Chapter 544 - Going With Full Strength

MGA: Chapter 544 - Going With Full Strength

“I will accept that proposal.”

To Zhang Tianyi’s request, Chu Feng did not refuse. He lightly smiled, then radiance flashed in his palm, and the huge and domineering Asura Ghost Axe appeared within his hand.

When the Asura Ghost Axe appeared, even the air couldn’t help trembling. When the powerful might engulfed everything, every single person could feel Chu Feng’s powerful strength.

“So strong. That’s the Asura Ghost Axe? I heard that the Jie clan and other powers framed Chu Feng back then because of this Asura Ghost Axe. Furthermore, they list Chu Feng as wanted, the reason being that they wanted to take the Asura Ghost Axe for themselves.”

“It is indeed worthy being a Mastered Elite Armament. This might is clearly a lot more powerful than Zhang Tianyi’s Divine Wood Sword. It seems like the outcome of today’s battle has already be set, and the strongest is indeed still Chu Feng.” After seeing the Asura Ghost Axe, the crowd endlessly sighed in admiration and were deeply stunned by the Asura Ghost Axe.

“Haha, that’s more like it.” And seeing Chu Feng finally also using the Elite Armament, Zhang Tianyi seemed extremely excited and actually leaped, waved his longsword, and started fierce attacks on Chu Feng again. Moreover, this time, it was several times more powerful than his might before.

“Ho.” Facing Zhang Tianyi’s attacks that so suddenly increased in power, the corners of Chu Feng’s mouth rose, and he stood where he was, not dodging nor evading. Only until Zhang Tianyi’s Divine Wood Sword, which swirled with glowing symbols and had bursts of pressure, neared did Chu Feng wave his hand and use his Asura Ghost Axe.


When the Asura Ghost Axe moved, it instantly made wind sounds akin to those of wolves crying and ghosts howling. Quickly after, it became a half-moon-shaped black-coloured blade of light, and interweaved with the Divine Wood Sword.


The two weapons clashed into one another, causing an ear-piercing noise of steel collision to spread in the air. The strong force moved even Chu Feng back a few steps.

But looking back at Zhang Tianyi, he was actually forced to fly backwards for dozens of meters. Moreover, if one looked carefully, they would discover at that very instant, Zhang Tianyi’s arm that tightly held the Divine Wood Sword was actually lightly trembling, having clearly received huge pressure.

“Junior Chu Feng’s Asura Ghost Axe is indeed powerful. Purely in terms of power, he has already completely suppressed me. Is this the power of a Mastered Elite Armament? It is possible that ordinary Elite Armaments can truly not be discussed on the same level as a Mastered Elite Armament?!” At that instant, Zhang Tianyi also tightly furrowed his brows. It was the first time he felt Chu Feng’s powerful strength.

“Senior Zhang, before victory and defeat is decided, do not be distracted and careless!” And just at that moment, Chu Feng suddenly explosively shouted, and when Zhang Tianyi reacted to it, he had already arrived in front of him. The huge Asura Ghost Axe, with sounds of piercing through the air, sliced down at him again.

Chu Feng’s speed was really too quickly. He simply did not give any time for Zhang Tianyi to dodge, and in that situation, he could only hold tightly the Divine Wood Sword in his hand and channel the power in his body into it.

When the symbols on the Divine Wood Sword lit up again, he suddenly waved it to block Chu Feng’s Asura Ghost Axe which was striking downwards towards his face.

With a “cang”, sparks went in all directions, and ripples were born from the collision.

However, Zhang Tianyi flew back several meters again. What was different was that the trembling of his right arm became more distinct, and a type of even intenser numbing feeling filled his entire arm.

“Wait. That is not only the Asura Ghost Axe’s power. It is Junior Chu Feng’s. His physical body has always been powerful, and only with the Asura Ghost Axe in his hand can the overbearing and direct power be sufficiently used by him.”

“No, I cannot clash against him head-on. I should pull apart the distance and start long-distance fights or else my Divine Wood Sword will simply be unable to fight against his Asura Ghost Axe.” When the second confrontation ended as Zhang Tianyi losing again, he became aware of the Asura Ghost Axe’s offensive speciality.

So, he hurriedly changed his footsteps and used a unique bodily martial skill, wanting to increase the distance between him and Chu Feng, then use the Divine Wood Sword’s long distance attacks to fight against Chu Feng.


However, just as he used his bodily martial skill, before he was able to shift away, Chu Feng’s attack arrived once again. Moreover, no matter if it was speed or attacking strength, it was a lot fiercer than before.

“Hoh. Fine.” And seeing the faint amused smile that Chu Feng wore on the corners of his mouth, Zhang Tianyi suddenly smiled.

He already knew everything. Not only was Chu Feng’s battle power brutally strong, his battle tactics were even not inferior to him, possibly even more experienced than him.

From the start, Chu Feng clearly knew that his Asura Ghost Axe’s advantage was close combat. So, he would not give Zhang Tianyi any chance to pull apart the distance.

His miscalculation and carelessness already caused him to sink into a dangerous situation. With circumstances like those, if he continued using the Elite Armament to fight against Chu Feng, what awaited him was only failure.

However, he did not want to lose the spar. He was originally a person who was unwilling to easily admit defeat and really enjoyed victory.

Even though he knew how terrifying the power Chu Feng stored in his body was, even though he knew that Chu Feng still hadn’t used his trump card, he still wanted to fight with his full strength, and was absolutely not going to give up a single strand of chance.

That was not only for winning. It was also giving Chu Feng respect. Even though he knew that it was impossible for him to defeat Chu Feng, he still wanted to use his strongest side to fight against Chu Feng.

So, facing Chu Feng who came striking again, not only did he not use the Divine Wood Sword to block, he willed, and blue-coloured flames burst out from his body.

Zhang Tianyi’s Forbidden Mysterious Technique had been activated. His entire person’s aura rocketed, and currently, his battle power was already extremely horrifying. Even those in the 6th level of the Heaven realm weren’t able to defeat him.

In a situation like that, Chu Feng’s face also slightly changed. He hurriedly caused radiance to flash under his feet, and flew backwards, not daring to clash against him head-on.

However, when Chu Feng chose to retreat, Zhang Tianyi instead rushed forward. Holding the Divine Wood Sword, he pressed towards Chu Feng again. The most important part was after he explosively activated the power of his Forbidden Mysterious Technique, even his speed received an increase.

In only a blink, the battle turned around. From passive, Zhang Tianyi became aggressive and started to suppress Chu Feng instead.

“Heavens! They are actually blue-coloured flames! What exactly is that martial skill? What a strong feeling!”

“This Zhang Tianyi is actually has this power! This horrifying battle power simply surpasses the 6th level of the Heaven realm. This does not make sense. How can he have such horrifying power? Is it possible that he’s a Divine Body?”

“So powerful. It is really too powerful. He is actually able to suppress Chu Feng, who has a Mastered Elite Armament, to this state. Could it be that Zhang Tianyi is the strongest person in the young generation?”

Seeing Chu Feng who was being continuously pushed back in the air, everyone was stunned because they could feel Zhang Tianyi’s current strong power. It could be said that Zhang Tianyi’s made many people on scene convinced.

Even many people who leaned towards Chu Feng currently felt that Zhang Tianyi’s strength was superior. After all, the battle power Zhang Tianyi showed at present was really too strong. It was something that many people hadn’t seen before.

As for the people who originally leaned towards Zhang Tianyi, their faces were even fuller of smug, and felt that for this battle, Zhang Tianyi was undoubtedly going to win.