Chapter 522 - Natural Disaster Creator

MGA: Chapter 522 - Natural Disaster Creator

At that very instant, the several tens of thousands of Jiang Dynasty members observed with raised eyes, looking at the scene in the sky.

All of them were dumbstruck. Their eyes were widened, their tongues were tied, and on all their faces, all sorts of stunned expressions were clearly shown.

Chu Feng knew that horrifying man? What relationship did the two of them have? Looking at the man’s appearance, he seemed to be afraid of Chu Feng. Did the man reach the extremities of insanity, or were there truly some things hidden from sight?

People kept on imagining all kinds of circumstances, but no matter what they guessed, they could not be sure of their relationship. So, they could only stare at the two people in the air because over there, perhaps they would obtain the answer they desired.

“Forgive me! I know my wrongs! I shouldn’t have intruded into your territory, I shouldn’t have disturbed your peace!”

“I’m begging you, give me one more chance, please let me live! No matter what you want me to do, I’ll agree!”

The middle-aged man with horrifying strength half-knelt in the air and endlessly kowtowed to Chu Feng. Occasionally, he would secretly shoot Chu Feng a glance, but every time, after seeing Chu Feng, his expression would become even more fearful, and even his body would start trembling.

Seeing that, Chu Feng was endlessly shocked. Since he wasn’t an idiot, linking it to the things Chu Yuan told him regarding this man, and looking back at his current appearance, Chu Feng already guessed the gist of it.

That man shouldn’t be a member of his family. He should have done something wrong, or offended some person.

And that person had the strength to kill the man and had the spirit to make him fear, but he didn’t kill him. He should have gave him a chance to continue living, and that chance was a mission. To protect Chu Feng.

As for who that person was, in Chu Feng’s current heart, naturally, he had an idea. If his guess held, then that person would definitely be his father.

Because, when that man saw Chu Feng’s appearance and became so scared, it meant that it wasn’t Chu Feng he feared, but a person who looked similar to Chu Feng. And the person who looked similar to Chu Feng could only be Chu Feng’s biological father.

But at present, Chu Feng didn’t have time to think that much. What he wanted to do the most was to grab onto the terrifying man’s weakness. He had to control him.

“Do you remember the mission I gave you?” Suddenly, Chu Feng asked.

“Mission?” Hearing those words, the man was first taken aback, then quickly after, hurriedly nodded and said, “I remember. You wanted me to protect a child.”

“What is that child called?” Chu Feng closely asked.

“Called what? Called...called...” The man’s expression glittered and he flustered a bit, but after thinking for a while, his complexion was finally like “pushing away the clouds in the sky”, turned from panic to joy, and said, “Called Chu Feng. You said that this child must be called Chu Feng, and could not be called any other name.”

“Then, have you always protected this child?” Chu Feng continued asking closely.

“I, I...” Hearing those words, the man completely panicked. Incomparable fear emerged instantly on his face that just turned to joy. He quickly kowtowed to Chu Feng once again and begged, “Have mercy, have mercy!”

“Hmph. You actually dare to be so undutiful to the mission my father gave you. Are you not afraid that he will be angered and kill you?” Chu Feng coldly shouted. He was abnormally domineering, as if the horrifying man in front of his eyes was truly his own servant.

“Father? You, you are?” Hearing those words, the fear on the man’s face eased slightly, but the gaze he looked at Chu Feng with was still full of fright.

“I am Chu Feng, the person you should be protecting.”

“But you are really too irrresponsible. Not only did you not follow your promise by staying by my side and protecting me, you even helped my enemy to attack me?!” Chu Feng fiercely shouted.

“Enemy? Where? I will kill him, kill him!” Hearing the word “enemy”, two lumps of flames instantly appeared again within the middle-aged man’s eyes. The horrifying killing intent from before reemerged but this time, it was clearly not directed at Chu Feng and the others.

“Carry me forward. I will bring you to slaughter them.” Chu Feng said with a commanding tone.

“As you wish!” And to Chu Feng’s words, not only did the terrifying man not disobey in the slightest, rather, he was incomparably revering.

As he spoke, he willed. A layer of dazzling golden radiance appeared on his forehead. Then, instantly, it enveloped Chu Feng, and after it enveloped Chu Feng, the golden radiance changed for a while, and actually became a golden chair.

The chair was extremely delicate. There were even pictures of dragons and phoenixes engraved on it, and they were very beautiful. The most important thing was that the golden radiance emitted a feeling of indestructibility. It was a Spirit Formation.

“Gold-cloak World Spiritist?!” Chu Feng hiddenly sighed in surprise. He only knew that the man’s battle power was horrifying, but he didn’t expect that he was also a World Spiritist, and even a Gold-cloak World Spiritist.

To be able to casually condense such a delicate chair with Spirit Formation power, it could be seen how strong he grasped that ability.

Moreover, he even did that in a muddled state. If his mind was clear, Chu Feng truly didn’t dare to imagine how terrifying he would be at that time.

“Listen to my order, head south.” But sighing in surprise was sighing in surprise. Chu Feng still had to act out an appearance of being the master. He sat on the golden dazzling chair and pointed towards the direction where the Ji Dynasty’s old ancestors and the others left at.

“As you wish!” After Chu Feng gave the command, the man didn’t delay as well. As he spoke, he turned around, and like light, flew towards the southern horizon.

“So quick!” At that instant, Chu Feng only felt the scenery around him become a blur, as he was currently flying speedily past his surroundings. He had to focus on everything that blurred past him in order to clearly see everything in front, in order to determine the direction.

At the same time, south of the Jiang Dynasty, the Ji Dynasty’s old ancestor and the Liu Dynasty’s old ancestor were leading the troops from the two clans and flying in the air.

After a while of flying, they had already passed several plains, several forests, and several mountain ranges.

“That’s almost good.” Analyzing the distance he flew, the Ji Dynasty’s old ancestor suddenly stopped, then loudly said, “Stop!”

And with his order, the people from the two clans also stopped their movement in turn and stopped in mid-air.

“What is that secret weapon? Even we need to escape this far?” The Liu Dynasty’s old ancestor asked puzzledly. He was really curious what exactly the secret weapon was.

“This weapon is not simple. You should have heard of the natural disaster that occurred a while ago in the Morning Han Continent right?” The Ji Dynasty’s old ancestor smilingly asked.

“You’re talking about the huge fire that came from the sky and covered many mountain ranges?” Mentioning that matter, the gaze of the Liu Dynasty’s old ancestor instantly changed, and his expression became odd.

It was because he knew a lot about that matter. He knew that in the Morning Han Continent, which the Ji Dynasty ruled, there were three powerful sects stationed within its vastest mountain range.

However, recently, an abnormal huge fire suddenly appeared in that vast mountain range. Everyone from the three sects died.

The most important thing was that the huge fire didn’t burn off of the trees in the forests. Because, to powerful cultivators, it was very difficult for normal flames to harm them.

Yet not only did the huge fire kill all life within the mountain range, it was even still burning currently. That area already became a forbidden area, and no one could step in because those who neared the flames, no matter how powerful their cultivation was, would get completely melted regardless.

So, that horrifying huge fire was seen as a natural disaster.

And seeing the Liu Dynasty old ancestor’s strange expression, the Ji Dynasty's old ancestor smugly smiled, and said, “My secret weapon is that natural disaster’s creator.”