Chapter 524 - The Great Enemy Has Been Eradicated

MGA: Chapter 524 - The Great Enemy Has Been Eradicated

The raging, intense flames were like fierce beasts. They covered the sky and the ground at that area, and burned without restraint.

In only an instant, the people from the two clans were consumed by the flames. They melted, were burnt into ashes, and there wasn’t even any residue left behind.

“So powerful. The horrifying oceans of fires were indeed left behind by him!” Looking at the endlessly changing intense flames rolling and surging around him, Chu Feng muttered to himself.

Although he was inside the golden Spirit Formation and could not be affected by the flames at all, just by looking at the atmosphere, he could see how horrifying the flame were, and flames like those made him think of the two oceans of fire in the Azure Province.

One was in the desolate desert, the other was at the Plum Flower School. The oceans of fire at both places were extremely terrifying. Cultivators were unable to approach them, and they were both viewed as forbidden areas.

At that time, Chu Feng had suspected if those horrifying oceans of fire were manmade, was it possible they were created by this terrifying man?

Back then, he only guessed, but today, he confirmed that fact.

“Ayaya, a waste. Simply too wasteful. So many Heaven realms! So many Heaven realm Source energy, and there are even two in the 9th level of the Heaven realm! Yet they died just like that. At least leave a complete corpse for me to refine all the Source energy!”

However, just at that time, Eggy skipped and jumped while loudly yelling with a face full of sorrow. Although currently, Source energy in the Heaven realm might not allow her to make more breakthroughs, to her, they were still extremely enticing.

Facing that situation, Chu Feng could only bitterly smile. Although the terrifying man listened to his words up until now, after all, his mind was confused. Chu Feng could not control many things, for example, the power of his attacks.

But at present, to Chu Feng, he wasn’t too concerned about those small losses. He felt that as long as he could continue to control that man, he would be satisfied.

It was because the Azure Dragon Founder said that he possibly wasn’t a Martial Lord, but a Martial King.

As long as he imagined having a Martial King expert as a henchmen next to him, it made Chu Feng have a feeling of safety that he never had before.

“These flames are too terrifying, and they will harm the innocent. Are you able to retract them?” Chu Feng asked the man.

“The Raging Flames of the Burning Heaven comes from my body. They are born as I desire, and extinguished as I desire. If I want them gone, naturally, they will be gone.”

The terrifying man’s gaze flashed, and the flames around him were like tide as they surged towards his body. With only a blink, the horrifying flames actually all disappeared.

But looking back at the ground, it was already made into a mess. The earth was pitch-black, giving out steaming heat, and even the air twisted.

After that, Chu Feng was not in a rush to bring the man back to the Jiang Dynasty. Since the imminent danger was dissolved anyway, and the Monstrous Monkey King and the Azure Dragon Founder were there to hold the fort, on the Jiang Dynasty’s side, no accidents should happen.

And because of the unstable factor of the man, Chu Feng needed to further control and understand him.

So, with special methods, Chu Feng started to question the man. He wanted to more deeply understand man in order to better know himself.

But for some unknown reason, the man’s awareness was very muddled. It was as if his memory was being bound by someone, and actually didn’t know what he himself was called, nor did he know where he came from, let alone know who Chu Feng’s father was and where Chu Feng came from.

He only remembered some fragmented sections, and he roped those sections together, which formed a mission: he had to protect Chu Feng. If something bad were to happen to him, a disaster would come his own way.

When Chu Feng deeply questioned, the man acted as if he felt extreme horror and actually started to spur out nonsense. Moreover, he lost his current terrifying cultivation, and returned to his insane and stupid state, and simply did not recognize Chu Feng.

At first, Chu Feng was a bit worried, but he did not panic since he seemed to gradually grasp the method to make him recover his strength.

That method was to make a move on his forehead’s scar. That place was his weak spot. As long as he touched that place, the man would recover his strength.

And the reality was indeed like so. When Chu Feng grasped what was appropriate and after touching the scar on the man’s forehead, he actually recover his strength. Moreover, he was incomparably furious, and forgot who Chu Feng was again.

But luckily, Chu Feng grasped the man’s current weak spot. Very quickly, he made the man submissive to himself again, but the thing Chu Feng could do nothing about was every time he asked a question deeply regarding his own father, he would sink into extreme fear again, so Chu Feng just flat out stopped asking.

He knew that with the man’s current state, he could absolutely not rush things through if he wanted to know about his identity. He should slowly advance and understand the man bit by bit. Only understanding a lot about him, could he awaken his memories.

And after feeling that he could thoroughly control the man, or at least prevent him from going on a rampage by killing innocents, Chu Feng brought him back to the Jiang Dynasty.

Currently, the people from the Jiang Dynasty were still submerged within fearful hearts and extreme uneasiness. It was because everything that happened before was simply like a dream.

It made them feel that everything was so unrealistic. Especially when they recalled that such a horrifying, powerful person appeared in the continent of the Nine Provinces, and that he also followed every word Chu Feng said, as if he was Chu Feng’s servant.

As long as they recalled that, even up until now, they still felt disbelief, and it was exactly that disbelief that made them unable to be sure whether the danger was truly gone or not.

So, at that very instant, they were waiting for a person, and it was Chu Feng. It was because Chu Feng already became a crucial character regarding their Jiang Dynasty’s survival. Chu Feng was able to bring them the answer of whether the danger was dissolved or not.

“Look, Chu Feng has come back!”

“That’s true! Chu Feng has returned! Milord, Chu Feng has returned!” Suddenly, someone pointed to the south and loudly yelled, being incomparably excited.

At that instant, those who were in the Heaven realm all rose into the sky and cast their gazes towards the south. After seeing Chu Feng really bring a blank-faced man back and was speedily returning, they couldn’t help but rejoice.

“Chu Feng, how is it?”

“Chu Feng, where’s the Ji Dynasty and Liu Dynasty? Have you caught up to them?” The Jiang Dynasty’s emperor as well as a group of experts such as Jiang Hengyuan welcomed him first.

Seeing their nervous expressions, Chu Feng lightly smiled, then said, “The Ji Dynasty’s old ancestor, the Liu Dynasty’s old ancestor, as well as their people who entered the continent of the Nine Provinces, have eternally disappeared from this world. The great enemy of the Nine Provinces has been eradicated.”

“Chu Feng, are your words true?!” At that instant, the crowd of the Jiang Dynasty were all surprisedly joyed, but they also slightly didn’t dare to believe it.

“Absolutely true.” Chu Feng firmly nodded his head.

“This is great, this is great! This is really great!”

At that instant, a hint of relief, as well as indescribable excitement, emerged onto the face of the Jiang Dynasty’s emperor. Moreover, he continuously said three “greats” because he could really not control himself from the excitement.

And other than him, almost everyone else on scene was the same.