Chapter 532 - Four Symbols Binding Formation

MGA: Chapter 532 - Four Symbols Binding Formation

“What is this? Is it possible that I walked out of the Emperor Tomb?!”

Chu Feng’s first thought was that he possibly walked out of the Emperor Tomb because the distant scenery didn’t match the Emperor Tomb at all. It was simply like an otherworldly paradise.

“Wait!” But very soon, Chu Feng rejected that thought because he knew he hadn’t arrived at the deepest place of the Emperor Tomb, so how would it be possible that he came out?

In addition, on the road, the experience Chu Feng gained was very abundant. So, Chu Feng already determined that it was not a real scene, and was likely an illusion.

“Wait. Don’t enter that place.” Feeling that something was wrong, Chu Feng hurriedly said.

And after hearing Chu Feng’s words, the man was very obedient and speedily stopped in mid-air, no longer continuing to fly towards the area that was like a painting.

At that instant, Chu Feng started to detailedly observe the scene in front of him. However, with his strength, he was simply unable to be sure whether it was an Illusion Formation or not.

At that place, mountain peaks were steep, white clouds floated around, and there were both waterfalls that flowed down, as well as huge red-crowned cranes that formed rows. It was absolutely beautiful, and impossible to determine whether it was real or fake.

“Look carefully. Is the scene in front of your eyes an Illusion Formation?!” In that situation, Chu Feng could only ask the mysterious man.

“No matter what it is in front, I can kill all!” However, to Chu Feng’s question, the mysterious man did not respond directly. Instead, he coldly snorted, leaped, and flew into the scenery.

“Crap! His mind is muddled and he is simply unable to thoroughly understand the meaning in my words!” At that instant, Chu Feng’s face changed. He originally wanted the mysterious man to use his Spirit power to check it out. After all, he was a Gold-cloak World Spiritist, and with his strength, he should be able to determine whether it was an Illusion Formation or not, but he didn’t expect that the situation would be like this.

“Don’t worry. No matter if it’s an Illusion Formation or not, one must be in it in order to break it. With this madman’s methods, he should be able to destroy it.”

“Besides, the road in front is the only road. If you don’t break it, there is no way to continue forward.” Eggy reminded.

“Mm. As things are right now, it can only be done like so.” It wasn’t that Chu Feng didn’t understand the meaning behind it, but as he learned of the Emperor Tomb’s terror, he became more cautious. However, he could do nothing about the scene in front of his eyes, and could only rely on the madman attacking on his own.

“My Raging Flames of the Burning Heaven can burn all things in this world!”

Suddenly, the mysterious man howled longly, and instantly, the entire world at that place trembled, then quickly after, the flames in his eyes scuttled and the places he looked at were immediately overwhelmed by flames and became oceans of fire. No matter if it was the sky or ground, all of it started to be engulfed by the fierce, intense flames.

Not to mention the green mountains and grasses, the rivers and waterfalls, even the vast white clouds in the sky were unable to endure the scorching heat and if they weren’t melted on scene, they were immediately evaporated.

“Who are you? You dare to come here to release such insolence?!”

But suddenly, a deafening and furious roar suddenly resounded. After that voice rang out, Chu Feng’s face couldn’t help but change because he felt that the voice was very familiar.

*boom* Just at that time, an explosion suddenly resounded and a horrifying oppressing feeling came from behind. Turning his head to look, Chu Feng astonishedly discovered that a huge white-coloured tiger’s claw was approaching him. That appearance was actually the exact same as his White Tiger Slaughtering Technique.

However, the tiger’s claw was vivid and lifelike. Other than emitting faint radiance, it was simply no different from the real White Tiger.

“Hmph.” Facing the attack that came suddenly, the mysterious man coldly snorted, then quickly after, he leaped, and dodged the horrifying White Tiger huge claw.

“Heavens! This is?!” In the instant he dodged it, Chu Feng’s pupils suddenly shrunk because he astonishedly discovered that in the distant sky, there was actually an enormous object.

It was the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique. However, the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique was several times more powerful than when Chu Feng saw it at first. The aura it emanated was also several times more horrifying, and it could be said to be not inferior to the mysterious man’s.

“White Tiger, you are unable to defeat this person alone. It’s better to let us help you out.”

Just at that time, another deafening roar rang out. Following that, the flames distant in the sky suddenly split, and were finally extinguished.

And after the flames were extinguished, another enormous thing appeared. It was a black-coloured huge turtle, but a sinister big snake coiled on its body. Covering up and down it was a dazzling shield of light. It was the Black Tortoise Armor Technique, without a doubt.

“I, the Dragon King, have come as well!” Quickly after, a thick azure dragon appeared in the sky. Its body was surrounded by mist, giving off the overbearing airs of a king.

“You dare to intrude into the Four Symbols Binding Formation? You are truly looking to die.” Suddenly, an ear-piercing cry rang out. A red-coloured beautiful huge bird also appeared, flying over with the azure dragon.

Although Chu Feng did not truly see those two before, looking at their shapes, Chu Feng knew that they were definitely the two Secret Skills: the Azure Dragon Dashing Technique and the Vermilion Bird Revival Technique.

“Four Symbols Binding Formation?! This is indeed an Illusion Formation. They are not true and are all fake.” At that instant, Eggy reminded.

“It’s fake? Then what should I do?” Chu Feng lightly frowned. Although he clearly knew it was fake, the auras of the four huge beasts weren’t fake. So, he didn’t dare to be sure whether the mysterious man would be able to defeat the four huge beasts.

“I am the Raging Flames of the Burning Heaven! I can burn all things in this world! Who can stop me?!”

However, just as Chu Feng worried, the mysterious man suddenly yelled explosively. At that instant, the scar of flames on his forehead actually started to wiggle. Quickly after, it started to enlarge and change, and actually like vines, crawled all over his body.

The most important thing was that the scars were actually not the colour of skin. They were fiery red, as if burnt red by a piece of iron.

So, when scars like those covered the man’s entire body, he seemed very sinister and scary, but didn’t lose any overbearingness.


Seeming to have felt the mysterious man’s change, the four huge beasts longly roared facing the sky, and with their unique Secret Skill might, from all sides, they surrounded and attacked the man.

“Those who dare to stop me, die!”

However, facing the horrifying might of the four huge beasts, not only was the man not afraid, he even furiously shouted.

And after his furious shout rang out, the world swayed, and at the same time, from his body, boundless raging flames also started to surge out.

The flames were not simple flames. There was a difference in essence than the flames he was using before because not only did the flames make sounds, they even had shape, and was simply like a huge beast of flames.

If it was said that the huge beasts transformed from the four Secret Skills were as big as small hills, then the enormous beast that was gradually being transformed into by intense flames would be a huge mountain peak that touched the sky. In terms of volume, it already suppressed the four huge beasts completely.


Moreover, in terms of power, the huge beast of flames was clearly stronger than the four Secret Skills. In only an instant, it engulfed the four of them, and even started to chew.

And at that time, Chu Feng was able to distinctly hear the four peerlessly powerful Secret Skills actually starting to make heart-tearing and lung-splitting cries of misery.