Chapter 521 - King of the World

MGA: Chapter 521 - King of the World

“Ancestor, can you defeat this person?” Seeing that the middle-aged man already had overflowing fury and was very possibly going to start massacring soon, Chu Feng could only cast his gaze towards the Azure Dragon Founder above him. After all, in a moment like this, the Azure Dragon Founder was the only existence able to fight against the middle-aged man.

But the Azure Dragon Founder at that moment was staring at the middle-aged man with tightly knitted brows. At the end, he helplessly said, “The strength of this person is unfathomably deep. I am absolutely unable to defeat him.”

“What? Even the Azure Dragon Founder is unable to defeat him?”

“How is that possible? If he’s even stronger than the Azure Dragon Founder, what realm is he in?”

“Could it be? This person is a Martial Lord expert?” And after hearing the Azure Dragon Founder’s words, the people on scene had faces full of fear, and were endlessly afraid.

Even though they felt terrifying danger from the middle-aged man, he did not emanate any shocking might. So, in a situation where they were with the Azure Dragon Founder, even though they were afraid, they were not too worried.

But at that instant, when the Azure Dragon Founder said that even he wasn’t able to defeat the man, they became completely afraid. If even the Azure Dragon Founder wasn’t able to defeat him, wouldn’t a disaster truly head their way today?


Suddenly, an ear-piercing howl rang out in the sky. However, it wasn’t a howl, but the sound of wind.

In the sky, with the middle-aged man as the core, layers of frenzied wind power became pale-white berserk gas. They crossed over one another, surrounded the man, and endlessly swirled.

When the wind power appeared, the sky sank into chaos. The air disintegrated, everything went pitch-dark, and what could be seen was only the crazy wind, and the man inside the crazy wind.

At that very instant, the man’s robes swayed left and right, his hair fluttered everywhere, his eyes sprayed fire as he looked down at the ground.

Finally, he spoke. His voice was loud and clear, and every single word was like thunder as he fiercely shouted, “Those who follow me, I grant riches and power.”

“Those who go against me, kill kill kill!”


After the last word resounded, the world instantly shook, the sky collapsed, and the originally clear sky and bright day immediately became chaotic.

At that instant, the sky became blurry. The only thing that could be seen was the middle-aged man in the air, and the only thing that could be felt was endless killing intent.

“Heavens! How can there be such a terrifying person in this world? Is this even the power of a man?”

“This person is too horrifying. Who in the world is he?!”

Seeing everything that was happening in front of their eyes, everyone’s panic rose to the peak. With a raise of a hand, the sky was changed and the earth was swapped. When had they ever seen such power?

It simply surpassed their range of understanding, surpassed the limits of humanity. It was already not something humans could do, and he seemed more like a god.

Although the middle-aged man didn’t start massacring, everyone’s despair reached the extreme because they knew if that person wanted to kill them, they absolutely had no chance of escaping. Even the world could be destroyed by him, let alone them petty living organisms?

“The strength of this person does not belong in the Martial Lord realm. He should be a Martial King.”

“I never would have thought soon after I revived, I would meet such an exceptional expert. I have no regrets before dying.” At that instant, the Azure Dragon Founder’s tightly furrowed brows suddenly relaxed, and replacing it was a hint of relief.

He had felt the strong power of the middle-aged man. So powerful that even he was powerless to fight against him because in front of that man, even if it was him, he was as puny as an ant. Even a casual breath from him could turn him into dust.

The man stood on air, and was like a king who ruled the world, and their lives were also grasped within the hands of that king.

“This will not do. I can’t die just like this. I can’t die by his hands, and even more so, I can’t let these people die by his hands.”

At that instant, Chu Feng also felt the threat of death, but he was unwilling to die. So, he leaped, and actually flew towards the middle-aged man.

“Chu Feng, what are you doing? Quickly come back!”

Although the world was already muddled, many people on scene spread their Spirit power out, so they were able to feel Chu Feng currently flying towards the middle-aged man.

To Chu Feng’s actions, everyone broke out in a cold sweat for him because that man was really too horrifying. By flying over like that, wasn’t Chu Feng looking to die?

But they thought back at the words the man said, and looking at the situation around them, they were at ease again. Since death was to both the left and right, why did they need to worry?

And just at that moment, Chu Feng already flew high into the air. He was less than a thousand meters away from him, but he had the wild wind as protection, so Chu Feng had no way of approaching.

So, Chu Feng yelled his throat out, and hysterically howled, “I am Chu Feng! You want to kill me?!”

Chu Feng was wagering his life because he knew that the man seemed to have the mission of protecting him, and associating it with the scene when he first met the man, Chu Feng firmly believed that he still had a trace of reason. So, perhaps his name, his appearance, could awaken that trace of reason.

“Chu Feng? Who’s Chu Feng?”

“And who are you?” After hearing Chu Feng’s words, the middle-aged man’s expression actually went blank, then quickly after, he cast his gaze towards Chu Feng.

“What? You don’t even recognize me? You’ve forgotten your duty? Could it be that you’ve forgotten your mission?” Seeing that he was looking at himself, Chu Feng put on an act of being extremely domineering, like he could not be compared to anyone, and as if he was the master of that man.

“It’s… It’s you?!”

However, what made Chu Feng rejoice surprisingly was after he saw Chu Feng’s appearance, his eyes that originally spat fire actually became incomparable terrified immediately. His body, which was filled with killing intent, was actually trembling.

In merely an instant, the chaotic world started to change. It soon returned to its former bright day, and at that instant, everyone could clearly see everything in front of them.

“This… What is happening?”

Seeing the situation in the air, everyone couldn’t help but be shocked because they astonishedly discovered that Chu Feng was approaching the male one step at a time. The man who previously even had an unordinary atmosphere was actually half-kneeling in the air currently. He hugged his head with both of his hands and muttered to himself, as if he was very afraid of Chu Feng.

“No! Don’t kill me! No matter what you want me to do, I’ll agree! Don’t kill me!” The man was first hugging his head and muttering to himself, but after he discovered Chu Feng came near, he actually started to kowtow with his hands clasped and held forward in front of him.

At that instant, the already endlessly shocked people were thoroughly stupefied. What exactly was the damn situation? The expert, who was so strong he could change the heavens and earth, was actually begging for forgiveness from Chu Feng?

“Is it possible that this man knows Chu Feng?”

At that moment, the eyes of the Azure Dragon Founder, the Jiang Dynasty’s emperor, and the others, all lit up. They thought about the words Chu Feng said before, then looking back at the man’s current reaction, they could only think of one conclusion.

It was that the man, who was so god-like powerful, definitely knew Chu Feng!