Chapter 298 - Black Tortoise Armor Technique

MGA: Chapter 298 - Black Tortoise Armor Technique

“No, I can’t do it.” It was as if Chu Feng sank into a strange loop. Even though Eggy was constantly reminding him, even though he knew it himself that the sight in front of his eyes was only an illusion, when he needed to personally kill his family, he could not cold his heart, and he could not attack.

“Idiot! It is an illusion and it is not your family. If you don’t kill them, they will kill you. Are you going to die here? Are you going to be like those people and be trapped to death in this formation? Are you aware of this?!” Eggy anxiously howled because she felt that Chu Feng’s mind was confused by the Illusion Formation.

“I...” After hearing Eggy’s howl, Chu Feng first hesitated a bit, but ultimately, he came to his senses. He grinded his teeth, then loudly yelled, “No! I cannot die here. You damned illusions, go die!”

After speaking, Chu Feng stopped his steps of escape and he closed his eyes. He used the Blade of the Void Dragon’s Cry and the strong pressure descended from the sky. The dozens of illusions were suppressed and they could not even move as they were almost going to be forcefully crushed.

“Feng'er, don’t! Quickly stop. I’m your father!”

“Feng'er, I’m your grandfather! Don’t do this!” But at that instant, the illusions that were previously aggressive had actually started to call Chu Feng’s name.

However, not only did Chu Feng who had already set his resolution no longer pay attention to them, he even increased the strength of the Blade of the Void Dragon’s Cry. Finally, the dozens of illusions were forcibly crushed to death alive.

“Success?” After feeling that it had calmed down, Chu Feng slowly opened his eyes. But when he scanned his gaze around, his expression couldn’t help but be petrified and his eyes instantly changed greatly.

He horrifyingly discovered that the illusions did not disappear. Around him, there were dozens of corpses. The corpses belonged to his father and the other Chu family members.

Their death were very wretched as they were all crushed to death. For the lighter deaths, he could still determine who was who. But for the more serious deaths, they already became pools of blood and their faces could not even be differentiated.


At that instant, Chu Feng was stupefied as he powerlessly knelt onto the ground. He already used his Spirit power to detect it, and he discovered that the corpses were real. There were even the auras of his family remaining on the bodies. He had actually, personally, murdered his own family.

“I did this? I personally killed my father, killed my grandfather, killed my first uncle, killed my second uncle...” Chu Feng grabbed his head with both of his hands and his eyes were flickering. At that instant, he went just slightly mad. His mind neared collapse and his expression of wishing to die from the pain of sorrow hung on his face.

“Chu Feng, what are you doing? These are only illusions. Illusions!” Seeing that, Eggy quickly tried to remind Chu Feng.

“No. They are not illusions. That’s my father. My family! I can feel their auras and they were not originally dead, but I just personally killed all of them!”

“You are foolish! That is what an illusion is. Because you can’t fight against the power of the formation, that is why you can’t determine whether they are real or fake. Your Spirit power already stopped working here.”

“Chu Feng, be strong. This is like a demon in your heart. It is a burden you cannot let go. This illusion grabbed exactly onto your weakness, so that is why it created their appearances.”

“You must persevere and believe in yourself. Believe that you are correct. They are illusions, and everything is fake. As long as you can preserve, you can dispel that demon. You can clear your conscience and carry no more burdens.” Eggy’s voice kept on ringing in Chu Feng’s ears and it was like a lamp that gave directions. It led Chu Feng down to the path of survival.

As Eggy kept on reminding, Chu Feng’s mind finally started to slowly clear up. He started to believe in Eggy’s words and started to believe in himself. He no longer escaped, and he looked straight at the corpses. He looked straight at his father’s corpse.

*hmm* As Chu Feng looked at it directly, the corpses started to turn illusory. The blood disappeared, the corpse disappeared, and at the end, the illusion completely disappeared.

At that very instant, Chu Feng was finally able to look squarely at everything around him. He discovered that he was still in the fog, but the feeling when compared to before was completely different because he already knew the method to conquer the Illusion Formation.

“Eggy, thank you. If you weren’t here, I’m afraid that I wouldn’t have passed this challenging stage.” Chu Feng wiped the cold sweat on his forehead while feeling some lingering fear.

“What are you thanking for? There’s no need for that, after all, it cannot be blamed on you. It can only be said that the Illusion Formation is too strong and too real. It was able to trick one’s soul and no one would have been able to determine that it was fake at the start.”

“It attacks one’s heart with emotions, because no matter if it is familial feeling or love, it allows people to ignore their own safety, and it can also let people lose their reason.”

“But I believe that even without me, you would have certainly been able to overcome that obstacle and dispel your heart’s demon and let it go.” Eggy sweetly smiled and her spirited voice was extremely pleasant to listen to. The most important part was that as Chu Feng listened, his heart became warm

“Not bad. Not bad talent.” But suddenly, a deep and aged voice rang out. It suddenly rang out behind Chu Feng.

After the voice rang out, Chu Feng’s body couldn’t help but quiver because at the same time, he felt an extremely strong oppression feeling behind his back.

When he turned his head to look, Chu Feng shockingly discovered that there were two pairs of blood-red eyes behind him. Within the four blood-like eyes, two of them were as big as a lantern, and the other two were even as big as two lanterns.

Although the blood-red eyes did not emanate any killing intent, Chu Feng was still unceasingly frightened as he looked at that. His Spirit power did not work in that location, so he had no way of detecting what the owner of the pairs of blood-red eyes was. But he knew that it was certainly a very strong existence.

“Child, what is your name?” The deep voice rang out again, and it was as loud and clear as a copper bell.

“I am Chu Feng. Senior, I wonder what your grand name is?” Chu Feng respectfully replied.

“I am the Black Tortoise Armor Technique. Boy, your luck is quite nice. Not only were you able to find this place, you were also able to fight against the Illusion Formation. At least you have some potential.”

“As long as you can help me one thing, I will consider passing my ability down to you. But I only wonder if you are willing to help or not?”

After hearing those words, Chu Feng’s heart was instantly in endless ecstasy. The Black Tortoise Armor Technique also called itself as “Ben Zun”. The similar tone and the similar name already allowed Chu Feng to guess what it was. It was very possible that it was another Secret Skill hidden within the Emperor Tomb.

[TN: “Ben Zun” replaces “I” and it is a way to name oneself when they are of some higher being.]

Thinking to that point, how could Chu Feng dare to hesitate? He quickly replied, “Senior, please give me your orders. As long as I can do it, I will do my best.”

“Haha, you smart little child. It seems that you know what I am. I feel a familiar aura within your body...I never would have thought that the White Tiger, that proud guy, would actually serve you!”