Chapter 547 - Preparing to Depart

MGA: Chapter 547 - Preparing to Depart

The rumbling in the sky persisted for a very long time. The ripples which were like huge waves and fierce beasts going wild started to gradually dissipate after a long time.

But the Azure Dragon Founder was very careful. He kept the purple-coloured Spirit Formation open and used it to defend against the wild ripples in the sky, deeply afraid that the ripples would come down and harm the people on scene.

Only until the horrifying ripples completely disappeared and became rolling white mist and dense smoke did he put away the Spirit Formation.

At that instant, everyone was tightly staring at the sky, their eyes filled with excitement and expectation.

And while being watched by the stares, which were full of expectation, finally, within the diluting mist, they finally found Chu Feng and Zhang Tianyi.

“This… What is this situation?”

“They... Who won and who lost? Could it be that it’s a tie?!”

However, as their bodies completely appeared, everyone was astounded by the scene in the sky. Quickly after, on the crowd’s faces, expressions of bewilderment and puzzledness emerged.

Because, in the sky, Chu Feng and Zhang Tianyi already put away the Secret Skill and blue-coloured flames. The two of them returned to their normal appearances.

But similarly, their clothes were complete, and there was not the slightest bit of damage. So, that was why people were so bewildered because looking at their state, they had clearly stopped the spar, yet based off of their outer appearances, it was impossible to see who won and who lost.

“Junior Chu Feng, thank you for your kind intentions, but I lost, so I lost. Just now, if you didn’t hold back, right now, I would have been heavily injured.” Suddenly, Zhang Tianyi spoke. He wore a faint, light smile on his face. It was a smile of gratitude.

“Senior Zhang, you...” Seeing that, Chu Feng originally wanted to say some more, but after looking at Zhang Tianyi’s expression, Chu Feng also understood his intentions so he no longer urged.

Just now, the two of them used their powerful methods to undergo the final clash. However, ultimately, Zhang Tianyi still lost. His Forbidden Mysterious Technique, the blue-coloured flames that surrounded his body, lost to Chu Feng’s three Secret Skills.

But, in the moment when everything hung by a thread, Chu Feng held back. As for why Chu Feng held back, Zhang Tianyi understood clearly.

It was intentional. Chu Feng intentionally gave Zhang Tianyi space to stand on the stage. Chu Feng wanted to end the spar as a tie. Zhang Tianyi was very grateful for Chu Feng’s actions because he knew that Chu Feng truly took him as a brother. Otherwise, with Chu Feng’s nature, he would have definitely not done that.

But, the more it was like that, the more he had to give Chu Feng fairness. So, he swept his gaze to the crowd below, and with a light smile on his face, he loudly said, “For this spar, it is I, Zhang Tianyi, who have lost, and I have lost very convincingly. Junior Chu Feng is indeed superior to me. He is above me.”

“What? It’s Zhang Tianyi who has lost?”

Hearing those words, at first, many people still felt disbelief, but after seeing Zhang Tianyi’s and Chu Feng’s relieved expressions, they believed.

They could already tell that Zhang Tianyi’s lost, and indeed, he lost very convincingly.

Facing that result, it was within some people’s expectation, whereas others felt endlessly shocked. But no matter what, they had an entirely new understanding of Chu Feng’s strength.

Along with the ending of Chu Feng and Zhang Tianyi’s spar, the Azure Dragon School’s opening ceremony also officially started. However, in ceremony, what everyone had their deepest impressions on was the spar between Zhang Tianyi and Chu Feng.

That spar caused almost everyone there to feel shocked. Moreover, it made them strongly remember that Chu Feng was the strongest person in the continent of the Nine Provinces’ young generation. No one dared to doubt that anymore.

After the opening ceremony, Chu Feng, Zhang Tianyi, and Jiang Wushang prepared to head towards the Eastern Sea Region.

Because, calculating the time, there was only three months to the day that the Four Seas Academy accepted disciples.

Although Chu Feng and the others were currently in the Heaven realm and their speeds were extremely quick, they still had to leave quickly or else if the date was missed, they had to wait for another year.

At present, everything was prepared. Within a plaza in the Azure Dragon School, people formed mountains and oceans. They came to send Chu Feng and the others off.

And in the center of the palace, a huge silver-white chariot was placed there. That chariot was extremely eye-grabbing, and almost became the current focus of everyone.

“Brother Wushang, your chariot is this big, so there’s definitely a decrease in speed right? Can a chariot like this arrive at the Four Seas Academy within three months? From what I see, it’s better to rely on our own strengths to hurry. It should be faster that way.” Seeing the chariot in front of his eyes, Zhang Tianyi murmured.

Because, the chariot in front of his eyes was very big, and very luxurious. Rather than saying it was a chariot, why not say it was a moving small-scale palace?

But if there were benefits, they were detriments. Although a chariot like that was indeed very comfortable when it was used to travel, it would be hard to avoid a decrease in speed. So, he was afraid that there wasn’t enough time.

“Brother Tianyi, don’t worry. My chariot here is the most precious Elite Armament in my Jiang Dynasty. There is no stronger one.”

“The reason why it is so precious is not because how much power it has, but because it has extremely quick speed.”

“Although its speed can perhaps not be discussed equally with the Secret Skill Brother Chu Feng grasp, the Azure Dragon Dashing Technique, but with our strengths, if we taking turns channeling power into it, within three months, we will definitely arrive at the Eastern Sea Region.” Jiang Wushang said on the side.

“So it’s like that.” Only after hearing those words did Zhang Tianyi relievedly nod. He also knew that there were different types of Elite Armaments, and there were indeed some Elite Armaments that had an extremely minuscule effect when used in battle, but had very strong support effects.

“That’s right. Brother Tianyi, where’s Brother Chu Feng? Why hasn’t he come yet?” Jiang Wushang curiously asked because everything was prepared right now. They lacked only Chu Feng, and when he came, they could head towards the Eastern Sea Region.

“He...still has some people he cannot let go of.” Zhang Tianyi helplessly sighed.

“Ahh~~~” At the same time, Chu Yue, Chu Guyu, Li Zhangqing, the Azure Dragon Founder, and the others close to Chu Feng couldn’t help sighing longly. More or less, a hint of helplessness emerged onto their faces because they knew that within the continent of the Nine Provinces, there were indeed two people who Chu Feng was worried about and couldn’t let go.

Although at present, the Emperor Tomb changed and the Emperor Tomb entrance at the Azure Dragon Mountain Range was already closed, because the Thousand Bone Graveyard was created by the Azure Dragon Founder, naturally, it still existed. It just didn’t connect to the Emperor Tomb.

And within the Thousand Bone Graveyard, the Spirit Formation sealing Su Rou and Su Mei was still flowing. The two of them peacefully laid within. Their faces were reddish, they were full of spirit, and even their auras reached the 9th level of the Profound realm. But sadly, from start to finish, they had been in deep sleep, and hadn’t been able to reawaken.

“Little Rou, Little Mei, while in deep sleep. I truly feel happy for you two when I can see your strengths becoming stronger as you receive the nourishment of the mysterious pearls.”

“I truly want to watch over you two like this every day, but I cannot.”

“Right now, I have a very important thing to do. This relates to Zi Ling’s life, and it also relates to my ancestry. So, I have no choice but to leave.” Chu Feng sat in front of the Spirit Formation, and as he looked at Su Rou and Su Mei inside, he faintly smiled, but his smile was filled with unwillingness.