Chapter 528 - Great Kindness and Benevolence

MGA: Chapter 528 - Great Kindness and Benevolence

When the phenomenon of the eighteen golden dragons appeared, the Jiang Dynasty’s bloodline, also truly like the legend, received an increase in strength.

That caused the Jiang Dynasty members to be ecstatic because that had extraordinary importance to them. Not only did it represent the strengthening in everyone’s aptitude, it also meant that the entire Jiang Dynasty was going to rise greatly in power.

And as the people from the Jiang Dynasty were submerged in the joy of their bloodlines explosively increasing in strength, within the inner part of the Eighteen Golden Dragon Abnormality Formation, another phenomenon appeared.


Within the vast underground palace, three types of lighting, golden, blue, and purple, became innumerable tiny lightning snakes and filled all places in the large palace. They endlessly wandered around, and at the same time, emanated horrifying aura that could destroy the heaven and earth.

Suddenly, the lightings of three colours started to, within the buzzing, rush towards the middle of the underground palace. Moreover, they quickly merged into one.

And after the horrifying lightning completely disappeared, a figure also came into view in the underground palace’s center. He had thick brows, big eyes, was handsome, brave, and extraordinary. He was exactly Chu Feng.

At that instant, within his eyes, there were three types of lightning interweaving, and when the three types of lightning coiled and shaped, Chu Feng’s atmosphere was already completely different.

The 1st level of the Heaven realm. Chu Feng had already successfully stepped into the Heaven realm, but on his current face, it was not all joy. There was a hint of regret.

“A bit. It fell short just a bit.”

“I felt that just now, I seemed to be able to control the power of the lightning, and I also felt how horrifying they were. If they could truly be used by me, it’s likely that with only the power of the lightning, there’s no one in the Heaven realm that can fight against me.” Chu Feng tightly clenched both of his eyes, and very regretfully said.

“Just leave it Chu Feng. Some things do not come by forcefully taking them. If it’s yours, it’s yours. If it’s not yours, you can’t do anything about it.”

“But this Divine Lightning is clearly yours, so I believe in you. Sooner or later, its power will be obtained by you, and you will then be able to use it.”

“Do not be unhappy because of these things. Right now, you have already successfully broke into the Heaven realm, and you even succeeded with one attempt. Since your comprehension power is so high, you should be happy instead.” Eggy sweetly smiled and said.

“Mm. Eggy, you’re correct. The power of this lightning seems to be getting active as my cultivation gets stronger. Even if it doesn’t automatically submit to me, if I study it day and night, there will be a day that I force them out from my blood, and I will then control them.”

It had to be said that Eggy’s consultation had quite a bit of an effect, but obviously, Chu Feng still had huge confidence in himself.

Before, when the third lightning, the purple-coloured lightning, came out of his dantian and merged into his blood, it was as if the three lightning went out of control, and surged out of his body at the same time.

At that instant, Chu Feng was able to clearly feel horrifying power from the three types of lightning. As to how horrifying the power was, it was a lot more horrifying than an expert in the 9th level of the Heaven realm using their strongest attack from a Elite Armament.

So, only because of that could Chu Feng determine if the power of the lightning could be used by him, with the lightning power, there shouldn’t be anyone in the Heaven realm who could defeat him.

Moreover, even though the three lightnings still returned to Chu Feng’s body at the end, he discovered that currently, he could sense the lightning clearer.

Eventually, one day, he would fully understand the obscurity of the lightning, and at that time, he believed he could use his unique power.

With Chu Feng current strength, he already had the ability to create martial skills, but he didn’t do that because along his growth in cultivation, he discovered even more that the road of martial cultivation was vast and without end.

So, he knew that he was still too weak. Pitifully weak. So, he wasn’t going to create some martial skills at a time when he was still so weak.

Because, if he were to create a martial skill, it would have to be a very strong martial skill. He had never thought of creating a martial skill that was very strong in a beginner’s eyes, but like trash in an expert’s eyes.

So, before that, he would only learn the martial skills of seniors and absorb their experiences. By doing that, one day, he would create a martial skill that belonged to him, and it would definitely not only be a single type.

Every single type would be able to shock the heavens and shift the earth. They would amaze the world’s people, and one of them would definitely be related to the obscure meaning of his body’s lightning.

*rumble rumble rumble rumble rumble*

Just as Chu Feng was immersed in many future fantasies, the entrance to the underground palace was suddenly opened. Focusing and looking over, he saw a large group of people densely surging in.

Those people, no matter male, female, old, or young, all wore a smile that was like a flower blossoming, and their smiles were shining. Furthermore, within their smiles, other than joy, there was also a special feeling.

Those people were exactly the Azure Dragon Founder, Monstrous Monkey King, Zhang Tianyi, and the people from the Jiang Dynasty.

“Chu Feng, I have indeed not been mistaken when I had my eyes on you. However, you have far surpassed my expectations. I must say that you’ve given me a huge surprise!” The Azure Dragon Founder was the first to walk over. With a face full of relief, he patted Chu Feng’s shoulder. It could be seen that he was truly very happy.

“Haha, Chu Feng, you didn’t disappoint me and given me face” Quickly after, the Monstrous Monkey King also walked over with a face full of smiles, showing its teeth. Its smile was much exaggerated, and even a bit frightening, but that showed its current excitement even more.

And after those two people walked over, the Jiang Dynasty crowd, with the old ancestor leading, walked over orderly.

Suddenly, the Jiang Dynasty’s old ancestor knelt onto the ground. Simultaneously, all of the Jiang Dynasty members knelt down in-sync, and kowtowed to Chu Feng.

An incomparably loud voice that came from their hearts resonated throughout the underground palace, “We Jiang clan members kowtow to Chu Feng as gratitude for his great kindness and benevolence. The help you gave my Jiang Dynasty will be engraved in all of my Jiang Dynasty’s successors, eternally remembered.”

“Senior Jiang, what are you doing?!”

“Everyone, quickly rise! What are you doing?!”

Chu Feng couldn’t help but be taken aback by that scene. Not knowing what to do was written all over his face, then he hurriedly went up to first help the Jiang Dynasty’s old ancestor up.

“Big Brother Chu Feng, this time, you’ve truly helped my Jiang Dynasty greatly!” Jiang Wushang walked over, and as he spoke, the area in between his brows changed, and a golden, dazzling “royal” character appeared on his forehead. At the same time, layers of faint radiance covered his body.

“Brother Wushang, your bloodline power is many times stronger again! Congratulations!” Chu Feng was a Blue-cloak World Spiritist, so naturally, he felt Jiang Wushang’s bloodline power’s increase in strength. Although he didn’t know what was happening, he still felt happy for him.

“Big Brother Chu Feng, this is all because of you! You made my bloodline power stronger!” Jiang Wushang smiled and said.