Chapter 533 - Emperor Might Appearing for an Instant

MGA: Chapter 533 - Emperor Might Appearing for an Instant

With the huge beast of flames chewing, the cries of the four Secret Skills also became fainter and fainter, and finally disappeared.

In a situation like that, Chu Feng could clearly see that world’s scenery starting to change. Like a picture scroll, it started to twist and spin.

“So powerful.” Chu Feng slightly widened his mouth and his gaze glittered, because once again, he saw the strong strength of the mysterious man. With absolute power, he actually broke such a powerful Illusion Formation.

When the world around them returned to normal and when the huge beast of flames returned to the mysterious man’s body again, Chu Feng was also able to clearly see everything around him.

At that instant, Chu Feng’s gaze was attracted to the front at first. Even Chu Feng’s gaze started to endlessly flicker, and the shock on his face became extremely strong.

Because, in front of him, deep in the Emperor Tomb, there was an incomparably huge door. That door had ten thousand feet of height, and had a thousand feet of width. It was truly incomparably huge, as if it was erected from the earth to the heaven.

That door was golden-coloured, and gave off radiance even more dazzling than gold. However, the material it was made out of was clearly not simply just gold because it even gave off a feeling of indestructibility, and even a holy uninvadable feeling.

Involuntarily, Chu Feng was deeply attracted by the huge door. Although he only saw the surface, it was as if Chu Feng saw everything inside.

It was a world. A completely different world from what Chu Feng saw, and it was a world that all living beings wanted to step into.

At that instant, a thought was born into Chu Feng’s heart, and it was to open that door. He wanted to enter that world. He had to enter that world.

“Brat, don’t look at that door!” But just at that time, an aged voice came from below Chu Feng, cutting off his thoughts.

Hearing that voice, Chu Feng’s couldn’t help but be taken aback and hurriedly cast his gaze downwards. Although it was a simple action, joy instantly appeared on Chu Feng’s face.

Because, below Chu Feng, on the surface, there was a vast formation with radiance shooting in all directions. On the four sides of the vast formation, the picture of a huge beast was carved there.

And those four huge beasts were the original shapes of the four Secret Skill’s bodies. In between the four Secret Skills, there were even layers of chains, forming the cage-like Sealing Formation.

The most important thing was that in the center of the vast formation, there was an old man. He wore black clothing, and had a torch-like gaze. He was exactly the mysterious black-clothed old man.

“Haha, so it’s him! He’s been locked up there, and this is the original form of the Four Symbols Binding Formation.”

“I now know why the madman was able to easily break the Four Symbols Binding Formation. It’s because a large portion of its power was already used to imprison this black-clothed old man, that’s why he was able to easily destroy it.” At that instant, before letting Chu Feng speak, Eggy livelily cheered while being incomparably elated.

“Hoh, truly, ‘cannot be found when searched to the ends of the world, but obtained without any effort’.” And similarly, Chu Feng was also incomparably elated because on the old man’s body, there were many treasures from the Emperor Tomb, and currently, he was also locked up at that place. It was simply the heavens helping Chu Feng.

But although he was joyful in his heart, Chu Feng did not immediately make his move on the black-clothed old man, and put on an appearance of confusion, then asked, “Senior, why can’t I look at this door?”

“Ahh, in the end, for a brat who grows up in such a desolate place, no matter how much more extraordinary your talent is, you are still dull.”

“Whatever, let me give you some pointers. This place is an Emperor Tomb, and that door is an Emperor Door.”

“The Emperor Door was personally made by a Martial Emperor expert. Not only is it something that is indestructible, it also has a charm that bewitches one’s heart.”

“If you stare at the Emperor Door for a long period of time, you will be bewitched by the Emperor Door’s illusion, and will involuntarily go attack the Emperor Door, as you want to enter it.”

“But how can the Emperor Door be easy to open? By attacking the Emperor Door, you will only receive the rebound of the Emperor Might, and ultimately, you are looking for your own destruction.” The black-clothed old man reminded.

“Oh?” After hearing his words, Chu Feng lightly frowned, then asked Eggy, “Eggy, is the words he said true? Is the Emperor Door truly that powerful?”

“Honestly speaking, I’m not too clear on things like these. I only know that an Emperor Tomb is dangerous, but to the specific obstructions within, I don’t know much about it. After all, it is also the first time that I came to this world, so it can be said that it’s the first time I entered this so-called Emperor Tomb.” Eggy’s pouted, and naughtily shook her head.

“It is better to believe it is than to not. As long as the treasures on this black-clothed old man can be obtained, this journey has already been plentiful and there is no need to go towards that Emperor Door.”

Chu Feng looked back at the Emperor Door dazzling in golden radiance. However, he didn’t feel any danger coming from the inside of the Emperor Tomb. Rather, he still felt that behind the Emperor Tomb, there was an extreme beautiful world, making him to want to open it.

But the more it was like that, the more Chu Feng was alert in his heart. He increasingly felt that the black-clothed old man’s words was correct, that the Emperor Door wasn’t simple and would absorb one’s mind, and confuse them.

“Don’t look at that door, it’s dangerous!” So, Chu Feng hurriedly reminded the mysterious man, deeply afraid he would be caught by the Emperor Door’s enticement.

However, what Chu Feng did not think of was that to his reminder, it was as if the mysterious man couldn’t hear it, and instead, leaped, quickly flying towards the Emperor Door.

“Crap, this is bad!” At that instant, Chu Feng was frightened because the man was clearly caught by the Emperor Door’s allure, and currently, he was deaf to Chu Feng’s urges.

“Stop! Quickly stop! It is dangerous in front of you, and if you go there like this, you will send your life to the grave!” Seeing the rapidly expanding Emperor Door, Chu Feng’s voice got louder and louder, but it was useless and it simply did not stop the mysterious man.

*hmm* However, just as Chu Feng and the mysterious man were a hundred thousand meters away from the Emperor Door, a burst of undulation suddenly came from inside.

The undulation was originally formless, but people were able to clearly feel it, as if it could overturn rivers and oceans and destroy everything. It had the ability to ruin the heaven and earth.

“Emperor Might? It is possible that this is Emperor Might?” At that instant, Chu Feng’s face changed greatly because he truly felt the threat of death. In front of the formless aura, no matter who, they could not resist against it.

*hmm* However, what Chu Feng did not expect was that the formless aura didn’t directly engulf them, but when it was ten thousand meters away from them, it stopped, didn’t continue forward, and also started to change.

The formless aura started to have form, and in the areas covered by the aura, a blue sky actually appeared. White clouds appeared. Rivers and the earth appeared. In only a blink, the vast underground world became a beautiful scene once again.

Not only that. The aura was actually still changing, and at the end, within the scenery, golden radiance was actually extended outwards. The golden radiance rapidly enlarged, and at the end, became humanoid.

His head touched the blue sky, and his feet stepped on the earth. Although golden radiance shot everywhere from his body and his face was unable to be seen clearly, when a figure such as that appeared in front of one’s face, no matter who, they would not dare to doubt how strong he was.