Chapter 519 - Secret Weapon

MGA: Chapter 519 - Secret Weapon

“Azure Dragon Founder?”

Hearing that name, a large commotion was instantly created within the crowd. Everyone examined the azure-robed old man on the dragon head again.

Even the people from the Ji Dynasty and Liu Dynasty slightly frowned, and their eyes lit up.

It was because the name “Azure Dragon Founder” was really too famous. So famous that not only the continent of the Nine Provinces, even the several continents surrounding it heard of that name.

Especially some with higher positions, they knew that the Azure Dragon Founder was a legend in the continent of the Nine Provinces. The strongest person a thousand years ago in the Nine Provinces, an expert who almost stepped into the Martial Lord realm.

“You said you’re the Azure Dragon Founder?” The Ji Dynasty’s old ancestor tightly frowned, and with an extremely solemn gaze, he examined the Azure Dragon Founder.

“That’s right. I am the Azure Dragon Founder.” He lightly smiled. There were not many emotional changes on his face. Like the light wind and faint clouds, his expression was serene.

“What a joke. The Azure Dragon Founder is a character one thousand years ago. Although your cultivation is similar to his, you are only taking his name to scare us. If you are truly the Azure Dragon Founder, haven’t you lived for a thousand years?” The Liu Dynasty’s old ancestor spoke with a face of distrust. Completely, he felt that the Azure Dragon Founder was lying.

“Haha, the azure dragon that made my name is under my feet right now, yet you actually don’t believe I’m the Azure Dragon Founder?”

“Whatever, whatever. If you believe me, fine; if you don’t believe me, that’s fine as well. All of you are people who will die soon anyway.” Suddenly, the Azure Dragon Founder flung the fly whisk in his hand, causing the surrounding space to change. Then, a layer of boundless Heaven power shot out, and with powerful might, pressed towards the old ancestors of the Ji Dynasty and Liu Dynasty.

“Such strong power!”

At that instant, the two old ancestors were able to feel the power of the Azure Dragon Founder’s single strike. So, they didn’t dare to delay, and both revolved the Heaven power in their bodies and made extremely powerful counterattacks.

“Ji Clan Heaven Flipping Palm!”

“Liu Clan Heaven Ruling Fist!”

One fist and one palm were thrown out at the same time. Instantly, the entire world trembled, the weather changed, and quite some might was created. It was because those two martial skills were rank 7 martial skills.

Rank 7 martial skills were already extremely powerful martial skills, and when two experts in the 9th level of the Heaven realm used them, the might was naturally unstoppable.

*boom* Finally, the two rank 7 martial skills interweaved with the Heaven power that the Azure Dragon Founder sent out. But after an explosion, the attacks of the Ji Dynasty’s old ancestor and the Liu Dynasty’s old ancestor were shattered, but the might of the attack that the Azure Dragon Founder sent out did not diminish, continuing to press towards the two old ancestors.

“This!” Seeing that scene, the two old ancestors’ expressions changed greatly. They hurriedly caused radiance to flash in their palms as they took out their Mastered Elite Armaments. Quickly after, human and weapon combined into one, they explosively yelled, and made extremely horrifying blades of light.


Two blades of light streaked through the air, making ear-piercing sounds. Even sparks were made by the friction through the air, and even the sky and earth could not hold back such vast might.

*boom* Another huge explosion, and the sky and earth trembled once again. But this time, the two blades of light successfully canceled out the Heaven power sent by the Azure Dragon Founder.

But at that instant, looking back at the Azure Dragon Founder and the faces of the two old ancestors, they were completely different.

A light smile was still worn on the Azure Dragon Founder’s face, like the gentleness of the wind and the faintness of the clouds, it was not diminished, nor should it have been. On the other hand, the two old ancestors had deathly-white faces, foreheads full of sweat, and within their aged eyes, fear and uneasiness glittered.

Even the people on scene widened their mouths from amazement because the attack that the Azure Dragon Founder sent out just now was clearly an extremely casual attack.

Yet such a casual attack had to be dissolved by the two old ancestors using their rank 7 martial skills once as well as the strongest slice from their Mastered Elite Armaments.

Although they were both in the 9th level of the Heaven realm, the difference in battle power was too big. Those who had eyes could tell who was the strong one and who was the weak within the three people.

