Chapter 545 - Gradual Strengthening Secret Skill

MGA: Chapter 545 - Gradual Strengthening Secret Skill

In the sky, Zhang Tianyi became stronger and stronger. The flames that originally surged everywhere actually became an endlessly burning blue-coloured armor that covered his body. Even the Divine Wood Sword in his hand was wrapped by the blue-coloured flames.

At that very instant, he was like a battle god formed by blue-coloured flames. He was both handsome and mighty, and extremely overbearing as well.

“This Zhang Tianyi is so powerful. He actually grasps such powerful methods.” In reality, not only the observing people, even the people from the Jiang Dynasty expressed admiration towards Zhang Tianyi’s strength.

“This type of strong power… Could it be that Zhang Tianyi is truly a Divine Body?” Some people even suspected what Zhang Tianyi had was a Divine Body.

“This is Forbidden Mysterious Technique.” Suddenly, the Jiang Dynasty’s old ancestor spoke.

“Father, what he cultivated truly is a Forbidden Mysterious Technique? Can such strong power truly be obtained by a Forbidden Mysterious Technique?” The Jiang Dynasty’s emperor asked with shock.

Actually, he had once suspected what Zhang Tianyi cultivated possibly was the Forbidden Mysterious Technique, and in reality, he had also seen some people who cultivated the Forbidden Mysterious Technique, yet not a single one could cultivate to such a perfect state like Zhang Tianyi.

And exactly also because of the perfection, it made him feel doubt. Doubt that the power Zhang Tianyi used wasn’t from a Forbidden Mysterious Technique.

“It should be a Forbidden Mysterious Technique. However, the power of this Forbidden Mysterious Technique has been very thoroughly grasped by him.”

“He’s not simple, not simple! This child is truly not simple. It is also the first time that I’ve seen a person able to so perfectly grasp the Forbidden Mysterious Technique. No wonder even Jiang Wushang could not defeat him.” The Jiang Dynasty’s old ancestor firmly said. At the same time, on his face, he also wore an amazed expression.

Because, Forbidden Mysterious Techniques were not something that normal people could cultivate. After all, they were techniques that allowed one to gain power comparable to the powers from Divine Bodies.

If everyone could cultivate them, then there would be no weak people in the world. So, Forbidden Mysterious Techniques were extremely difficult to cultivate, and many people would die just as they started.

Even if there were people who succeeded in cultivating it, they could not completely grasp the strong power of the Forbidden Mysterious Technique. So, it was very difficult to avoid receiving restrictions on the powers gained from Forbidden Mysterious Techniques.

Moreover, there was a difference in strength for Forbidden Mysterious Techniques, and the one Zhang Tianyi grasped was clearly a very powerful one. But the more powerful the Forbidden Mysterious Technique got, the harder it was to control.

Being able to grasp such a powerful Forbidden Mysterious Technique so perfectly also showed Zhang Tianyi’s own strong strength. So, that was why despite Jiang Wushang lost to Zhang Tianyi, it caused the Jiang Dynasty’s old ancestor to feel that it was reasonable, because Zhang Tianyi was truly very strong.

“I never would have thought that Zhang Tianyi would be this strong. I truly don’t know how Chu Feng will handle this.”

“Or does it mean that Zhang Tianyi is truly superior to Chu Feng?” After hearing the words of the Jiang Dynasty’s old ancestor, everyone looked at Zhang Tianyi in another light, and felt that that child was truly not a simple character.

They even felt if Zhang Tianyi wasn’t covered by Chu Feng’s radiance, if Chu Feng didn’t exist, perhaps he would be the most blinding existence in the continent of the Nine Provinces.

“Hmph. This brat Zhang Tianyi does indeed have some skill, but that’s already his strongest method, yet my brother has yet to use his full strength. If my brother uses everything he has, Zhang Tianyi will doubtlessly be defeated.” The Monstrous Monkey King fiercely glared at the crowd, as if ridiculing their ignorance.

As for the Azure Dragon Founder, with light smile on his face, he looked at the sky, did not speak, but his gaze locked onto Chu Feng’s body.

“Junior Chu Feng, don’t hold anything back. Use the lightning you grasp to finish this fight off.” Suddenly, Zhang Tianyi sent a mental message and said.

“Dammit. This brat is quite full of himself! Chu Feng, don’t give him any face! Use your lightning power, raise your cultivation to the 6th level of the Heaven realm, and press this brat into the ground with a single finger. Let’s see if he dares to be full of himself then.” Eggy’s little face reddened completely as she furious howled.

To Eggy’s words, Chu Feng only lightly smiled. If he used the lightning power in his body and raised his cultivation, naturally, he could easily defeat the current Zhang Tianyi. Even if he used a single golden lightning he could win.

However, he did not want to do that. He wanted to have a comparison of strength with his own methods when they were both in the same level of cultivation because he felt that only then could the clash be fair.

“Senior Zhang, I will not use the lightning power to raise my cultivation, but similarly, I will not hold anything back. I will fight against you with my full strength.”

Chu Feng wore a smile on his face, but his gaze became serious. Suddenly, with a thought, a layer of faint-green gas burst out of his body. Moreover, it started to rapidly change, and at the end, became a circular faint-green screen of light.

And on top of the screen of light, a picture was engraved. It was a very strange monster, and the reason why that was said was because the monster was a huge tortoise, but on its body, there was even a large snake twisting around it. It was as though the two were one, and it was extremely horrifying.

The most important thing was that the picture was not only a picture. It even had two pairs of blood-red eyes as well, and furthermore, the two pairs of eyes were turning. They first looked at Zhang Tianyi, they actually looked at the crowd below. Furthermore, when its feet moved, it actually started to walk within the circular screen of light. Not only was the monster a picture, it was truly an entity that had a spiritual nature.

“Heavens, what is that? Not only does it have such a real spiritual nature, it is actually emitting such indestructible power?”

At that instant, everyone was dumbfounded. There were dumbfounded by Chu Feng’s Black Tortoise Armor Technique because not only did they see the shield which was so strange it had a spiritual nature, they even felt indestructibility within the shield.


Quickly after, Chu Feng opened his arms, then a roar actually sounded out. But the thing that made people most shocked was that within Chu Feng’s arms, white-coloured radiance actually extended outwards.

Finally, the white-coloured radiance charged out of the Black Tortoise Armor Technique and became two huge monster paws. Every single one was dozens of meters long, and even the claws were several meters long, as if they were huge sickles.

And those with sharp eyes could tell that they were not the claws of a monster, but two claws of a white tiger. Because of the white fur that gave off a gleam and the jet-black tiger strikes, it showed that it was undoubtedly a white tiger.

However, they didn’t dare to be sure because not only were the two white tiger claws huge, they even emanated a horrifying aura that could rip through everything, as if nothing could stop their attacks.

“What martial skill is actually this powerful? In my life, I have never seen such a terrifying martial skill.” Everyone was stupefied by the Chu Feng’s Black Tortoise Armor Technique and his White Tiger Slaughtering Technique because as the two of them gave off an offensive and defensive aura, they were similarly matchlessly powerful.