Chapter 534 - This Is An Emperor Armament

MGA: Chapter 534 - This Is An Emperor Armament

When a figure so large, it could touch the sky while standing on the ground, appeared in front of someone, no matter who it was, they would be unnerved by the powerful atmosphere.

Chu Feng was able to clearly feel, at that moment, that it wasn’t a consciousness, but more like a body of energy. To be more precise, it was likely an Emperor Might.

And the so-called Emperor Might was just the might of a Martial Emperor.

But even though it was only might, the might that was left behind by a Martial Emperor was the most powerful existence Chu Feng had seen before. It was countless times more powerful than the mysterious man, and it could be said that the two could not even be discussed together.

“So this is the strength of a Martial Emperor? It is only might, yet it can transform, shape, never be extinguished, and deter all things?!” Chu Feng was both frightened and terrified, and endlessly shocked as well.

It was because he truly felt his own tininess. He was so minuscule that he was like a speck of dust. In front of the Emperor Might, he was so insignificant.

“No. Even consciousnesses will die out, let alone Emperor Might. The reason it can survive for ten thousand years is definitely related to that Emperor Door. That Emperor Door is a treasure. A piece of true treasure, and if I’m not mistaken, that door is very possibly an Emperor Armament.”

“Its Emperor Might is being attached to that Emperor Door, so that’s why it isn’t gone and has survived for such a long time. To be more precise, Emperor Armament and Emperor Might coexist. The reason why Emperor Armaments are powerful is not only because it is made by a Martial Emperor, but also because it contains power unique to Martial Emperors.” Eggy explained.

Although it was also Eggy’s first time seeing Emperor Might and the Emperor Door, her experience was a lot more abundant that Chu Feng’s, so she knew a lot more than Chu Feng as well.

Even though she didn’t have Spirit power, with her naked eye, she could find out some facts by analyzation.

“Emperor Armament?!” After hearing Eggy’s words, Chu Feng’s expression instantly changed greatly and shock emerged into his eyes.

Ever since getting the Mastered Elite Armament, the Asura Ghost Axe, Chu Feng had asked Eggy many times what weapons in the world were more powerful than Elite Armaments.

And with his many times of pestering, Eggy finally told Chu Feng some knowledge regarding armaments.

Normal armaments were created by iron. Ordinary people could create them.

Slightly better armaments were created with special materials, but regardless of what materials were to be used to create them, in front of a powerful cultivator, the armaments would not be able to even take a single attack.

So, when a cultivator’s cultivation reaches a certain level, armaments created by special materials already become of not great use. Only armaments created by the concentration of a peak expert’s unique power could display powerful might.

The armaments created by the power of Martial Lords are called Elite Armaments. The armaments created by the power of Martial Kings are called King Armaments. As for the armaments created by the power of Martial Emperors, they are called Emperor Armaments.

In the continent of the Nine Provinces, Elite Armaments were already treasures. There were simply no King Armaments, and as for Emperor Armaments, it was likely that even in the Eastern Sea Region, no one owned any.

But in front his eyes, an Emperor Armament actually appeared, and it was under the Azure Province’s surface in the continent of the Nine Provinces. At that instant, it was in front of his eyes. Naturally, that made Chu Feng endlessly shocked, and he felt disbelief.

Even though he clearly knew it was dangerous, he couldn’t help casting his gaze back at it, and examined it anew.

And when he looked back at the golden, bright Emperor Door, Chu Feng discovered that the feeling the door gave him was strange as usual, but it was indeed, inestimably powerful.

It had to be said that if the Emperor Door was truly an armament, it would definitely be an armament that had plenty of killing power, and could even kill all living matter.

So, Chu Feng believed it. He believed Eggy’s analysis, and that the Emperor Tomb was very possibly not an ordinary formation and obstruction, but an Emperor Armament from the legends.

In front of the Emperor Armament, Chu Feng had great desires of wanting to grasp it within his hand, for it to be used by him.

But regretfully, even if it was him, he knew that the current him simply didn’t have any qualifications to grasp the Emperor Armament.

“My Raging Flames of the Burning Heaven can burn all things! Those who block me, die!” Suddenly, the mysterious man suddenly explosively yelled.

Quickly after, the fiery-red scars on his body flashed once again, boundless flames burst out from his body, became a fierce huge beast of flames, and attacked the Emperor Armament that was erected in between the heaven and earth.

“No!” Seeing that, Chu Feng hurriedly yelled loudly to stop, deeply afraid that the mysterious man would anger the Emperor Might.

But he could do nothing as the mysterious man was already thoroughly caught by the Emperor Door’s enticement. He simply didn’t hear Chu Feng’s words, and was urging the flames with his full force, attacking the Emperor Might.

However, just as the huge beast of flames neared the Emperor Might, the figure that touched the sky extended its big hand that surged with golden radiance, and abruptly grabbed, holding the huge beast of flames in its palm.

With a bang, the flames shot everywhere, but quickly after, completely disappeared. The mysterious man’s Raging Flames of the Burning Heaven, which could burn everything, was actually extinguished just like that.


When the huge beast of flames exploded from being crushed, the mysterious man’s face changed and a mouthful of blood was sprayed out, as he clearly received the rebound.

At the same time, Chu Feng astonishedly discovered that the golden Spirit Formation surrounding him started to become faint, and in a blink, it completely disappeared.

“So strong.” At that instant, Chu Feng couldn’t help gasping deeply. He knew that the Emperor Might was strong, but he never would have thought that with only a single strike, the Emperor Might was able to cause the mysterious man to receive heavy injuries.

“I will kill you!” However, the mysterious man seemed to have not understood the situation in front of him clearly. Not only did he not retreat, he even attacked the Emperor Might again.

“Chu Feng, quickly retreat! Don’t get dragged down by this madman!” Seeing that, Eggy hurriedly reminded.

“Truly damn it.” And in that situation, Chu Feng could also do nothing. He could only turn around, and escape in the direction he came from.

The mysterious man already lost control completely, and the Emperor Might was also very powerful, so if the mysterious man thoroughly angered the Emperor Might, not only would the mysterious man die, Chu Feng would clearly be affected as well.


However, this time, the Emperor Might did not resist. It stood where it was, and emitted a formless ripple from its body.


When the ripple intertwined with the mysterious man’s attack, within the deafening explosion, it dissolved the mysterious man’s attack.

“Your strength is too weak. Leave. Go back to where you came from. You want to take relics? You are not worthy!” Suddenly, a voice filled with Emperor Might came from inside the Emperor Door.

When that voice rang out, the heaven and earth did not tremble, but it was enough to shake one’s heart, straight into their soul. Chu Feng could even feel the voice’s ability to kill him, to destroy his consciousness, and to make him disappear like dust and smoke dissipating.

However, the voice only reminded, and did not have killing intent. Moreover, after that voice rang out, the beautiful scenery and the Emperor Might erected in between the heaven and the earth actually started to shrink, and ultimately, returned to the Emperor Door.

That area returned to its former tranquility as well.