Chapter 526 - Eighteen Golden Dragon Phenomenon Formation

MGA: Chapter 526 - Eighteen Golden Dragon Phenomenon Formation

Of the three groups of people, Chu Feng was the quickest to return. After all, he, who had the mysterious man following him, no matter if it was speed or strength, could be said to be peerless.

And in less than a few days, the Azure Dragon Founder also returned. He, who had the Azure Dragon Dashing Technique, although his cultivation was far inferior to the mysterious man’s, his speed was still extremely fast.

The slowest were the people from the Jiang Dynasty. Although the emperor led a group of experts and personally went, regardless of strength, or speed, they were a huge chunk weaker than the mysterious man and the Azure Dragon Founder.

But generally speaking, all three groups had extremely great harvests, but sadly, although there was a lot of wealth, the scope of which they included was too broad.

Real cultivation resources only occupied a third of the wealth. A large portion of the remaining wealth were Elite Armaments, precious treasures, and things like those.

And as Chu Feng wanted to rush into the Heaven realm, he proposed a request. It was to take the Elite Armaments and treasures and things like those to exchange for the Azure Dragon Founder’s and the Jiang Dynasty emperor’s cultivation resources

To that proposal, the Azure Dragon Founder and the Jiang Dynasty’s emperor agreed, but they didn’t take Chu Feng’s things. They only, without condition, gave all of their cultivation resources to Chu Feng.

Facing such actions by the Jiang Dynasty’s emperor and the Azure Dragon Founder, Chu Feng didn’t say much. He could only hold gratefulness in his heart and remember the kindness that the two of them showed him.

And as Chu Feng brought a large amount of cultivation resources and was going to close himself to the world, preparing to cultivate them, people in the same generation such as Zhang Tianyi, Jiang Wushang, and Jiang Yini gathered with Chu Feng for a short while.

“Brother Chu Feng, although I wasn’t able the witness the scene of that day, but just by hearing my sister’s narration, my passion boiled.”

“Before, I only knew that you were powerful, but I didn’t think you would be stronger than me. Today, I now know that you are this much stronger than me.”

“In my life, I have never truly admired anyone, but now, I really admire you to death. No matter what, as a member of the dynasty, I still have to thank you for your kindness, saving the tens of thousands of my clan members’ lives.”

Jiang Wushang’s heavy injuries were starting to recover, and he seemed extremely spirited. However, his gaze was examining more at the mysterious man next to Chu Feng because he had also heard of his strong power.

“Brother Wushang, there is no need to be so polite with how we are.” Chu Feng lightly smiled and said.

“Chu Feng, I’ve heard that you want to cultivate in seclusion in order to break into the Heaven realm. The Heaven realm isn’t easy to break into, and at first, I had to attempt dozens of times in order to succeed.” Jiang Yini warmly said.

“Yeah. Junior Chu Feng, the Heaven realm is indeed very difficult because this is a huge barrier. The former I only broke through after twenty attempts.” Zhang Tianyi also spoke.

“Brother Tianyi, you actually needed only twenty attempts? I needed a good thirty times before succeeding.” Hearing that Zhang Tianyi successfully broke through with only twenty times, Jiang Wushang was a bit shocked.

To their words, Chu Feng could only lightly smile. Back then, when Zi Ling was by Chu Feng’s side, he had personally seen her charge into the Heaven realm.

It was indeed very difficult to break into the Heaven realm. First, one needed to do ample preparation. Not only body-wise, but also mentally-wise. Only after doing that could one attempt, and that one attempt would often be a very long time. If it was short, several days; if it was long, over a dozen days, and even several months.

Furthermore, after failing once, one would lose a portion of the Profound power they accumulated before. Their body would also be injured a bit, and they would require a period of time before being able to continue making the breakthrough.

To sum it up, breaking into the Heaven realm was very difficult. Even with Zi Ling’s talent of a Divine Body, she only succeeded after attempting over ten times back and forth, so Chu Feng also knew how huge the hurdle that he was going to face was.

He could not fail because the Profound power he accumulated could not be lost. The amount was really too huge.

If he let Jiang Wushang and Jiang Yini know that the price for breaking into the 1st level of the Heaven realm was a dynasty’s wealth over several thousand years of accumulation, he had no clue how they would feel.

