Chapter 520 - Middle-Aged Man

MGA: Chapter 520 - Middle-Aged Man

“Senior Azure Dragon, that old thing is truly looking to die. Why not go give him a lesson right now?” Hearing the mad loud laughter coming from the Ji Dynasty’s old ancestor afar, the Monstrous Monkey King was the first to be unable to accept it. He knew that if the Azure Dragon Founder wanted to kill the Ji Dynasty’s old ancestor, it was only a matter of flicking his finger. So, that was why he asked the Azure Dragon Founder to make his move.

“Wait, that chariot is too strange.” However, the Azure Dragon Founder didn’t pay attention to the Ji Dynasty’s old ancestor who was escaping, but locked his gaze dead on the chariot.

And after hearing his words, everyone noticed the chariot that stopped in mid-air, and couldn’t help locking their gazes onto the small-scale palace above the chariot as well.


Finally, the door to the small-scale palace opened. At that instant, everyone’s heartbeat couldn’t help racing a bit faster, and their gazes also became extremely serious.

However, what they didn’t expect was that after the palace door was opened, it was actually an old man who walked out.

That old man’s age was too high. If he wasn’t eighty, he was ninety, but his cultivation wasn’t too strong, being only in the 1st level of the Heaven realm.

However, after the old man walked out, only then did everyone discover that he was pulling a person out with his hand. It was a middle-aged man.

The man wore gorgeous clothing and had a large stature. Black hair went straight to his heel, fluttered with the wind, and he was elegant and unordinary.

Moreover, his thick brows and big eyes looked very handsome and brave. However, a middle-aged man like him who had such an unordinary appearance didn’t have the slightest bit of cultivation.

Not only did he not have cultivation, even his mental state didn’t seem to be too clear. At that moment, despite already walking in front of the chariot, he didn’t even look straight at the crowd.

With dull eyes and a face filled with an idiotic smile, he munched the two roasted chicken in his hands. He ate like a wolf swallowing and tiger gulping, and was in extreme joy, as if he hadn’t eaten in a hundred years.

“This isn’t it right? What kind of joke is this? Just an old man like him, and an idiot, is his so-called secret weapon?”

“Indeed, it was just for scaring people. The Ji Dynasty’s old ancestor is truly funny. Hahaha...”

When they carefully examined the two people at the front of the chariot, their originally tense hearts all calmed. Moreover, they started to loudly laugh mockingly.

Because, from them, it could be said that they didn’t feel the slightest bit of threat. The old man was only in the 1st level of the Heaven realm. Too many people on scene could easily kill him.

As for the middle-aged man, although he had an unordinary and handsome appearance, he was clearly an idiot. Furthermore, an idiot without cultivation, so most people didn’t put the two of them in their eyes.

“That person looks very familiar.” However, as the crowd relaxed, Chu Feng became even more uneasy.

Because, when the two of them appeared, Chu Feng concentration fully onto the middle-aged man. For some reason, he felt that the man was a bit familiar, yet he couldn’t remember where he saw him.

At the same time, the Azure Dragon Founder also carefully examined the middle-aged man. Although he didn’t discover any inklings, his gaze was also filled with alert, always feeling that the middle-aged man was not simple.

Suddenly, the old man made his move. He didn’t attack the people from the Jiang Dynasty, but extended his hand towards the middle-aged man next to him, and used his hand to brush the long hair on his forehead to the side.

“This is bad! Ancestor, quickly stop that old man, do not let him touch his forehead!” At that instant, Chu Feng’s pupils shrunk, his face changed greatly, and he hurriedly loudly yelled.

Because, when the middle-aged man’s long hair above his forehead was pushed to the side, Chu Feng understood everything.

On the forehead of the man, he saw a scar. A scar that was vivid, lifelike, and like flames. Chu Feng had seen that scar before. He had seen it on the forehead of a beggar.

And back then, Chu Feng almost got killed because he touched the scar on the beggar’s forehead.

At that instant, Chu Feng finally knew why the man looked so familiar. It was because he was the beggar from back then. The man who carried Chu Feng to the Chu family, and instructed Chu Yuan, telling him that he must raise Chu Feng.

Chu Feng always wanted to see him again, because even though he knew that his mind was muddled, after all, he was his only hope in knowing where he came from.

But currently, seeing him again, Chu Feng did not feel any joy. What he had was only endless fear because he knew how terrifying that man was after being enraged. If he truly exploded, it was likely that the entire Jiang Dynasty would be flattened by him.

“Stop!” Although he didn’t know why Chu Feng was that nervous, the Azure Dragon Founder still felt that something was wrong so he explosively yelled, flicked his fly whisk, and instantly, berserk power engulfed outwards. With light-like speed, it pressed towards the old man and the middle-aged man.

The Azure Dragon Founder’s strike was not only for stopping the old man’s action. It was to completely destroy the old man and the middle-aged man, including the chariot.


It had to be said that the Azure Dragon Founder’s strength was indeed very powerful. Almost in the moment the old man’s palm was going to touch the man’s forehead scar, his attack arrived.

After the deafening explosion, the area that the chariot was at instantly became chaos. Layers and layers of wild ripples kept on surging everywhere.

Not only did it cause more and more cracks to form in the air, even the continuous structures on the ground were shattered from the shock. The Azure Dragon Founder’s strike was too fierce, and even some people from the Jiang Dynasty were dragged in by that, dying within.

But that more greatly showed the Azure Dragon Founder’s nervousness. He did indeed feel danger from the middle-aged man, and was also aware that the old man’s action was dangerous.

So, that was why he didn’t restrain himself on that strike and harmed some innocent people because in the instant just now, he only wanted to stop the old man’s action and remove two uneasy, hidden troubles. He simply didn’t consider the safety of the people underneath the chariot.


But just as the layers of ripples were spreading, suddenly, a wild hurricane swept over. The hurricane was really too intense. It actually engulfed the horrifying ripple instantly.

And very quickly, the hurricane also disappeared. At that instant, the almost shattered sky returned to silence once again. Simultaneously, a figure also came into view, appearing in the crowd’s line of sight.

At that instant, the middle-aged man stood on air. His long hair fluttered, and his eyes no longer had their lifelessness from before. Replacing them were two endlessly rising flames of fury.

The eyes that were filled with flames of fury were really too terrifying. So terrifying that with a single glance, from deep inside one’s heart, strong fear spread outwards, engulfing their entire body.

“Crap. Although his strike successfully killed the old man, and even left nothing behind from killing the several Monstrous Beasts and the chariot, it also thoroughly stirred up this person’s anger.” At that instant, Chu Feng tightly frowned because he had seen how horrifying that person was in his mad times, and he had also heard, from Chu Yuan, how horrifying the strength that person grasped was.

That very instant was when his strength was fully shown. In his psychotic state, they were likely going to be facing a disaster.