Chapter 527 - Golden Dragon in the Sky

MGA: Chapter 527 - Golden Dragon in the Sky

“I truly look forward to how many pillars of light Junior Chu Feng will activate.” Hearing the Jiang Dynasty emperor’s explanation on the Eighteen Golden Dragon Phenomenon Formation, Zhang Tianyi’s gaze seemed to yearn more and more.

“With Brother Chu Feng’s talent, I believe it will not be difficult for him to surpass my eight pillars of light.” Jiang Wushang lightly smiled and said.

“Of course. My brother’s talent is extremely powerful. I’m guessing if he wants to break through, it is completely reasonable for him to activate ten pillars of light.” The Monstrous Monkey King opened his mouth and had a face full of smug. It could be seen that as Chu Feng’s big brother, he was also very proud.

“Chu Feng’s talent is indeed extraordinary, and all of us do not doubt this point.”

“Forgive my direct words, but the Heaven realm isn’t that easy to break into. From what I know, this is the first time Chu Feng is attempting to break into the Heaven realm.”

“And the chance to successfully make a breakthrough the first time is almost zero. At least, I have never heard of anyone who succeeded breaking into the Heaven realm on their first try.” Just at that time, Jiang Hengyuan calmly spoke.

After hearing his words, many people who had a good relationship with Chu Feng couldn’t help slightly furrowing their brows and cast displeased gazes.

However, although Jiang Hengyuan’s words was a bit inappropriate currently, it was indeed reasonable.

The Heaven realm was a very difficult barrier. Many people had to attempt countless times in order to succeed, and it could be said those able to succeed after dozens of times were already people with extremely good aptitude. After all, even Zi Ling, the Divine Body, needed over ten times in order to succeed. Succeeding with one attempt was indeed unheard of by anyone.

“Will we be unable to witness the instant Chu Feng breaks into the Heaven realm? To be honest, I truly want to see how many pillars of light he can activate when he breaks through.” A dynasty expert said with slight regret.

In reality, the ones feeling regret was not only him. Everyone felt regret, but even so, no one left that place, and without shifting their gazes, they stared at the Eighteen Golden Dragon Phenomenon Formation.

And that one wait was a good half a day. Chu Feng entered at noon, and at present, the sun had already descended in the west. The curved moon first appeared, and the night was engulfing the entire world bit by bit.

“It is already dark, so I urge everyone to have a meal first, then rest early. After all, even if Chu Feng makes a breakthrough, it is impossible for it to be this quick.” Suddenly, the Jiang Dynasty’s emperor spoke to urge.

He already prepared a banquet to welcome the crowd, but he could do nothing as no one wanted to miss the moment Chu Feng makes a breakthrough. From start to finish, they kept on waiting. Up until now, none of them had eaten.

“Breaking into the Heaven realm is a very long process. Even if Chu Feng truly hopes to succeed during the first attempt, it will require at least a few days of time.”

“I will have people watching here. If Chu Feng truly breaks into the Heaven realm, I will immediately notify everyone.” The old ancestor of the Jiang Dynasty also urged with a light smile.

And hearing him say it like that, even though they were unwilling to, they did prepare to leave. After all, the Jiang Dynasty’s old ancestor and emperor were correct. Breaking into the Heaven realm was that hard, so how would it be possible for Chu Feng to make a breakthrough that quickly? Them waiting here would only be wasting time.


But just at that moment, a muffled sound suddenly rang out. Quickly following that was dazzling light that came behind the crowd.

Turning their heads to look, everyone was greatly shocked because they astonishedly discovered that at the edge of the formation, an incomparably bright golden pillar of light charged into the sky, straight through the clouds.

“He broke through?” At that instant, everyone’s faces changed greatly and they were endlessly shocked.

Because, a pillar of light like that already represented everything. It was that Chu Feng broke through. Not only did he break through during his first attempt, he even broke through in under a day of time.

*hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm...*

Quickly after, pillar after pillar of thick light rose into the sky and straight into the clouds. With only a blink, there were ten pillars of light erected in front of everyone’s eyes.

At that instant, everyone was dumbstruck. Their faces were written full of the word “shock” because right now, the pillars of light still charging into the sky were continuing. The ten pillars of light was absolutely not the final number.

Eleven. Thirteen. Fifteen. Eighteen. As the crowd watched, a total of eighteen pillars rose into the clouds, erected under the night sky, in between the heaven and earth.

“Heavens! Eighteen! A total of eighteen pillars of light? Chu Feng actually activated eighteen pillars of light?!” They were thoroughly dumbfounded. Especially the people from the Jiang Dynasty. As they looked at the eighteen dazzling golden pillars of light, it was simply like a dream.

It was because there was a legend in the Jiang Dynasty. As long as there was someone able to activate eighteen pillars of light, the bloodlines of everyone from their Jiang Dynasty would be strengthened.

And at present, the scene from the legends appeared just like that in front of them. That truly made them feel elated and didn’t know what to do. They were actually unable to accept that immediately, and even didn’t believe it was true.


But just as everyone was submerged in shock, within the eighteen pillars of light, a deafening dragon’s roar actually resounded.

And when they were awakened by that dragon roar, they discovered that the eighteen pillars of light were actually changing. They originally pierced through the sky, but currently, with the sky as the center, they were shrinking extremely quickly.

When the pillars of light shrunk to a certain degree, special curves actually appeared. It was a dragon. The eighteen pillars of light became eighteen golden dragons.


The eighteen golden dragons had devastating golden radiance and unordinary atmospheres. They were flying in the air, circling around the Jiang Dynasty in the sky.

At that moment, it was already dark. So, the radiance that the eighteen golden dragons gave off was especially dazzling, and actually lit up the entire Jiang Dynasty.

In that situation, all of the members of the Jiang Dynasty were stunned. As they looked at the eighteen golden dragons in the air, they were endlessly excited. Some people even knelt and kowtowed.

Because, they all thought of the legend spread in the Jiang Dynasty. When the phenomenon occurs with eighteen dragons coiling around in the air, it’s their Jiang Dynasty’s moment of transformation.


Just as everyone up and down the Jiang Dynasty were submerged in the dream-like joy, the eighteen golden dragons longly roared, then exploded, becoming golden specks. Like raindrops, within bursts of special sounds, they sprinkled down.

“Why is this happening?!” Seeing the golden specks that filled the sky, the people from the Jiang Dynasty were shocked, and their originally incomparably excited faces were instantly replaced by a hint of panic. The eighteen golden dragons shattered. To them, it was not a good omen.

“Wait!” But after the golden specks floated downwards, they did not merge into the earth, but started to merge into the bodies of all the Jiang clan members.

At that instant, the faces of the people from the Jiang Dynasty greatly changed again. A type of indescribable excitement and joy surged onto their faces because they could clearly feel it.

At that moment, the blood in their bodies was boiling. It was burning. The bloodline power that they uniquely had was actually constantly strengthening!

The legend that circulated in the Jiang Dynasty was true!