Chapter 543 - Battle of Geniuses

MGA: Chapter 543 - Battle of Geniuses

People formed mountains and oceans in the Azure Dragon School. It could be said that all characters who were well-known in the entire continent of the Nine Provinces gathered there.

The famous, the unknown, the old, the young, the ones belonging to schools, the ones belonging to parties, the leisure, the multitude of types, all sorts of characters that one could think of were there.

But at that instant, everyone’s gaze was concentrated on an area above the Azure Dragon Mountain Range because they knew that at that place, an exciting battle was going to start.

Moreover, that was not only the confrontation between two peak experts. It was the great battle between two geniuses. The battle between the strongest geniuses in the current continent of the Nine Provinces.

“Junior Chu Feng, I’ll make my move first then.” Suddenly, as Zhang Tianyi stood on air, he politely clasped his hands towards Chu Feng while he was a thousand meters away from him.

“Senior Zhang, please.” Chu Feng also lightly smiled, and similarly clasped his hands towards him.


Seeing that, Zhang Tianyi also didn’t hesitate. He explosively yelled and attacked first. He did not use any martial skills, and only punched in the air.

When that punch came out, Heaven power surged. A ripple visible by the naked eye streaked through the peaceful sky, and with horrifying might, pressed towards Chu Feng.

“Senior Zhang, I’m afraid an attack of this degree is useless to me.”

However, facing Zhang Tianyi’s attack, Chu Feng only calmly smiled. He stood with his hands behind his back, and didn’t even move. With a thought, a blue-coloured Spirit Formation appeared in front of him to block the blow.

With a huge explosion, Heaven power and Spirit Formation interweaved. But when the horrifying ripples dissipated, everyone astonishedly discovered that Zhang Tianyi’s punch had actually been unable to move the Spirit Formation in the slightest. Zhang Tianyi’s casual attack was easily blocked by Chu Feng.

“Heh, This Spirit Formation thing is truly not simple. However, if you only rely on the Spirit Formation, you will definitely be unable to block my following strikes.”

However, Zhang Tianyi strangely smiled, then the steps under his feet changed. Quickly after, his left hand grabbed the air and formed a bow, his right hand pulled the air and formed an arrow. As his arm expanded and contracted, golden and dazzling arrows, like a storm, densely flew towards Chu Feng.

“Bow of Hundred Transformations?!” Seeing the arrows that filled the sky come towards him, Chu Feng couldn't help but recall the scene back then.

When he met Zhang Tianyi the first time, he had used the Bow of Hundred Transformations. At that time, Zhang Tianyi’s Bow of Hundred Transformations could be to said unstoppable. Not to say him, even Zi Ling was unable to block them.

And today, Zhang Tianyi used the Bow of Hundred Transformations once again, causing Chu Feng to be secretly joyful, and he was even a bit excited.

Because, he had always wanted to know whose Bow of Hundred Transformations would be superior when he, who was also skilled in that martial skill, was in the same cultivation level as Zhang Tianyi.

So, as the golden arrows that filled the sky densely flew towards him, not only did Chu Feng not dodge, he even dissolved the blue-coloured Spirit Formation in front of him.

Quickly after, Chu Feng entered a horse stance, waved both of his arms, and similarly, a huge golden bow appeared within his palm. As his right arm pulled, countless golden arrows explosively shot out.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh*

At that instant, the wind sounds in the sky sounded and golden radiance shot in all directions. Very quickly, the golden arrows from both sides interweaved and within the air, golden ripples kept on being created. It was extremely blinding.

“Heavens! Powerful, that is really too powerful! Is this the clash between the strongest in the young generation?”

And seeing the dazzling and horrifying might in the sky, the observing people endlessly sighed because even many people in the old generation could not create attacks like those.

Some people had even not seen a fight with such might before, so they were deeply attracted to the atmosphere the two of them created, and all of them were endlessly excited as they watched.

