Chapter 529 - Change in the Emperor Tomb

MGA: Chapter 529 - Change in the Emperor Tomb

“What? You said me?” Chu Feng’s pupils shrunk and his eyes couldn’t help faintly enlarging. Within his slightly widened mouth, it clearly showed his current bewilderedness and shock.

“Heh, not only me, everyone in my Jiang Dynasty, including the future generation, has have their bloodline strengthened because of you.” Jiang Wushang continued to say smilingly.

“Chu Feng, Wushang is correct. This time you really have unintentionally helped my Jiang Dynasty greatly.” The old ancestor of the Jiang Dynasty also said with a face full of light smiles, and his gaze was full of gratitude.

“This… What exactly is happening? Can someone explain it to me?” Chu Feng was both shocked and curious. He swept his appealing gaze over the crowd. He truly wanted to know what actually happened.

“Chu Feng, it’s like this...” Seeing that, the Azure Dragon Founder first stroked his beard, lightly smiled, then detailedly narrated the process of what happened to Chu Feng.

And Chu Feng also finally learned why they were so happy, and why the people from the Jiang Dynasty were so grateful towards him.

So, it seemed like when he made his breakthrough, borrowing the power of the Eighteen Golden Dragon Abnormality Formation, it strengthened the Jiang Dynasty members’ bloodline.

After knowing the process, Chu Feng was also very happy. He was happy not only because the Jiang Dynasty became stronger, but the greater reason why he was happy was because he was able to activate eighteen pillars of light. That made him more confident, and he had more confidence in fighting against the so-called Immortal Execution Archipelago.

On that night, the Jiang Dynasty set up a huge banquet and celebrated with the entire clan. Everyone then knew that it was Chu Feng who made the Jiang Dynasty’s legend appear, causing their bloodlines to strengthen.

With that, the people who were already grateful towards Chu Feng became even more grateful, and the people who idolized Chu Feng went even more insane, and as for the people who adored Chu Feng, their feelings were even clearer.

It had to be said that Chu Feng became a person who did great things for the Jiang Dynasty. A true benefactor. Not only did he save the Jiang Dynasty, he even sent the Jiang Dynasty onto a road of rising in power.

That event was personally written, by the Jiang Dynasty’s old ancestor, into the Jiang clan’s genealogy book. He wanted to let the future generation remember the great kindness and benevolence Chu Feng had shown the Jiang Dynasty.

After shortly resting in the Jiang Dynasty for a few days, Chu Feng and the others returned to the Azure Dragon School.

And when the people from the Azure Dragon School learned that the founder of the Azure Dragon School, the Azure Dragon Founder, was still not dead, people up and down the Azure Dragon School were elated and the entire Azure Dragon School was brimming with excitement.

After all, the Azure Dragon Founder’s name was really too well-known. He was simply a legend passed down in the continent of the Nine Provinces. The strongest person to sweep through the continent a thousand years ago. That was absolutely not a joke.

At present, the strongest person who swept through the continent a thousand years ago was actually still living. How could the disciples of the Azure Dragon School not be excited?

Not only was Chu Feng, the genius, there to fortify the school’s position, currently, they even had the Azure Dragon Founder regain control over the school. The school was clearly going to become invincible in the continent of the Nine Provinces, and as disciples of the Azure Dragon School, they were extremely honored.

Very soon, the news of the Azure Dragon Founder still being alive as well as that he was going to regain control over the school spread throughout the entire continent of the Nine Provinces. It had to be said that the news shocked the Nine Provinces once again.

Almost everyone felt that the Azure Dragon School was going to rise in power, and was unable to be stopped. Perhaps it would even surpass the Jiang Dynasty. After all, the Azure Dragon Founder a thousand years ago was already that strong, let alone a thousand years later.

In reality, it was also indeed like that. After a thousand years of time, the Azure Dragon Founder already had a very deep understanding of the journey of martial cultivation, and more or less, felt an opportunity to become a Martial Lord.

So, the first thing he did after returning to the Azure Dragon School was announcing to the world that he, the Azure Dragon Founder, was still alive, and was going to regrasp the position of school head.

The second thing was that he was going to do closed-door cultivation. He prepared to charge towards the Martial Lord realm. It wasn’t his first attempt in his life, and even he himself forgot how many times he attempted.

However, this attempt was his most confident attempt.

It had to be said that the news of the Azure Dragon Founder still being in this world affected everyone in the continent of the Nine Provinces, and once again, caused characters of many places in the Nine Provinces to come forward and join the Azure Dragon School.

Even some martial cultivation seniors who hid from the world walked out from the mountains and forests they lived in and went towards the Azure Dragon School, wanting to seek a position of guest elder in the Azure Dragon School.

And other than that news, there was another that also spread throughout the continent of the Nine Provinces very quickly. It was that the dynasties which ruled over three continents came to attack the Jiang Dynasty.

But they ended in defeat. With the assistance of the Azure Dragon School and the World Spirit Guild, the Jiang Dynasty protected their territory and also proved their strength to the world’s people.

When that information was known, powers such as the Jie clan, Yuangang School and Fire God School were frightful and terrified.

After all, when the Jiang Dynasty needed help the most, it had sent out an appeal to them. However, at that time, they chose to refuse.

Currently, the Jiang Dynasty was completely safe, and moreover, was their enemy.

They themselves also knew what awaited them. So, they prepared to secretly slip away and leave the continent of the Nine Provinces.

However, before they left, the Jiang Dynasty’s troops had arrived at those powers and gave them their deserved lesson.

The Jiang Dynasty did not completely eradicate them, but only killed some leaders, and thoroughly controlled those powers.

From then on, although the Jie clan, Yuangang School, Fire God School, Free and Unrestrained Valley, and Hidden White Sect still existed, in reality, they existed only in name as they became the Jiang Dynasty’s political puppets.

On this day, quite a period of time had passed since the Jiang Dynasty was in danger, and Chu Feng suddenly mentioned a matter to the Monstrous Monkey King.

“What? You want to return to the Vermilion Bird Mountain Range and enter the Emperor Tomb again?!” A hint of shock emerged onto the Monstrous Monkey King’s face.

“Change has happened in the Emperor Tomb. The entrances in the White Tiger Mountain Range and Black Tortoise Mountain Range has all been closed. Even in my Azure Dragon Mountain Range’s Thousand Bone Graveyard, only the place that my ancestor built is left behind. The area of Anti-Demon Symbols is completely gone, as if they had never appeared.”

“Right now, only the Vermilion Bird Mountain Range’s entrance is still open and if I want to enter the Emperor Tomb, I can only enter it from there.” Chu Feng said. Ever since coming back to the Azure Province, he brought the mysterious man to check the three other entrances.

He thought that since the Azure Dragon Founder was able to meet the Ice and Fire Pearls at the Azure Dragon Mountain Range’s entrance, it meant that other entrances also had unordinary treasures.

Although the black-clothed old man looted all the treasures at the Vermilion Bird Mountain Range’s entrance, he shouldn’t have known about the three other entrances so Chu Feng’s first thought was to get some benefits from the three other entrances.

However, what he never would have thought of was that the other three entrances were actually closed, as if they never even appeared. There weren’t any traces left behind, and only the entrance to the Vermilion Bird Mountain Range remained.