Chapter 539 - Mission

MGA: Chapter 539 - Mission

“However, in the Eastern Sea Region, Martial Kings are already the strongest. Where would Martial Emperors come from? Even if there are Martial Emperors, those are supreme existences.”

“How could great characters like those be willing to exhaust their own power to help a petty old man like me to make breakthroughs in cultivation?”

“So, I have always been searching for a successor. A successor who has the potential to become a Martial Emperor. I would then, regardless of cost, raise him into a Martial Emperor.”

“Although I cannot confirm whether that person can become a Martial Emperor or not, and I cannot confirm whether he would still bother with an old man like me after becoming a Martial Emperor, this is the road I decided to walk on.”

“When clearly knowing that it is already impossible for me to have greater achievements, I will entrust everything to another person, and you, are the person who I want to entrust everything on.”

“Heh, brat, do you think this reason is acceptable?” The black-clothed old man suddenly laughed loudly, as if the words he said before was only him joking.

However, Chu Feng discovered that some helplessness permeated throughout the black-clothed old man’s laughter. His laugh was a self-deprecating laugh.

“Senior, forgive my rudeness. After chatting for such a long time, I have yet to ask your name.” Suddenly, Chu Feng’s face was filled with solemnness and pettiness as he saluted the black-clothed old man and asked.

“Haha, in the Eastern Sea Region, when the head of the Crippling Night Demon Sect’s Four Protectors is mentioned, everyone knows my name.”

“But that’s fine. In such a desolate place, you haven’t even heard of the Crippling Night Demon Sect, so how could you know who I am?”

“Chu Feng, remember. My name is Qiu Canfeng.” The black-clothed old man said his name one word at a time.

“Disciple Chu Feng greets his master!” And at that instant, Chu Feng hurriedly knelt onto the ground and paid his respects to Qiu Canfeng.

He did that because he didn’t want to miss that chance. In a situation where he was facing such a huge power like the Immortal Execution Archipelago, as well as the enticement of the Emperor Tomb’s treasures, Chu Feng decisively chose to have Qiu Canfeng as his master.

Of course, although Chu Feng only performed that action because it was promoted by mutual benefit, he had deeply contemplated it.

In the conversation between him and Qiu Canfeng just now, Chu Feng had detailedly observed Qiu Canfeng’s facial expression and his speaking tone.

So, Chu Feng determined that Qiu Canfeng’s words were likely the truth, and that he truly wanted to take Chu Feng as his disciple. As for the reason, it was as he said just now.

On his journey of martial cultivation, when it was very difficult for him to have too great of an advancement, he chose to develop a person who could surpass his achievements.

If he succeeded, he could borrow the favour and get the person he developed to help himself. Although that was very risky, it did count as a method.

Though that was only Chu Feng’s judgement, as he could also not confirm whether Qiu Canfeng only wanted to use him or not, at present, there was clearly no other choice.

“Haha, good good good! Quickly rise.”

“Oh Chu Feng, I am very happy to be able to accept a disciple like you.”

“I couldn’t be sure of it before, but right now, I can. You are definitely able to surpass me. You are able to surpass everyone else in the Eastern Sea Region. You will become a Martial Emperor.”

“In your journey on becoming a Martial Emperor, I will do my best to help you. But before that, you still need to help me do something.” Qiu Canfeng smilingly said.

“Master, if you have anything, please instruct me. I will do my utmost to complete it.” Chu Feng respectfully replied.

“Heh, actually, it’s not any big thing. I believe you can also imagine that I can’t help you with anything as I am stuck in here.”

“But this Four Symbols Binding Formation isn’t something you can break open. So, I want you to go ask for support.” Qiu Canfeng smiled and said.

“Support? Who?” Chu Feng asked.

“One of the Four Protectors of my Crippling Night Demon Sect, Fu Liansheng.”

“Although back then, there were some conflicts between the four of us because we were fighting for the position of sect head, later on, Fu Liansheng owed me a favour.”

“Moreover, although that person has vicious methods, he isn’t a person who doesn’t care what methods he uses to reach his goal. As a person, he still emphasizes camaraderie and honor. As long as you find him and tell him the situation, he will definitely come and find me.”

“But beware, other than Fu Liansheng, do not tell any other person in the Crippling Night Demon Sect about my whereabouts, or else, it will be hard to prevent others hitting me while I’m down.” Qiu Canfeng said.

“Then master, where is that Senior Fu Liansheng right now? What characteristics does he have, and how can I make him believe that I’m your disciple?” Chu Feng asked.

“Your thoughts are quite meticulous, but I too don’t know where Fu Liansheng is right now. I only know he won’t leave the Eastern Sea Region, but regarding the specifics, you can only rely on yourself to find them.”

“As for making him believe you, that’s very simple. After seeing him, as long as you say to him that within the Black Mist Abyss, you once owed someone a favour and that person now needs your help, that’ll be fine.”

“Remember. Do not speak useless words to him or not only will he ignore you, he will even kill you.” Qiu Canfeng seriously reminded.

“Don’t worry master. I will find Senior Fu Liansheng soon and come to get you out.”

Those were words that came from Chu Feng’s heart because he impatiently wanted to become stronger. He impatiently wanted to obtain an insurance against the Immortal Execution Archipelago. And the precondition of all that was to save Qiu Canfeng first.

“Mm. You are very sharp, but after arriving at the Eastern Sea Region, you still need to carefully handle matters. That place is not something that’s comparable to your little continent of the Nine Provinces. No matter if it is people or strength, or the methods of doing things.” Qiu Canfeng reminded again.

“I will be careful.” Chu Feng compliantly nodded his head, but after carefully examining the Four Symbols Binding Formation, he said once more, “But master, right now, you are imprisoned in this Four Symbols Binding Formation and you can’t even move. The road to the Eastern Sea Region is so far as well, and putting aside that I can find Senior Fu Liansheng after arriving at the Eastern Sea Region, even if I can find him, on the road back, that still requires quite a bit of time.”

“During such a long period of time, what will you eat? What will you drink?”

Chu Feng knew that no matter how much stronger cultivators got, they still had to eat and drink. Back then, because the Monstrous Monkey King prepared sufficient food, that was why he was able to stay so long in the Asura Ghost Tower. Qiu Canfeng wouldn’t have also prepared food right?

“Haha, don’t worry. Although this Four Symbols Binding Formation has locked me in here, it is constantly channeling special power into me. This is to preserve my lifeforce. It will not let me starve to death, but only age to death.”

“So, no need to worry about me. It’ll be fine as long as you just quickly find Fu Liansheng. Even if it’s not for the old man me, for your little girlfriend, you need to hurry!”

“Although that Immortal Execution Archipelago isn’t enough to be afraid of, I still need to organize my fragmented Crippling Night Demon Sect members before being able to fight against the Immortal Execution Archipelago.”

“Or else, with only my own strength, that would be a bit risky, and combining the Crippling Night Demon Sect does require some time.” Qiu Canfeng lightly smiled and said.