And it had to be said that the Chu Feng’s and Zhang Tianyi’s Bow of Hundred Transformations were used very skillfully. But no matter how much closer their strength was to one another, there was still a separation between the strong and the weak. After the countless arrows endlessly interweaved, change appeared.

The golden arrows Chu Feng shot out actually started to break through the center points of intersection, then continued on shooting towards Zhang Tianyi.

At first, Zhang Tianyi was still able to use some bodily methods to evade them in the air, but gradually, the golden arrows Chu Feng shot out became more and more, and already surpassed the scope that Zhang Tianyi could endure.


Finally, just as several arrows came and were going to meet their mark, Zhang Tianyi suddenly explosively yelled, then the Bow of Hundred Transformations in his hand immediately disappeared. Replacing it was a flickering red-coloured glow within both of his palms.


Quickly afterwards, he waved his robe, and threw out both palms. A large area of flames sprayed out of his palms and forcefully melted all of the golden arrows in the sky. That was actually a rank 6 martial skill.

But Chu Feng was also not a simple character. Seeing the flames that filled the sky and was like a tide as they pressed close, he didn’t even frown.

He sneered, and as he clenched a single fist, with a dragon’s roar, a golden and dazzling longsword appeared within his hand.

After that golden longsword appeared, boundless pressure also descended from the sky, immediately extinguishing the flames that Zhang Tianyi sent out.

“This… Isn’t this Void Zhenren’s unique skill, the Blade of the Void Dragon’s Cry?!” Seeing the golden longsword Chu Feng held as well as the pressure covering the entire sky, the Azure Dragon Founder’s eyes lit up because he already recognized that it was the rank 7 martial skill which Void Zhenren created, the Blade of the Void Dragon’s Cry!

“What? The Blade of the Void Dragon’s Cry? Is it possible that my ancestor’s unique skill has been grasped by Chu Feng?!” And after hearing the Azure Dragon Founder’s words, the faces of some manager elders from the Void School changed greatly.

Because, to them, the Blade of the Void Dragon’s Cry could be said to be the unique skill which held the fort down. However, it was useless as no one was able to comprehend it, so that was why it was lost for many years.

Yet at present, Chu Feng actually grasped their Void School’s unique skill that had been lost for almost a thousand years. How could they not be shocked?

“Powerful. Truly too powerful. Chu Feng is indeed a godly genius. Of one thousand years in my Void School, so many people were unable to comprehend this Blade of the Void Dragon’s Cry.”

“I never would have thought that Chu Feng was actually able to do it. In my life, it is truly an honor to be able to see the martial skill my ancestor created!” Compared to the other elders’ shock, the head of the Void School had a face full of honor.

In reality, Chu Feng’s Blade of the Void Dragon’s Cry was indeed peerlessly powerful. After using the Blade of the Void Dragon’s Cry, he was simply unstoppable.

Regardless of what martial skill Zhang Tianyi used, it was unable to defeat Chu Feng. Even similarly a rank 7 martial skill, it was unable to fight against Chu Feng’s Blade of the Void Dragon’s Cry.

As he could do nothing about it, Zhang Tianyi pulled out the Divine Wood Sword from his back and used the Elite Armament to fight against Chu Feng’s Blade of the Void Dragon’s Cry.

It had to be said that the might of the Elite Armament was indeed strong. After he grasped the Divine Wood Sword in his hand, Zhang Tianyi’s entire atmosphere was several times stronger.

Symbols moved all around his body, as if human and sword were one. His styles were well-articulated, and his demeanor was oppressing. He actually forcefully pushed Chu Feng continuously back.

“Junior Chu Feng, make your move. Let I, Zhang Tianyi, feel the power of your Asura Ghost Axe. Let us see whether your Asura Ghost Axe is stronger, or my Divine Wood Sword is stronger.”

Suddenly, the two of them clashed once again. With the Divine Wood Sword’s powerful might, Zhang Tianyi forced Chu Feng back several meters again. A hint of smug couldn’t help appearing onto his face, and he actually went ahead and asked Chu Feng to use his Elite Armament.