Chapter 540 - Present

MGA: Chapter 540 - Present

After that, Qiu Canfeng gave Chu Feng many instructions, and those instructions were only for one goal. It was to prevent Chu Feng having any accidents in the Eastern Sea Region.

And within those words, Chu Feng was also able to discover that not only did Qui Canfeng want Chu Feng to help him obtain reinforcements, he was also, truly, caring about Chu Feng’s safety.

It could be seen that Qiu Canfeng really seriously recognized Chu Feng, his disciple, and didn’t seem like he was only using him to leave that place. At least, Chu Feng felt that it was like so.

If he was wrong and Qiu Canfeng had never planned to help Chu Feng, and only wanted to use Chu Feng to leave the Emperor Tomb, that could only mean that Qiu Canfeng’s acting abilities were too high and that Chu Feng failed in knowing people. At that time, Chu Feng would not be angry at the heavens nor at anyone. If he were to blame anything, he could only blame his lousy eyes.

Quickly after, Chu Feng left the Emperor Tomb. Although he already knew that it was going to be a long journey, he still underestimated the Emperor Tomb’s deepness.

Although, with the mysterious man leading the way, reaching the Emperor Door required only half a day of time, on the journey in which Chu Feng returned alone, he was hurrying during both day and night. He used over ten days in order to fly out of the Emperor Tomb. From that, it could be seen how vast the Emperor Tomb was. It was simply even larger than the continent of the Nine Provinces. It was really frightening when one learnt of it.

But luckily, on the road, after Chu Feng refined all of the Spirit Formation Essence, he obtained quite a bit of harvest.

As expected, he successfully broke into the 3rd level of the Heaven realm. Moreover, within his body, he even accumulated a large amount of Heaven power. He was no longer far from the 4th level of the Heaven realm.

In addition to the power of the three lightnings, Chu Feng’s real strength was likely in the 6th level of the Heaven realm. The 6th level of the Heaven realm. Although it wasn’t considered really strong, when going forward to the Eastern Sea Region, it was enough. At least he had some ability to back him up.

After walking out of the Emperor Tomb, Chu Feng did not directly leave. He diligently laid a Spirit Formation, sealing and hiding the entrance to the Emperor Tomb in order to avoid any accidents from happening.

Only after he felt everything was ready did Chu Feng step back onto the road of return, and flew towards the Azure Dragon School.

When Chu Feng returned to the Azure Dragon School, he discovered that all of the main buildings in it were already complete. Vast buildings were erected on the Azure Dragon Mountain Range, and they were very grand-looking.

Compared to the former Azure Dragon School, it was a lot more magnificent. It would even be reasonable to say that other than the Jiang Dynasty, they were the vastest buildings in the continent of the Nine Provinces.

Moreover, within the current Azure Dragon School, it was extremely lively. It could even be described as extremely joyful.

There were not only disciples from the Azure Dragon School. There were even quite some people from the World Spirit Guild such as Gu Tianchen and the others, and also people from the Jiang Dynasty.

Without thinking, Chu Feng also knew what was happening. The Azure Dragon School was finally finished, and the so-called opening ceremony was going to start as well. Those people came up to give their congratulations.

“Chu Feng you brat, you’ve finally come back. How was it? Successful?”

“Eh, Chu Feng, your aura, you’ve actually broke through again? It seems like you’ve gotten quite a bit from this journey!”

“Wait, Chu Feng, how about the insane man that followed you? Where did he go?!”

After the Monstrous Monkey King and the crowd saw Chu Feng, they discovered that his cultivation already rose from the 1st level of the Heaven realm to the 3rd level of the Heaven realm. To that, everyone felt happy for Chu Feng.

However, they also discovered that the insane man was gone, yet the Monstrous Monkey King had told them that Chu Feng clearly brought the insane man and left together. That made them lightly frown, feeling that something might have happened.

“This matter has a long story.” Chu Feng lightly smiled. Because the people on scene were trustworthy people, he didn’t hide much and told the process of what happened in detail to the crowd. However, he avoided the matter regarding taking Qiu Canfeng as his master.

“Ahh, no matter what, it’s great that you’re fine. It’s great that you’re fine!” After knowing what happened, people also felt some fear from Chu Feng’s experience. Although they didn’t personally see the Emperor Might, they were able to feel the strong power of it from Chu Feng’s description.

“That’s right. Chu Feng, since you’re back, let’s see the ancestor. He’s waiting for you.” Suddenly, Li Zhangqing spoke.

“Ancestor, he’s come out? What, has he broke through?” Chu Feng concernedly asked.

“Heh, right now, he is inside the Azure Dragon Hall. Won’t you know when you go over and see?” Li Zhangqing smiled in a very suspenseful way.

Seeing that, Chu Feng no longer asked anymore because looking at his joyful smile, Chu Feng could already guess that the Azure Dragon Founder broke into the Martial Lord realm.

And after Chu Feng came to the Azure Dragon Hall, he discovered that the Azure Dragon Founder was resting with his eyes closed while sitting in the middle of the hall. After feeling someone enter, he abruptly opened his eyes, and simultaneously, a burst of fierceness was given off and aimed to engulf Chu Feng.

That might was extremely frightening. It simply shocked one’s soul, but after the Azure Dragon Founder saw that the person who came was Chu Feng, he hurriedly put away that gaze and said with a face full of smiles, “Chu Feng, you’re back.”

“Ancestor, congratulations on breaking into the Martial Lord realm, becoming a supreme Martial Lord!” Chu Feng quickly paid his respects because he discovered, as he expected, that the Azure Dragon Founder successfully broke through.

From then on, the Azure Dragon Founder had a long chat with Chu Feng. The first thing they talked about was the Azure Dragon School’s opening ceremony.

So it turned out that the Azure Dragon School’s construction had been completed for several days, and even the guests from many places arrived already. The reason why the opening ceremony hadn’t started yet was because they were waiting for Chu Feng.

The reason why the Azure Dragon School was able to have today and was able to be reborn was all because of Chu Feng. Even the Azure Dragon Founder being able to revive, speaking from certain aspects, was because of Chu Feng.

So, everyone kept on waiting for Chu Feng. Waiting for him to return, and then the opening ceremony would immediately start. Thus, the Azure Dragon Founder decided that tomorrow, the opening ceremony would be held.

“Ah Chu Feng, I heard that you want to go to the Eastern Sea Region’s Four Seas Academy for cultivation with Jiang Wushang and Zhang Tianyi?” Suddenly, the Azure Dragon Founder asked.

Only after hearing his words did Chu Feng abruptly remember. The date they agreed on back then was already approaching, and they were going to head towards the Eastern Sea Region.

But to the Azure Dragon Founder’s question, Chu Feng shook his head and said, “I am indeed planning to go with them to the Eastern Sea Region, but I don’t plan to enter the Four Seas Academy.”

“Mm. No matter if you go to the Four Seas Academy for cultivation or not, going to the Eastern Sea Region to expand your horizons is still good. Especially since your talent is this good, that place is indeed more suitable for you. Staying in the continent of the Nine Provinces will instead disgrace your abilities.”

“But the Eastern Sea Region is a place where dragons and tigers fight. In the east side of this world, there are countless continents like the Nine provinces, and on each continent, there will always be a few special geniuses born, and their goals would also be the Eastern Sea Region.”

“And since you are preparing to go to that place, before you depart, I’ll give you a present.” The Azure Dragon Founder lightly smiled and said.