Chapter 531 - The Mystical Emperor Tomb

MGA: Chapter 531 - The Mystical Emperor Tomb

The mysterious man was like a killing god. On the path, he was unstoppable. It was as if everything was swept by the wind and nothing could block a single one of his strikes.

At that instant, Chu Feng was amazed by the man’s horrifying strength once again because his strength already far surpassed his expectations.

But at the same time, he also thought of a question.

If the mysterious man was already so impressive, then how powerful would the person who restricted the mysterious man, Chu Feng’s father, be?

At that instant, Chu Feng finally understood why his talent surpassed normal people. It was because he had such a powerful father. If he didn’t surpass normal people, that would instead be illogical.

“Chu Feng, more and more, I feel like the Divine Lightning in your body is possibly also a type of inherited power.” Suddenly, Eggy spoke. Clearly, she also thought of something because of the mysterious man’s powerful strength.

“Eggy, why so?” Chu Feng asked.

“Heh, just intuition. This madman is definitely an expert in the Martial King realm. Although he isn’t in the peak of the Martial King realm, having this cultivation at this age is already quite strong.”

“Your father is able to make him so afraid. Even after his mind becomes muddled and forgets everything about himself, the only thing he doesn’t forget are the words your father said. Do you know why this is?”


“It’s because he doesn’t dare to forget. He doesn’t dare to forget the words your father said, and how powerful would a person be if he can even make a Martial King expert act in this manner?”

“A character like him is absolutely not be a normal person. He definitely grasps special power.” After sighing, Eggy curled her lips and said, “Boy, to be able to seal my power and imprison me in your Spiritual World, your background is truly not simple.”


Chu Feng understood Eggy’s words. The meaning Eggy wanted to say was very clear. It was that if Chu Feng’s father was extremely powerful, Chu Feng’s background was extremely powerful.

But no matter what, it meant that behind Chu Feng’s back, he likely had a powerful shield and he could have originally became the pride of the heavens.

But he could not understand why such a powerful shield would abandon him. Could it be that his father truly met an even stronger enemy?

Chu Feng already thought of that question countless times, but in a situation where he had so little clues, he could really not think of a conclusion.

“This Emperor Tomb is too big. With his speed, we have actually still not reached the end after such a long time.”

“The area of this Emperor Tomb far surpasses the Azure Province.” As the mysterious man went deeper in, Chu Feng was fully convinced by the Emperor Tomb’s powerful methods.

“This Emperor Tomb is deep underground and we are not heading forward on the same level. We are heading downwards, and this is indeed an underground world. It is inestimably large.”

“But don’t be too shocked. Although an Emperor Tomb is big, compared to an Ancestor Tomb, it is simply a child’s play.” Eggy naughtily smiled and said.

“Ancestral Tomb? What’s that?” Chu Feng was endlessly curious. If an Emperor Tomb was already so powerful, what would an Ancestral Tomb look like?

“Heh, I’m afraid saying those things would frighten you. You are still too young, so there are some things that are better not told to you.” Eggy sweetly smiled, then no longer explained anything.

In a situation like that, Chu Feng also felt slightly helpless. He was already hooked on curiosity, but if Eggy wasn’t willing to say, he could indeed not do anything about it.

But simultaneously, he was also amazed. Exactly how powerful was Eggy? She actually knew so many things! What kind of strength did she have before she was sealed?

That question looped around Chu Feng’s heart for a long time. In reality, he did ask Eggy before, but she refused to respond. However, just by looking at Eggy’s experience, he knew she was not simple at all.

Moreover, he also knew one more thing. It was that Eggy had never made a contract with a human before, also meaning that Eggy had never come into this world.

Everything she knew should have been learned from other World Spirits, but no matter where Eggy came from, Chu Feng already confirmed that her strength before was likely very strong, at least more powerful than the mysterious man.

On the road, Chu Feng already got used to the many surprises brought by the Emperor Tomb. It had to be said that the journey in the Emperor Tomb opened up Chu Feng’s world and let him experienced a lot more things.

But after coming to this place, Chu Feng was really shocked once again because he saw a Monstrous Beast clan formed by countless huge Monstrous Beasts.

The huge adult Monstrous Beasts were dozens of meters tall, and several hundred meters long. Their enormous bodies were even larger than palaces, and were like small hills.

The weakest Monstrous Beast infants were all in the Profound realm, and the Monstrous Beasts just growing up were in the Heaven realm. As for the adult Monstrous Beasts, all of them passed the Heaven realm and were Monstrous Beasts in the Martial Lord realm.

However, the enormous and horrifying Monstrous Beast clan, currently, were already destroyed by someone. What remained were only huge dried-up corpses, their Source energy already being absorbed.

“Powerful. This Emperor Tomb is truly impressive. There is actually a terrifying Monstrous Beast clan reproducing and living in this place.” Chu Feng was endlessly shocked, and was thoroughly stunned.

It was because the Monstrous Beast clan was too powerful. Chu Feng was completely able to imagine how powerful of an existence the Monstrous Beast clan was when they still lived.

“Dammit, dammit! We were a bit too slow. So many Monstrous Beasts! So many powerful Monstrous Beasts with special bloodlines all absorbed!”

“AHHHH! I’m so angry! It must have been that black-clothed old man. It must have been him! He truly picked up a heavenly huge advantage, and such a huge benefit was seized by he himself!”

“Chu Feng, if you see that old man, you must get this madman to kill him. I will cleanly refine his Source energy or else my heart’s hatred will not be dispelled!” As Chu Feng sighed in admiration towards the Emperor Tomb arrangements, Eggy grinded her teeth. Her heart ached since so much Source energy was all taken by the black-clothed old man himself.

“Don’t worry. If we meet that black-clothed old man, I will definitely get him to spit a portion out to me.” Chu Feng calmly smiled and said as a hint of fierceness emerged into his eyes

On the road, he saw many imposing and grand palaces and high stages dazzling in gold and jade. Those originally were places that stored treasures.

But sadly, the treasures stored there flew despite having no wings. Without even thinking, Chu Feng knew who took away the treasures. It was definitely the black-clothed old man.

Of so many treasures, there was likely also cultivation resources within them. Possibly even weapons more powerful than Elite Armaments. So, naturally, Chu Feng didn’t want to miss out on them. If there was a chance, he would definitely demand some from the black-clothed old man.

“Chu Feng, look over there!” Suddenly, Eggy spoke.

After hearing Eggy’s words, Chu Feng also cast his gaze towards the front. Though the glance seemed insignificant, Chu Feng’s face instantly changed, becoming dumbfounded.

Because, at that very instant, in front of Chu Feng, it was no longer a simple underground world. At that place, there were actually white clouds, a blue sky, tall mountains, flowing water, and it was so beautiful that it was like a dream.