Chapter 286 - Confrontation of the Geniuses

MGA: Chapter 286 - Confrontation of the Geniuses

“Destroy their own cultivation? You think you are worthy enough to speak to me like that? You think you are qualified to set such a wager with me?” Dugu Aoyun looked at Chu Feng with scorn, as though he was looking at an ant that could be squished to death at any time.

“If you don’t dare, just say it. There is no need to speak such rubbish.” Chu Feng spread both of his arms out and shrugged while the word “disdain” was written across his face.

“Don’t dare? You think I will be afraid of a brat like you? That’s fine. Destroy your own cultivation...Today, I will grant you that wish!” Dugu Aoyun coldly snorted, then the pressure of the 8th level of the Profound realm swept out and it instantly engulfed Chu Feng.

When the formless pressure engulfed him, Chu Feng immediately felt the huge power. The pressure that Dugu Aoyun emanated was not small, and it was simply as if a formless huge mountain was pressed on Chu Feng’s shoulders and it was difficult for Chu Feng to move even half a step.

“If you want to destroy your cultivation, I will grant you that wish. But no need to destroy it yourself. I’ll help you.” Dugu Aoyun kept on sneering, and at the same time, the emitted pressure engulfed him one layer after the other and it also became stronger and stronger.

“Dammit. This guy’s power is quite unexpectedly strong.” As he was continuously bombarded by the pressure, Chu Feng’s sweat fell like rain and both of his legs also started to gradually bend.

Being also at the 8th level of the Profound realm, Dugu Aoyun’s power was indeed far above Lin Ran, Li Zhangqing and the others. As he faced Dugu Aoyun who had that strength, Chu Feng really did not have any space to fight against Dugu Aoyun with his own cultivation of the 9th level of the Origin realm.

“Ahh, the difference is too big. Although this is a match between geniuses, there is the difference in realm as well as eight levels. This isn’t even a contest.”

“Chu Feng is too illogical. I do understand his feelings for wanting to avenge Li Zhangqing, but under situations in which he cannot win, he is simply looking to die by setting a bet like this with Dugu Aoyun!”

Chu Feng was being pressed by Dugu Aoyun’s pressure and everyone could see that. The difference in strength between the two people was too huge and Chu Feng did not even have any chance to return any attacks. That fight happened as imagined by the crowd. Before even exchanging blows, the outcome was set.

“It is finished. Right now, I’ll destroy your cultivation.” Dugyu Aoyun had a ticket of victory grasped in his hands and a touch of killing intent surged into his gaze. Following that, pressure that was several times vaster than before violently surged out from his body. Like a formless huge wave, it pressed its way towards Chu Feng.

That wave of pressure was truly too strong. If it struck Chu Feng, it could forcibly smash Chu Feng into a pool of blood. How was Dugu Aoyun destroying his cultivation? He was simply having an intention to murder, and he was planning to take Chu Feng’s life away.

At that instant, many people were hiddenly sighing in their hearts. They felt pity for a rare genius like Chu Feng. They felt that he shouldn’t have went along with his temper to challenge Dugu Aoyun which caused his grand future to be cut off as well as his life.

But as everyone was feeling that Chu Feng was, without a doubt, dead, a burst of even stronger aura suddenly exploded out from Chu Feng’s body. That aura rose to the skies and engulfed the air, as though it was invincible. It then dispelled Dugu Aoyun’s pressure inch by inch and swept it away.

At that moment, almost everyone’s face couldn’t help but greatly change. Shock was filled in the gazes that they looked at Chu Feng with because presently, what Chu Feng was emitting was no longer Origin power but Profound power. Chu Feng entered the Profound realm, and he even had the cultivation of the 3rd level of the Profound realm.

“What happened? Why did Chu Feng’s cultivation suddenly rise to the 3rd level of the Profound realm from the 9th level of the Origin realm?”

“I know! No wonder Chu Feng dared to challenge Dugu Aoyun like this. He must have concealed his true strength at the beginning. The 9th level of the Origin realm was only his cover, and the 3rd level of the Profound realm is his true power.”

As they faced Chu Feng whose aura suddenly changed, those who did not know the truth even thought that Chu Feng hid his strength. Chu Feng having the cultivation of the 3rd level of the Profound realm when he was only 16 year old in addition to his battle power that defied common sense caused many people to be so astounded to the point that they could not take care of themselves.

“Eggy, it seems that I have to borrow your power again this time to fight against a great enemy.”

The current Chu Feng was standing on the fighting stage. Layers of Profound power lingered around him and his clothes were sounding from blows. His might was many, many times stronger than before. That was the difference between Profound realm and Origin realm.

“Chu Feng, do not be careless. Dugu Aoyun is not simple. Even if I lend my power to you, you may not certainly win.” Eggy seriously reminded.

“Don’t worry, I understand. There are many geniuses in the Lingyun School, and many have very strong methods.”

“Take Fenghao as an example. If he didn’t recall the near-death situation caused by me with one strike back then and caused fear to be created in his heart, which in turn caused him to lose some fighting intentions, I’m afraid that I wouldn’t have been able to defeat him with only the Imperial Sky Technique and the Bow of Hundred Transformations.”

“As for Dugu Aoyun, no matter if it is his nature or his battle power, or even his methods, all of them are superior to Fenghao. He is a huge enemy and I will not be careless. But no matter what, I must defeat him today or else I cannot cleanse the humiliation that was dealt to my Azure Dragon School.”

Chu Feng’s observation skills were extremely powerful and from when Dugu Aoyun easily defeated Li Zhangqing, he already knew that Dugu Aoyun was a character who was very difficult to deal with.

As for the degree of difficulty, it was likely that other than the purple-clothed female, he was the most difficult to deal with within Chu Feng’s generation because he still did not know what unknown methods Dugu Aoyun was equipped with or what life-saving trump cards he had.

“So you concealed your cultivation huh? No wonder you dared to speak to me in such an arrogant way. However, it is only the 3rd level of the Profound realm. You think you can defeat me with this cultivation? Aren’t you a bit too overconfident?”

Dugu Aoyun’s face was calm when compared to others. He was not shocked by the great rise in Chu Feng’s cultivation. Rather, the battle intention in his eyes became even denser.

“The one who’s overconfident will be revealed immediately.”

Chu Feng leaped and became a row of light. Instantly, he rushed towards Dugu Aoyun and arrived in front of him. At the same time, two golden-coloured big blades were held within Chu Feng’s hands as they chopped down towards both of Dugu Aoyun’s arms.

“You really ought to die. I am being looked down upon by a brat like you? It seems like you need to experience some of my methods.”

Dugu Aoyun coldly snorted. Without dodging or avoiding, he turned his hand and threw a punch towards Chu Feng. That punch had extremely strong power and extremely quick speed. It could even burrow through a mountain peak.


But a flash appeared under Chu Feng’s feet and his speed increased by several times. Instantly, his entire person disappeared. Not only did he dodge Dugu Aoyun’s attack, he even swept past Dugu Aoyun and arrived behind him. Simultaneously, the big blades in his hands became two golden glares and fell as they chopped towards Dugu Aoyun’s back.

“You are not the only one with bodily martial skills.”

Dugyu Aoyun’s body suddenly became a blur and then he himself swept past Chu Feng and arrived behind him. Then, when his body reappeared, there was a bright blue pike grasped within his hands and he stabbed to kill towards Chu Feng.