Chapter 525 - Looting Wealth

MGA: Chapter 525 - Looting Wealth


Suddenly, thunder-like cheers came from the Jiang Dynasty. Many young people in the Jiang Dynasty, and even some middle-aged people, excitedly cheered.

They were really too moved. When a person was in a realm of absolute death and thought they would undoubtedly die, yet discovered that they weren’t dead, and also wouldn’t die, that feeling was simply as if they were reborn. It was truly hard to not be moved by that, and there were even some people whose faces were full of tears from emotion as they loudly sobbed.

At the same time they cheered, many people didn’t forget casting their gazes to the sky, looking at their emperor, many lords, as well as the smiling and chatting young man.

Although they didn’t say it, in their hearts, they already deeply remembered that young man. It was he who saved their Jiang Dynasty.

“I never would have thought that the person who saved my Jiang Dynasty at the end would truly be him.” Jiang Yini looked at Chu Feng, who was chatting with her father, in the air. Her pair of beautiful eyes unendingly glittered, full of unspeakable emotions.

And other than Jiang Yini, many people in the Jiang Dynasty’s young generation had very clear emotions. Not only were they grateful to Chu Feng, they admired him.

Even for some young females, their beautiful eyes showed some of their hearts being moved. They already thoroughly admired Chu Feng because of his outstanding appearance.

But they could only hide those thoughts at the bottom of their hearts because they had personally seen Chu Feng’s power. Even though they had unordinary births by having Royal Bloodlines, in front of such an excellent young man, it was hard to avoid feeling that they weren’t sufficient themselves and felt that they weren’t worthy of Chu Feng. So, they had to turn their hearts’ feeling into pure admiration.

“Chu Feng, this time, it was truly all thanks to you. I express gratitude for everyone in my clan.” Suddenly, the emperor of the Jiang Dynasty bowed deeply to Chu Feng.

“Thank you, Chu Feng, for saving our Jiang Dynasty!”

At the same time, all of the experts behind the Jiang Dynasty's emperor directly half-knelt in the air and clasped their hands towards Chu Feng. Looking downwards, the several tens of thousands of Jiang clan members, no matter male, female, old, or young, actually all knelt down, and expressed their thanks to Chu Feng with faces full of sincerity.

If it was before, even if Chu Feng saved their Jiang Dynasty, with their pride, they would only thank Chu Feng, but would absolutely not kneel down to Chu Feng.

But it was different now. Because of the exchanges between Chu Feng and the horrifying man, who they had personally seen and personally heard, they already roughly knew some things.

Chu Feng’s background was absolutely not as simple as it was on the surface. He should have an even stronger shield behind him. He had a powerful father, as for how powerful his father was?

So powerful that the horrifying man, who could destroy the heavens and the earth, feared him extremely. Facing Chu Feng who had such support, they didn’t dare to be disrespectful.

“Ahh, milord, don’t say it like that. Seniors, please quickly rise!” Seeing that, Chu Feng felt a bit embarrassed. So, he hurriedly went up to stop them and then said to the Jiang Dynasty’s emperor, “I, Chu Feng, am a person from the continent of the Nine Provinces. Helping the Nine Provinces drive away enemies is originally a part of my duty.”

“Besides, I have a good relationship with your son and daughter. Regardless, it’s something that I should do.”

Facing Chu Feng who was like that, the Jiang Dynasty’s emperor no longer remained overly courteous and invited Chu Feng, the Azure Dragon Founder, and the others, into the Jiang Dynasty’s still existing vast palaces for resting.

The danger to the Jiang Dynasty also dissolved just like that, and Chu Feng also became the hero who saved the Jiang Dynasty.

But things didn't end just like that. After dissolving the danger, the Jiang Dynasty's emperor hurriedly called all the experts to an area and started an emergency meeting.

Not only were the Jiang Dynasty’s peak experts in that meeting, there was also the Azure Dragon Founder, the Monstrous Monkey King, as well as Chu Feng and even the mysterious man.

However, that mysterious man could no longer be described with “terrifying” right now. Because, currently he was sitting by Chu Feng’s side and with large bites, he was munching pig feet and eating mutton. At that instant, he wasn’t even close to being horrifying. Even if you hit his face, he wouldn’t even pay attention to you. So, describing him as “mad” and “foodie” would fit more closely.

“Senior Azure Dragon, Chu Feng.”

“The Liu clan, Ji clan, and Zhao clan can be said to have moved their strongest forces to attack my Jiang Dynasty.”

“Right now, their battle power is already near destroyed, so it means that the three dynasties are like empty cities right now, and will break with a single attack!”

“Speaking honestly, I am not interested in the continents their three clans control, but their three clans have come to the east of this world at the same time as my Jiang clan. In these several thousand years, they should have accumulated quite a bit of wealth.”

“If the three clan’s wealth all gets sold, it is not hard for it to be turned into three hundred thousand Heaven beads. I believe that everyone here is very interested in these three hundred thousand heaven beads.”

“So, we should take this chance, split up into three groups, attack the three dynasties, and take away the wealth in their clans.”

“And I’ll say this in advance. Since the reason why my Jiang Dynasty has been able to survive this time is all due to Chu Feng, my Jiang Dynasty will not have a single cent of the three clans’ wealth. All of it can split between Chu Feng and Senior Azure Dragon.” The emperor of the Jiang Dynasty lightly smiled and said.

“Milord, this isn’t too good right? After all, this time, your Jiang Dynasty has suffered greatly as well, so you need resources to reimburse your losses.” Although Chu Feng was very moved by the three hundred thousand Heaven beads, he really didn’t feel good benefiting from them alone.

“Chu Feng is correct. We have the resources from the three clans for taking anyway. I can represent the Azure Dragon School to go to the Zhao Dynasty, Chu Feng will go to the Ji Dynasty, and your Jiang Dynasty will go to the Liu Dynasty.”

“As for how much is obtained, that’ll depend on the heavens, but no matter how much is taken, it belongs to the collector.” The Azure Dragon Founder lightly smiled and said.

“He is correct. I feel that we can follow his method.” Chu Feng also expressed approval.

“Since it is like so, my Jiang Dynasty is also willing to follow Senior Azure Dragon’s suggestion.” Hearing that, it wasn’t really good for the emperor of the Jiang Dynasty to push the suggestion away so he could only nod his head.

Quickly after, the Jiang Dynasty led a group of people forward to the Liu Dynasty.

The Azure Dragon Founder himself went forward to the Zhao Dynasty.

As for Chu Feng, he went with the mysterious man and headed towards the Ji Dynasty.

The goal of their journey was very simple. It wasn’t to completely kill the three clans, but to seize all of their wealth.

Without peak experts nor wealth and resources as support, it would be difficult for the three clans to rise in power. Without even needing Chu Feng and the others to attack, other enemies would “throw stones down the well” [1] and completely eradicate them.

And everything was exactly how the Jiang Dynasty’s emperor predicted. The three clans sent out their peak experts for the attack, and the three clans were already like empty cities.

Although they had powerful Protection Formations, without the support of powerful experts, the formation was the same as void, and were easily destroyed by the troops from the three sides.

As for the three clans’ wealth, as they could not even guard their dynasties, how could they guard their wealth? Naturally, they were all easily plundered.

It had to be said that despite the continent of the Nine Provinces losing quite a few powerful people, the wealth they looted from the three clans was enough to recompense for everything.