Chapter 538 - I Can Help You

MGA: Chapter 538 - I Can Help You

“Hehe brat, your name is Chu Feng right?” After talking about Huangfu Haoyue, the black-clothed old man suddenly smilingly asked.

“Senior, you know my name?” Chu Feng was a bit surprised at first, but quickly after, he relaxed. After all, the black-clothed old man even knew things about the Emperor Tomb, so he had definitely secretly heard Chu Feng and the others’ conversation. Knowing Chu Feng’s name was also very normal.

“Hehe, not only do I know that your name is Chu Feng, I even know you have a fiancée called Zi Ling.”

“Your fiancée is not simple at all. Not only does she look like flower and jade, superior to fairies, she is even a Divine Body. Accordingly, by having a fiancée like her, is it truly luck cultivated from your past life.”

“But sadly, your fiancée got a group of worthless elders. For their own benefit, her parents and family sold her off. Sold her off to the Immortal Execution Archipelago.”

“Four years later, your fiancée will marry that dog butt young master of the Immortal Execution Archipelago.” The black-clothed old man chuckled and said.

At that instant, Chu Feng slightly furrowed his brows, then bitterly laughed and said, “I didn’t expect you to even know these things. Indeed, four years later, if I don’t have the ability to save her, she will marry that person.”

“Heh, don’t worry brat. I can help you.” The black-clothed old man suddenly said with a face of seriousness.

“Senior, you’ll help me?” Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s gaze flashed and cautiously examined the old man because he was aware that things were possibly not that simple.

“That’s right. I am the head of the Crippling Night Demon Sect’s Four Protectors, and in the sect, I still have some rallying power. If I make my move, more or less, the Immortal Execution Archipelago will feel some fear.”

“However, there is no free lunch in this world. You and I only met by chance, so naturally, I won’t help you for nothing. So, I have a condition.” The black-clothed old man chuckled and said.

“Senior, what condition?” Chu Feng asked. At present, the mysterious man had already left his grasp, and with himself, to want to fight against the entire Immortal Execution Archipelago four years later, that could truly be said to be difficult on top of difficult.

And the black-clothed old man did indeed have some strength. If he was truly willing to help him, then that would still be quite a good choice. However, the only thing Chu Feng could not be sure of currently was whether the old man was trustworthy or not. So, he was also very cautious.

“This condition is actually very simple. I have cultivated for many years, but I have yet to accept a disciple. Seeing that your talent is not bad, and that you have some potential, why not become my disciple? As long as you enter my sect, I can reasonably go call some sect members to help you out.” The black-clothed old man said.

Listening to that point, Chu Feng was a bit surprised. He never would have thought that the old man actually planned to take him as his disciple, but Chu Feng was clearly in a difficult situation. After all, he already had Zhuge Liuyun as his master. Although right now, his cultivation was far from his, after all, he was his master.

So, Chu Feng said, “Senior, thank you for your approval, but without hiding anything, I already have a master, and he treats me quite well. I don’t think I can become your disciple.”

“Ahh, you seem to be quite a smart person, but how can you also have such stupid moments? Who said you can’t take me as your master after taking another person as your master?”

“Who told you a person can only have master in his entire life, and that if you want to have someone else as your master, you must betray your former master?” The black-clothed old man bared his teeth and said while being a bit displeased.

“This...” At that instant, Chu Feng was a bit speechless. In the continent of the Nine Provinces, taking another master was indeed not something that was glorious, but in the black-clothed old man’s perspective, he didn’t seem to mind things like those, and didn’t have any intention to make Chu Feng betray his former master.

So, Chu Feng asked, “Senior, do you mean, that in a situation where I already have a master, I can take you a master as well? You are willing to share me, a disciple, with another person?”

“Rubbish. For an excellent young person, who doesn’t strive to take him as a disciple?”

“He passes his abilities to you, I’ll pass my abilities to you. They don’t interfere with one another.”

“Besides, brat, by taking me as a master, the benefits I can give you are not limited to only taking your bride back.”

“I have gotten quite a few of the treasures in this Emperor Tomb! There are also uncountable number of cultivation resources, and I even got myself a Secret Skill. It’s that Vermilion Bird Revival Technique.” The black-clothed old man pointed at the Four Symbols Binding Formation, at the picture of the Vermilion Bird Revival Technique.

At that instant, Chu Feng’s expression couldn’t help but change as he hiddenly said, “That Vermilion Bird Revival Technique was indeed taken by him. The Evil Spirit trap must also have been set by him.”

“I know that you’ve gotten good things before in this Emperor Tomb, and already have two Secret Skills. So, I only collected that Secret Skill and did not use it. As for why, I planned to make that into a present and gift it to you when taking you as a disciple.”

“But it’s my fault for being too greedy and underestimating this Emperor Tomb’s danger. I didn’t stop when appropriate, causing me to be stuck in this place. Right now, I am sealed inside this Four Symbols Binding Formation, so even if I want to give these things to you, it is be impossible.”

“However, as long as I am able to get out, I will satisfy you. I can see that your cultivation method is very special, as it seems that as long as you have cultivation resources, it can help your cultivation rise quickly.”

“And to be honest, if I told you about the cultivation resources I got from the Emperor Tomb, it will definitely scare you to death, but they will let your cultivation rise to a very powerful level.”

“As for me, reaching this realm, I no longer dare to rely on cultivation resources or else it will only make me stuck and prevent advancement. So, as long as you are willing to become my disciple, all of the cultivation resources I got here, I can give to you.” The black-clothed old man solemnly said. As he spoke, his face was actually filled with sincerity, as if he truly already planned to take Chu Feng as his disciple.

And after hearing the black-clothed old man’s words, Chu Feng was endlessly moved, but he was also a bit suspicious. So, he asked, “Senior, you are truly willing to accept me as a disciple? You are truly willing to help me?!”

“But, why? I am but a poor boy with weak cultivation, yet you are actually willing to help me, ignoring the cost?”

“Haha, why? Why else? I only want to find an excellent successor for myself, and coincidentally, you qualify.”

“If you truly want a reason, I can give you one.”

“My age has already passed a hundred, and even if I continue living, it will not pass several hundred years. My talent isn’t that great either and becoming a Martial King is already luck. To want to continue making breakthroughs in order to prolong my life, it can be said to be very hard.”

“Right now, normal cultivation resources cannot help me, and on my own, it is difficult for me to comprehend the intricacies of each level. Only if a Martial Emperor is willing to use his special Emperor Battle Power to help me could I rise a level.”