Chapter 530 - The Powerful, Mysterious Man

MGA: Chapter 530 - The Powerful, Mysterious Man

“It’s like that?!”

“Then someone definitely entered deep into the Emperor Tomb and touched something, causing the three other entrances to automatically close.”

“But who exactly is it? They actually have such powerful skills?” After hearing Chu Feng’s words, the Monstrous Monkey King contemplated.

After thinking deeply for a while, he was still unable to think of a result. However, the uneasiness on the monkey face became more distinct. So, he said to Chu Feng, “Chu Feng, you can absolutely not go.”

“Putting aside that the mysterious person who destroyed layers of barriers may still be there, even if that person is gone, the treasures within the Emperor Tomb has definitely been completely engulfed by him.”

“If you want to go there and obtain harvests, you can only step into places that he hadn’t stepped in yet. However, since the Emperor Tomb is that dangerous, with your cultivation entering alone, aren’t you just looking to die?”

“Monkey Bro, don’t worry. With him, I’m sure even if it’s the Emperor Tomb, it may not be able to stop me.” Chu Feng cast his gaze towards the mysterious man who was following behind him, and as he was yawning, he was eating chicken feet.

Looking at that mysterious man, the Monstrous Monkey King’s blood-red eyes slightly flickered and couldn’t help but think of back then, at the man who was above the Jiang Dynasty, caused the sky and earth to change, and emanated the airs of a king

Although the man in front of his eyes and the man of back then were as if they were two different people and could not be compared together, the Monstrous Monkey King still deeply feared him.

Because, the scene back then was really too terrifying. Even if he thought back today, he would still feel uneasiness and panic. He also had a feeling that the mysterious man’s strength was very possibly above the Martial Lord realm.

But seeing that Chu Feng seemed to have truly grasped the mysterious man, and recalling the matter between Chu Feng and Zi Ling, he thought of Chu Feng’s urgent feelings of becoming stronger. So, he no longer urged, and said with slight helplessness, “Whatever, you brat. If you want to go, go. I can’t hold you back.”

“But beware, you must be careful. If you discover anything wrong, immediately turn around and don’t forcefully continue. The Emperor Tomb is too powerful. It is absolutely not as simple as you imagine, and even with him protecting you, you might not be able to go wherever you wish to in the Emperor Tomb.”

“As for the Azure Dragon School, I will help you look after it. Before Senior Azure Dragon comes out of cultivation, I guarantee that it will be safe.”

“Thank you Monkey Bro. I will be careful, and I will quickly go and quickly return.” Seeing that the Monstrous Monkey King allowed it, Chu Feng was endlessly ecstatic. With the Monstrous Monkey King protecting the ones close to him, he could also go explore the Emperor Tomb without worries.

So, with the allure of an impatient heart, like back then, Chu Feng went forth to the Vermilion Bird Mountain Range, and entered the Emperor Tomb once again.

At that instant, Chu Feng already entered the Emperor Tomb, and returning to that place, there was a special feeling in his heart.

Back then, when he entered, although he also embraced the thought of wanting to obtain opportunities and treasures, when he faced the tomb left behind by a Martial Emperor, he was still very uneasy back then.

However, today, it was different. With the mysterious man, the exceptional expert, following him, Chu Feng was full of confidence. Even if he met the black-clothed old man, Chu Feng was not be afraid.

At that instant, like back then, with Chu Feng’s agitation, the mysterious man returned to his former manliness. The flames in his eyes surged, and the long hair behind him fluttered.

Chu Feng was covered by golden Spirit Formation, being above the mysterious man’s head. Although he was at a safe place, he also had an unordinary atmosphere. [1]

“Forward. Kill everything you see.” Chu Feng pointed forward and loudly commanded.

“As you wish!” The man was obedient and didn’t dare to delay in the slightest. With a thought, he flew up, and like light, speedily went forward along the edgeless Emperor Tomb passageway.

The man’s speed was really too quick. With only a blink, he rushed past the area Chu Feng and the others walked before, and passed the structure that originally sealed the Vermilion Bird Revival Technique.


Shortly after the mysterious man dashed past the place where Chu Feng and the Monstrous Monkey King hid before, he suddenly explosively yelled.


After the explosive yell, without even moving his hand, an Evil Spirit’s cry of misery rang out from below. At the same time, dust rose down there and the dark surface collapsed. An enormous thing also came into view. It was an Evil Spirit.

However, the Evil Spirit’s enormous body was currently becoming countless strands of light and rising into the sky quickly, dissipating with the wind. It no longer had the aura of life.

“So powerful. An Evil Spirit in the 9th level of the Heaven realm can actually be killed with only a thought.” Chu Feng felt shocked in his heart. Although after such a long time, he already knew that the mysterious man was terrifyingly strong, he never would have thought that he could kill those in the Heaven realm with merely a thought.

The Heaven realm that was akin to a god in the continent of the Nine Provinces was even weaker than an ant in front of him. It could be seen how big of a difference there was between the realms.

After Chu Feng gave the order of death, the mysterious man slaughtered. Any living beings that he felt would be mercilessly killed by him.

The Evil Spirits got stronger and stronger, and even at the later stages, what appeared was no longer an Evil Spirit, but organic huge beasts, and guardians condensed by Spirit Formations.

On the road, not only was Chu Feng amazed by the arrangements and the imprisonment of powerful existences, he was also amazed at the vastness of the Emperor Tomb. It was simply an inestimably huge underground world.

At the same time, Chu Feng also rejoiced hiddenly. Although he didn’t see any treasures on the road and only saw places that protected treasures, he saw a lot of Spirit Formation Essence. An extremely large amount. From a small puddle to a large puddle. Slowly, Spirit Formation Essence was everywhere, and it could definitely allow Chu Feng to break through again.

“Strange. Many of the barriers here have clearly been destroyed, so why are the Evil Spirits and guardians here not running everywhere and are orderly guarding?” On the forwarding road, Chu Feng felt confused when he saw that scene.

“Very simple. Deterrence.” Eggy’s sweet voice suddenly rang out.

“Deterrence? What do you mean?” Chu Feng was puzzled.

“When a person reaches a certain degree in strength, in reality, there is no need to set up too many restrictions. With a single sentence, a single command, it can bind an exceptional expert for his entire life.”

“Putting aside others, let’s say the person under you. He’s so powerful, yet he listens to your orders. For what? Because of you?” Eggy said while smiling

“So it’s like that.” At that instant, Chu Feng came to a realization.

The reason why the mysterious man listened to him was likely because of his father. It was Chu Feng’s father who bound the mysterious man.

And the reason why the Evil Spirits and guardians in this place were so orderly and obedient was definitely because of the master of the Emperor Tomb. It was the master of the Emperor Tomb who made them afraid. It was the master of the Emperor Tomb who made them not dare to go against his orders, even if he already disappeared for almost ten thousand years.

After that, they continued forward. Powerful and horrifying guardians appeared in front of Chu Feng one after the other.

When every single one appeared, it would cause Chu Feng’s heart to jump out of his chest because they were really too strong. So strong that Chu Feng had to be afraid because purely the atmosphere they gave off affected Chu Feng

But they could do nothing as even if they were more horrifying, more powerful, they were all heartlessly killed by the mysterious man. Not a single one of them was able to block a single of the man’s strike, and not a single was able to take his so-called Raging Flames of the Burning Heaven.