Chu Feng longly chatted with Jiang Yini, Jiang Wushang, and Zhang Tianyi while toasting.

Within the long chatting, perhaps more or less, he gained the experience of their breakthroughs. However, Chu Feng also didn’t know whether their experiences would be useful to him or not. After all, he was completely different from them three.

Using several days of time to organize himself and after restoring his body to its peak state, Chu Feng handed the mysterious man to the Azure Dragon Founder and started to cultivate in isolation in the Jiang Dynasty’s special historical area of seclusion.

There was a lot to that area of seclusion. It was a place only the emperors, princesses, princes, or people in the dynasty who had done meritorious deeds could do closed-door cultivation.

And that place had a very long history. Moreover, it had special effects, and that place was called the Eighteen Golden Dragon Phenomenon Formation.

After Chu Feng entered, the Azure Dragon Founder, Monstrous Monkey King, Jiang Dynasty’s emperor, the dynasty’s old ancestor who had awakened from his heavy injuries, dynasty experts such as Jiang Hengyuan, as well as Zhang Tianyi, Jiang Wushang, Jiang Yini, and the other people in the dynasty’s young generation, gathered on the top of a tall tower.

Because, at that place, they could clearly see the Eighteen Golden Dragon Phenomenon Formation that Chu Feng was cultivating in seclusion in.

“I’ve heard that there’s a lot to the Jiang Dynasty’s Eighteen Golden Dragon Phenomenon Formation. However, I wonder what’s special about it?” The Monstrous Monkey King could not see the specialness when looking at the flat-surfaced and circular stage, so it asked curiously.

“Senior Monkey King, my clan’s Eighteen Golden Dragon Phenomenon Formation was created based off of the dynasty’s peerless Secret Skill. It is connected to my Jiang Dynasty’s bloodline.”

“The area of cultivation is built underground, but after successfully making a breakthrough, undulations appear on the surface. Especially after someone breaks into the Heaven realm, there will be pillars of light charging into the sky from inside the circular stage.”

“And the more pillars of light there are, it means that the person has stronger potential and talent.” Speaking to that point, the Jiang Dynasty’s old ancestor couldn’t help but cast his gaze towards the Azure Dragon Founder on the side and said smilingly, “I’ve heard when Senior Azure Dragon broke into the Heaven realm, he was also in this Eighteen Golden Dragon Phenomenon Formation, and at that time, an unprecedented seven pillars of light were activated.”

“That powerful?!” Hearing those words, everyone couldn’t help but exclaim and the gaze they looked at the Azure Dragon Founder with became complicated. Because, of the people there, many broke into the Heaven realm in the Eighteen Golden Dragon Phenomenon Formation so they deeply knew what seven pillars of light represented.

“Hoh, there was indeed something like that.” Facing the crowd’s gazes of somewhat admiration, the Azure Dragon Founder stroked his beard and pleasedly nodded his head.

“Senior Azure Dragon is indeed impressive, but this record has been broken by my young brother. When he broke through, he activated eight pillars of light!” Just at that time, Jiang Yini spoke.

“Oh?” Hearing those words, the Azure Dragon Founder’s expression couldn’t help changing as he looked at Jiang Wushang, but very soon, his suspicion became confirmation.

He discovered that this brat was truly not simple. He was indeed a lot more powerful than his own younger times, and of the people in the young generation on scene, only Zhang Tianyi could be compared to him.

“Then, why is this place called the Eighteen Golden Dragon Phenomenon Formation?” Suddenly, Zhang Tianyi curiously asked.

“Ho… That’s because in the legends, it said that once someone can activate the eighteen pillars of light, the light becomes eighteen golden dragons. They would coil around in the air, showing a phenomenon.”

“At that time, the effects would not be just that. All of the inherited bloodlines of my Jiang Dynasty would also become stronger.”

“However, it is only a legend.” Speaking to that point, the Jiang Dynasty’s old ancestor first helplessly sighed, then looked at Jiang Wushang and said, “Because, up until now, the eight pillars of light Wushang activated is already the highest amount. From that, it can be seen how hard it is to activate all eighteen pillars of light.”