Chapter 535 - Huangfu Haoyue

MGA: Chapter 535 - Huangfu Haoyue


“So close.”

Seeing that everything returned to its starting state, Chu Feng couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief because the master of the Emperor Tomb didn’t seem to be a bloodthirsty person. He didn’t choose to kill Chu Feng and the others, and rather, decided to give them a path of living.

And as long as he recalled the horrifying scene just now, Chu Feng had that feeling of “surviving after a calamity”. If a single Emperor Might was already so powerful, how terrifying would a Martial Emperor be?

Chu Feng was truly unable to imagine how terrifying a Martial Emperor’s true strength would be. Perhaps a part of the world would be destroyed by him.

At that instant, Chu Feng finally understood the danger of the Emperor Tomb. Even with the mysterious man opening the path he was unable to pass through, so there was no need to mention himself. It had to be said that the treasures within the Emperor Tomb were really not so easily gained.


However, just as Chu Feng felt that the danger was already gone, the mysterious man hugged his head with his hands, faced up, and roared. Also, as he roared, he loudly said, “Where am I from? Where am I from? Where am I from?!”

His voice was extremely loud. It was like ten thousand simultaneous claps of thunder, rumbling and exploding. At the same time, the red-coloured scars all over his body became extremely bright.

But his tone was filled with fear, and very clearly, he was frightened. He was frightened by the Emperor Might, and frightened to the point he could not control his own emotions.


“Where am I from? Where am I from?!”

The mysterious man’s howl became louder and louder, and it also became more and more fearful. He even started to hammer his own head, tear his own hair, and no matter how Chu Feng yelled, he did not pay attention.

“This is not good.”

The mysterious man’s change caused Chu Feng to feel uneasiness because he felt that the mysterious man really seemed to have went insane, as if he was possessed. If that continued, he would die.

“You are from the Eastern Sea Region, your name is Huangfu Haoyue, and you are the Burning Heaven Church’s forty-second Holy Son!”

But just as Chu Feng was out of methods and didn’t know what to do, the black-clothed old man imprisoned in the Four Symbols Binding Formation suddenly spoke.

And after hearing the black-clothed old man’s words, the mysterious man’s expression actually changed, then he muttered to himself, “Eastern Sea Region? Huangfu Haoyue? Burning Heaven Church? Forty-second Holy Son?”

At that very instant, not only did the mysterious man’s face change, in only an instant, over a hundred expressions appeared. No one knew what he was thinking about.


Suddenly, the mysterious man leaped, and flew towards the direction that they came from. However, he did not stop in front of Chu Feng again.

His speed was really too fast. Chu Feng only felt a burst of strong wind brushing past him, and as he watched, the man disappeared in the distance.

“Dammit!” Seeing that, Chu Feng couldn’t help loudly cursing. The mysterious man actually abandoned himself and ran off alone.

If he could find him in the future, then it was fine; but if he could not, that meant he lost a Martial King henchman! At present, he went back to being alone.

His dream of bringing a Martial King henchman into the Eastern Sea Region was clearly going to be shattered like that.

However, Chu Feng was not too dispirited because of that. Instead, a hint of hidden joy emerged into his eyes, then he moved, and flew up to the Four Symbols Binding Formation that the black-clothed old man was in.

Because, just now, since the old man knew the man’s name and place of origin, clearly, he recognized the mysterious man.

And since the black-clothed old man knew the mysterious man, would he know his own father as well, and know his background? No matter if he knew or not, Chu Feng had to ask once.

At that instant, he originally wanted to descent, but he discovered that there was a layer of pressure around the Four Symbols Binding Formation, and with his strength, he was simply unable to lower himself to the deeper parts.

So, he could only stay in the air and ask the black-clothed old man, “Senior, you recognize that man?!”

“Of course I recognize him. The only Holy Son in the history of the Burning Heaven Church who surpassed the Pope before inheriting the position of Pope! Huangfu Haoyue! How can I not recognize him?”

“However, brat, how did you get yourself related to him? Looking at his appearance, his mind seems to be muddled, but before, he seemed to listen to your words quite closely. What exactly is your relationship?” The black-clothed old man smiled and asked.

But at the same time, his pair of old fox-like eyes were tightly staring at Chu Feng, seemingly trying to see through Chu Feng’s upcoming lie.

Chu Feng was not close to the old man, so naturally he wouldn’t tell him the relationship between him and the mysterious man. So, he feigned a bitter smile, “To be honest, before I met him, I truly didn’t know he was that powerful because he of that time didn’t have any martial cultivation aura, and was a normal person.”

“I noticed he was being beaten up by people on the street, and seeing that he was pitiful, I gave him some money and food. But who would have thought he chose to only eat the food and not take the money. Furthermore, he kept on following me.”

“I was afraid he would be bullied by others again, so I kept him next to me. That continued until one day, I met a strong enemy and almost lost my life, but in the moment where everything was hanging by a thread, he suddenly faced the sky and roared, instantly killing my enemy.”

“However, his cultivation was fully shown and it was as though they were two different people. He had overwhelming strength, something that I never seen before”

“Seeing that he was so strong, I wanted to borrow his power to open this Emperor Tomb, but I don’t understand his identity at all. Senior, I wonder if you can reveal a bit more to me?”

“Hehe, you brat, your luck is truly not bad, but sadly, you cannot pass that Emperor Door. As for the other treasures outside of the Emperor Door, they have all been taken into my pocket. This journey of yours? Hehe, it is truly the so-called ‘drawing water with a bamboo basket, gaining nothing’ and ‘losing on two levels’.” The black-clothed old man did not reply to Chu Feng’s question, and smugly smiled, seeming to be teasing Chu Feng.

“Senior, if you feel it is inconvenient, it doesn’t matter if you don’t say it. In the future, when I go to the Eastern Sea Region, I will naturally know everything.”

“As for truly earning nothing by coming to this place, that may not be so.” Seeing that, Chu Feng no longer asked deeper and cast his gaze towards the area in front of the Four Symbols Binding Formation.

At that place, there was a pond. The water in the pond glittered with a faint lustre, and was very strange and special.

After Chu Feng came above the pond, without saying anything, he leaped, and rushed in. Quickly after, he opened his mouth and actually started to madly swallow the pond water.

“Brat, what are you doing? You don’t want your life?!”

“I only didn’t tell you things about that Huangfu Haoyue. You don’t need to take that so hard!”

“Stop drinking, quickly come up! I’ll tell you okay?”

Seeing Chu Feng’s action, the black-clothed old man’s face changed greatly and was not lightly frightened because it was not ordinary water within the pond, but Spirit Formation Essence that was viewed as a taboo material.

Spirit Formation Essence contained berserk power, and if one touched it, it would cause some damage to their body. But if it was directly consumed, that was simply suicidal.