“He’s too strong. Strength like this simply infinitely approaches the Martial Lord realm! This is a true expert who nears the Martial lord realm, and it’s likely with just a tiny bit more, he will become a Martial Lord!” Jiang Hengyuan and many other dynasty experts said with faces full of shock.

“He’s the Azure Dragon Founder. He is, indeed, the Azure Dragon Founder who swept through the continent of the Nine Provinces a thousand years ago and even my Jiang Dynasty’s old ancestor was weaker than him.” Suddenly, the Jiang Dynasty’s emperor spoke. Although, back then, he was heavily injured, after ten days of healing, he already recovered quite a bit.

“What? Milord, you said he’s the Azure Dragon Founder? Truly, the Azure Dragon Founder? But hasn’t the Azure Dragon Founder died for a thousand years already?” Hearing the emperor’s words, the already shocked faces of the people from the Jiang Dynasty instantly became more shocked.

“There’s no mistake. Look carefully. What’s under his feet isn’t a martial skill, it’s a Secret Skill, and the Azure Dragon Dashing Technique is the unique skill that made him famous! So, he is definitely the Azure Dragon Founder.” The emperor explained.

“Everyone, don’t doubt anymore. He is indeed my Azure Dragon School’s founder, the Azure Dragon Founder. My school’s old ancestor has not died yet.” Just at that time, Chu Feng spoke.

“Heavens!” And after Chu Feng spoke, the expressions of everyone on scene changed greatly. Their shocked state were simply indescribable with words. As Chu Feng was a part of the Azure Dragon School, the words he spoke were absolutely trustable.

The strongest person a thousand years ago in the continent of the Nine Provinces was still alive. That news was really too astonishing. People could simply not accept that fact immediately, so everyone was dumbfounded.

“Quickly retreat!” Just at that time, the Ji Dynasty’s old ancestor suddenly yelled loudly, then he turned around and speedily escaped afar.

“Dammit!” At the same time, although the Liu Dynasty’s old ancestor was unwilling to, he hurriedly turned around and escaped towards the distance.

Seeing that even the two old ancestors escaped, naturally, the experts from the two clans didn’t dare to dally. All of them used their strongest bodily martial skills and quickly escaped, deeply afraid they would die by the hands of the terrifying Azure Dragon Founder if they ran slow.


Seeing the crowd of people who were left behind and escaping, the Azure Dragon Founder only lightly smiled. Although he didn’t chase after them, the killing intent in his eyes couldn’t help becoming a bit stronger.

The Azure Dragon Founder wouldn’t let them leave alive, but he was in no rush to chase after them. If he, who had the Secret Skill, the Azure Dragon Dashing Technique, wanted to chase, not a single person from the two clans could escape his palm.

“Wait!” But suddenly, the Azure Dragon Founder’s expression changed because he discovered that of the troops of the two clans, no matter if it was the dynasty’s clan members or the World Spirits brought by them or the Monstrous Beasts, all of them already escaped.

But there was a chariot pulled by several Monstrous Beasts that stopped in the air. On that chariot, there was a small-scale palace. He used his Spirit power to examine it, but he discovered that there was a Spirit Formation laid outside of the palace, so the inside was undetectable.

Moreover, the several Monstrous Beasts who pulled the chariot had sinister faces and their bodies were twisted, but they could only stay where they were. On their bodies, purple-coloured symbols and brilliance endlessly flashed.

What it meant was that, it wasn’t that they didn’t want to escape, but that they were unable to escape because on their bodies, a Restriction Spirit Formation was added, binding them in the air.

“Senior Azure Dragon, something’s off with that chariot.” At the same time, the Monstrous Monkey King also discovered the inklings.


Just at that moment, a burst of mad laughter suddenly rang out from the distance. The sound was deafening, and simply like the claps of thunder. It was the laughter of the Ji Dynasty’s old ancestor. He laughed extremely strangely, extremely insanely.

Only after laughing for a good while did he say, “I never would have thought that the grand Azure Dragon Founder would still be living. This truly causes one to be astonished.”

“But sadly, with my secret weapon here, even if you have overwhelming battle power, you are fated to not avoid death.”