu Feng’s battle power surpassed his Swordless School’s head, and it even surpassed all of the other school heads, with the exception of the Lingyun School.

Since he had such powerful strength and he also Qi Fengyang as his elder brother behind his back, many people put a terrifying label on Chu Feng in their hearts.

So, Nangong Xiao deeply knew if Chu Feng wanted to harm him, no one would be able to protect him. There was only a single road remaining for him, and that would be the road to death.

In reality, other than Nangong Xiao, Baixi and the other disciples and elders from the Jade Maiden School, as well as the various school heads, elders, and disciples, were all thinking similar things, and it was to absolutely not offend Chu Feng in the future.

They were thinking that because not only did Chu Feng display powerful strength, he even dared to cut both of Fenghao’s arm off in the Lingyun School’s own territory, and he also dared to challenge Dugu Aoyun. From those actions, it could be seen that he was a person who had to take revenge for any hatreds and he was a ruthless person. An enemy like that was too frightening, so it was best to avoid him when seen from afar and it would be wise to not anger him.

“Chilling Air Freezing Ground!”

But just at that time, Dugu Aoyun who was using the Unlimited Ocean then unexpectedly explosively yelled. As the Unlimited Ocean was being used, he employed a second martial skill.

*huu huu huu huu*

The Profound power that surged out of Dugu Aoyun’s body all became formless hurricanes and blew over the ocean waves, causing the huge waves that rose to the skies to surge even fiercerly.

However, that was only the beginning. The formless hurricane suddenly and speedily changed and they started to emit extremely bone-piercing cold air. That cold air was very terrifying, and it was even more bone-piercing that the Cold Ice Atmosphere from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion.

The most important part was at the same time the cold air surged, the huge waves that rose to the skies underneath his feet also started to solidify into bits of ice sludges and it greatly increased the degree of coldness in the air.

So, it turned out that it was all a setup. The Infinite Ocean before was only used as a foundation for the Chilling Air Freezing Ground. At that very instant, the fatal cold air was the actual weapon Dugu Aoyun wanted to use against Chu Feng.