Chapter 546 - The Winner and Loser Revealed

MGA: Chapter 546 - The Winner and Loser Revealed


But just as people felt endlessly shocked towards Chu Feng’s change, another ear-piercing sound rang out. It was actually a dragon’s roar.

And after that dragon’s roar resounded, almost everyone on scene had their eyes widened and their tongues tied, being dumbstruck. They were stunned by the scene in the sky.

Because, at that instant, under Chu Feng’s feet, a huge azure dragon actually appeared. That huge dragon’s eyes glowed with red light, and its dragon’s tail swayed.

The dragon whiskers, the dragon horn, the dragon scale, the dragon claw, as well as the incomparably noble atmosphere. It made many people firmly believe it was a true dragon.

“Heavens! Exactly what martial skill is that? It can actually summon a real dragon?”

“Too terrifying. I never would have thought that Chu Feng actually grasps such powerful methods.”

“No wonder. No wonder he could flip several big powers upside down back then. I never would have thought that he has already increased his strength to this state.”

Seeing the real dragon in the sky, everyone was stunned because for Chu Feng who already had a powerful atmosphere, after the azure dragon appeared under his feet, he was many times stronger. It could be said that in terms of aura, Chu Feng already suppressed Zhang Tianyi’s blue-coloured flames that covered the sky.

Indeed, when the current Chu Feng stood on the body of a huge dragon, with the black tortoise armor surrounding his body, and both of his hands forming white tiger claws, he was simply a battle god who had unstoppable might. As long as a person glanced at him, they would, involuntarily, feel respect and fear towards him.

And the reason why the Black Tortoise Armor Technique, Azure Dragon Dashing Technique, and White Tiger Slaughtering Technique, which Chu Feng currently grasped, had their current transformations was because along with Chu Feng entering the Heaven realm, the power of the Secret Skills also increased.

According to Chu Feng’s estimations, if one day, he truly reached a certain state in strength, he could even summon the four Secret Skills from his body and they would help Chu Feng fight with their own awarenesses. To be brief, Secret Skills were indeed extremely powerful because they transformed along with their master’s strength. That point was something martial skills could never be compared to.

“Senior Zhang, let me use this state to finish off this round.” Chu Feng lightly smiled and said to Zhang Tianyi.

“Hahaha, good good good! I didn’t expect that Junior Chu Feng’s Secret Skills have strengthened to this state, already not inferior to the Mysterious Technique I grasp.”

At that instant, Zhang Tianyi was also incomparably excited. He first loudly laughed excitedly, then quickly after, the Divine Wood Sword in his hand rapidly waved, creating several blue-coloured flames and blades of light, and they flew towards Chu Feng.

The blades of light that the Divine Wood Sword sent out were already powerful. At present, the power of the blue-coloured flames was added, so it was even more frightening. As the blades of light flew through the sky, even the air was cut open by them. It was extremely terrifying.

“Heh.” However, facing the blades of light Zhang Tianyi sent out, Chu Feng only lightly smiled, then with a thought, the huge azure dragon under his feet became mist, and quickly after, a violent gust suddenly rushed up, and Chu Feng had disappeared.


Suddenly, a dragon’s roar rang out, and Chu Feng had already appeared behind Zhang Tianyi. With the three Secret Skills’ might, he pressed towards Zhang Tianyi.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh*

Seeing that, Zhang Tianyi also did not panic, and did not dodge. He waved the Divine Wood Sword in his hand again, and several blades of light in half-moon shapes flew towards Chu Feng once again.


However, this time, Chu Feng did not choose to dodge. Rather, he waved both of his arms abruptly, and slammed the two huge white tiger claws together.

When the two white tiger claws were slammed together, a deafening tiger’s roar instantly resounded. At the same time, layers of white-coloured symbol undulations were continuously sent out.

When the white-coloured symbols undulations interweaved with the blades of light which the Divine Wood Sword sent out, the blades of light actually shattered like a mirror piece, then became strands of blue-coloured gas, dispersing in the air.

The originally extremely terrifying blades of light were actually unable to fight against the symbol undulations. The White Tiger Slaughtering Technique was truly peerless in offensive strength.

And after dispersing the blades of light, not only did the attacking might of the symbol undulations not diminish, instead, they became stronger and stronger, and were heading towards Zhang Tianyi and slamming down.

“Such powerful methods! So this is a Secret Skill?!” Seeing that scene, Zhang Tianyi also tightly frowned as he became aware of the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique’s powerful strength.

“Haa!” But Zhang Tianyi did not give up because of that. Instead, he furiously howled towards the sky, then the blue-coloured flames covering his entire body burst out like an exploding volcano, and like a huge blue-coloured wave of flames, it counter-pressed towards Chu Feng’s White Tiger Slaughtering Technique.

*boom rumble rumble rumble rumble*

Finally, within the deafening rumbling, the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique collided into the blue-coloured flames.

Quickly after, the boundless blue-coloured flames and the white-coloured symbol undulations melded together, formed a circular shape, and like a shock wave, engulfed outwards.

“This is bad!”

Seeing that, the face of the Azure Dragon Founder, who was calm from start to finish, changed greatly because the ripple that the two created was really too terrifying. If it exploded downwards, it would definitely blow up the mountain range and cause countless people to lose their lives.


So, he hurriedly stood up, waved his big sleeve, causing a boundless purple-coloured Spirit Formation to engulf outwards with him as the center.

The Spirit Formation’s speed of creation was very fast. In almost an instant, it already shaped and covered the sky above the Azure Dragon School.

“Heavens! What is happening?!” Seeing the purple-coloured Spirit Formation covering the sky, many people were endlessly shocked and simply did not know what it was.

Only the Monstrous Monkey King and the Jiang Dynasty’s old ancestor knew that it was a purple-coloured Spirit Formation. In reality, after the Azure Dragon Founder was resurrected, he already grasped the power of a Purple-cloak World Spiritist.

But at that instant, even if it was the Monstrous Monkey King and the Jiang Dynasty’s old ancestor, great characters who were similarly also Purple-cloak World Spiritists, were stunned by the Azure Dragon Founder’s methods.

In only a blink, he laid a Spirit Formation that covered the sky. That method was at least something they could not do. So, they couldn’t help but sigh in admiration towards the strong power of a Martial Lord.

*boom rumble rumble rumble rumble*

And just at that time, the horrifying ripples formed by the blue-coloured flames and symbols interweaving already crashed down, and collided into the purple-coloured Spirit Formation.

Although the Spirit Formation blocked it, people were still able to clearly feel the earth under their feet intensely trembling once.

And outside of the Spirit Formation, the trembling was clearly more horrifying. Although a surging terrifying ripple could only be seen outside of the Spirit Formation, just by looking at the ripple, everyone was able to imagine what kind of destruction the sky over there was.

“So powerful. So this is the strongest in the young generation? This battle power can simply destroy a sect easily. It is too powerful. They are really too powerful.” People were dumbstruck by the scene in the sky.

Even if it was the Azure Dragon Founder, he couldn’t help saying a low voice as well, “The battle power of these two is truly not simple. But, victory and defeat should be revealed right?”