Chapter 541 - School Opening Ceremony

MGA: Chapter 541 - School Opening Ceremony

“Present?” Hearing those words, Chu Feng couldn’t help but be taken aback.

However, the Azure Dragon Founder only lightly smiled, then sat cross-leggedly, overlaid his palms, and performed a special hand seal.

At that instant, Chu Feng could clearly feel layers and layers of odd waves endlessly flipping and surging within the Azure Dragon Founder’s body.

Moreover, his originally reddish complexion immediately turned as white as paper, and he started to grimace, showing a painful expression.


Suddenly, a dragon’s roar came from the Azure Dragon Founder’s body. At the same time, a Spirit Formation actually appeared on his forehead.

The Spirit Formation shot radiance in all directions, and under the envelopment of the radiance, a small azure dragon flew out, and at the end, landed on the Azure Dragon Founder’s palm.

Although that azure dragon was very small, its appearance was the exact same as the Azure Dragon Dashing Technique Chu Feng saw within the Four Symbols Binding Formation. In addition to its special and powerful aura it emanated, without even thinking, Chu Feng knew that it was definitely the Secret Skill that made the Azure Dragon Founder’s name, the Azure Dragon Dashing Technique.

But at that instant, looking back at the Azure Dragon Founder, he was already drenched in sweat and was gasping deeply. It was as though he received heavy injuries, and he was extremely feeble.

“Ancestor, what are you doing?” Seeing that scene, Chu Feng panicked a bit because just by looking, he could tell that the Azure Dragon Founder’s action was making him pay quite some price.

“Back then, I promised I would pass this Azure Dragon Dashing Technique to you as long as you could revive me. Right now, I am only honoring my word.” The Azure Dragon Founder spoke and smiled, but his tone was very weak, for he no longer had his former vigorous power.

“No, ancestor, don’t! This present is really too heavy. I cannot accept it.” Chu Feng hurriedly refused.

“Chu Feng, you don’t need to feel burdened. This Secret Skill is an object with intelligence. Although it chose me back then, clearly, I am still unable to show its strength.”

“Besides, a Secret Skill’s master is chosen by itself. Even though I made it detach from my body, you still have to see whether it is willing to choose you or not.”

“Hold on. I will completely unseal it. At that time, it will naturally have its own decision. If it feels that you are more suitable, it will, of course, choose you. If you are still not qualified, then it will return to my body.”

“So, no need to push this away. It is better to let us respect this Azure Dragon Dashing Technique and let it choose for itself.”

The Azure Dragon Founder lightly smiled, then raised his finger, and with a “ao”, the dragon’s roar rang out again, and the azure dragon coiled on the Azure Dragon Founder’s palm actually rose into the air, and immediately became a huge azure dragon with extraordinary might.

It was twisted in the air, there was mist surroundings its body, and it emanated powerful might. Even if it was the Azure Dragon Founder, he was very inferior.

But it did not speak. It only indifferently looked over the Azure Dragon Founder and Chu Feng, then its dragon body went forward quickly, became a strand of azure light, and entered Chu Feng’s brain.

“Ahh!” At that instant, Chu Feng felt his brain ache, and a large amount of information also appeared.

The Azure Dragon Dashing Technique, the supreme Secret Skill, unhesitantly chose Chu Feng. That result made one feel shocked, yet it was within expectations.

“Indeed. I knew that between you and me, it would definitely choose you. After all, back then when it chose me, it was something that could not be helped.” At that instant, the Azure Dragon Founder relievedly smiled, and on his pale-white face, a hint of a comforted expression emerged.

When a strong power attached itself to someone, it would always make them feel happy and excited.

But when they discover because of their limited strength, they restricted the strong power, it would make them feel huge pressure. It could be said that the strong power became a huge burden, and would suffocate them from the pressure.

And the Azure Dragon Founder was exactly like that. His talent was limited, and he simply could not fully show the supreme Secret Skill, the Azure Dragon Dashing Technique. To him, it was already a huge burden. At present, passing it down to Chu Feng instead became the best liberty.

“So powerful.” At that instant, Chu Feng was also endlessly shocked because in the instant the Azure Dragon Dashing Technique entered his body, he already grasped that Secret Skill.

So, he understood more than anyone else the strong power of the Azure Dragon Dashing Technique. Its speed was over several times quicker than the Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens.

If he used the three Secret Skills at the same time, Chu Feng was completely able to imagine how powerful he of that time would be. It would likely be a lot more powerful to the him who grasped a Elite Armament.

“This disciple thanks the ancestor.” Suddenly, Chu Feng greatly saluted to the Azure Dragon Founder to express his thanks, because that present was really too precious.

“This Secret Skill should have originally belonged to you. I only safeguarded it for a thousand years.” But the Azure Dragon Founder hurriedly helped Chu Feng up, and his face was full of expectant smiles.

His looked very forward to the kinds of storms Chu Feng, who was of mysterious origin, had extremely powerful talent, and grasped three Secret Skills, would stir up after entering the Eastern Sea Region.

The next day, the Azure Dragon School’s opening ceremony officially started.

Within the Azure Dragon Mountain Range, it could be said that all of the huge characters of the Nine Provinces were gathered there. Even the Jiang Dynasty’s old ancestor and emperor personally came and went to congratulate.

And other than the powers and experts invited, there were many experts and powers who didn’t receive the invitation yet wanted to witness the great occasion, and also came to the Azure Dragon School.

On that day of great joy, the Azure Dragon School put away its former proud attitude and opened its doors, welcoming guests who came from all directions. In and out the mountain range, there was great rapture everywhere.

“Look! Is that the old ancestor of the World Spirit Guild, Gu Tianchen, the genius who shocked the continent a hundred years ago?”

“Waa, I didn’t expect that today, not only have I seen the Jiang Dynasty’s emperor, I have even seen the Jiang Dynasty’s old ancestor!”

“Heavens! Is that the Azure Dragon Founder? It is! The strongest person to sweep through the continent of the Nine Provinces a thousand years ago is actually still living?”

When people saw Gu Tianchen, the Jiang Dynasty’s old ancestor, the Azure Dragon Founder, and other grand characters like them, they were all extremely excited because right now, many of the people who appeared in the Azure Dragon School were like legends to many in the Nine Provinces.

“Look, it’s Chu Feng! I never would have thought that he, right now, already entered the 3rd level of the Heaven realm. This speed of cultivation is really frightening.”

“Ahh, thinking back then when Chu Feng was wronged by several big powers and his wanted poster was spread all over the continent of the Nine Provinces. At that time, how many people slandered him? How many people wanted to kill him?”

“But, with his own power, he forcefully killed the people who chased after him, and moreover, made the several big powers pay an extremely hefty price.”

“At present, he has already become the idol of countless people in the continent of the Nine Provinces. He has already created countless legends, and is fully worthy of being the number one person in the young generation.”