Chapter 513 - The Might of One Fist

MGA: Chapter 513 - The Might of One Fist

“Hey... Emperor Zhao, this little lady is truly not bad. Not only does she have an appearance like flower and jade, her cultivation is really extraordinary. I also have my eyes on her, so what could we possibly do?” Another mad laugh rang out. The emperor of the Liu Dynasty also led a group of experts over.

“Is it not simple? The three of us will go at the same time, and this girl will belong to whoever gets his hands on her first! But I won’t do the same as you two. I won’t take her as my concubine. I only plan to destroy her cultivation, then reward her to my subordinates so she can accompany them as they ‘search for pleasure’!” Another figure flew over. It was the Ji Dynasty’s emperor.

“I will have the life of whoever dares to touch my daughter!” The face of the Jiang Dynasty’s emperor, who was guarding in front of Jiang Yini, greened from anger. He knew that the three were intentionally mocking him, mocking his Jiang Dynasty.

But as the Jiang Dynasty’s emperor, as Jiang Yini’s father, he was really unable to endure such humiliation. So, he leaped, explosively shot up, released his horrifying battle power of the 8th level of the Heaven realm, and fought against the three emperors.

“Father!!” At that instant, Jiang Yini’s expression flickered and her face was full of worry. As she spoke, she was going to rush into the sky to fight shoulder-to-shoulder with her father.

Because, no matter how much stronger her father was, when fighting alone against three other emperors who had the same cultivation, it was clearly very taxing. In a situation like that, what awaited her father was only death.

“Princess, do not go!” But just as Jiang Yini was going to make her move, Jiang Hengyuan grabbed her wrist and said, “Quickly follow me and leave. We have already prepared a path for escaping. Right now, we will protect you and all the other princesses and princes, and leave the dynasty.”

“No! I will be the same as my father, to live and die with the dynasty!” Jiang Yini stubbornly refused.

“Princess, this is the emperor’s command. If you don’t believe me, look.” As he spoke, Jiang Hengyuan took out a badge of command.

And after seeing the badge, Jiang Yini’s face immediately froze. Turning her head back and looking towards the sky, at her father who was having a life and death battle against the three emperors, her eyes instantly reddened, and very quickly, tears fell like rain.

There was only a single badge like that, and it was personally made by her father. She even remembered what he told her when he showed her the badge. In the future, no matter who took it to find her, and no matter what they wanted her to do, she had to oblige because that person would be definitely following his wishes.

Moreover, those words were not only spoken from the Jiang Dynasty’s emperor to Jiang Yini herself. He spoke them to all his sons and daughters, and even to all of the outstanding people in the later generation of the Jiang Dynasty.

“Princess, quickly follow me. Right now, the emperor is fighting for you, for the final chance. Although, as the emperor, he has to follow the teachings of the ancestor and live and die with the Jiang Dynasty, as a father, he hopes that his sons and daughters can continue living. So, ultimately, he went against the ancestor’s teachings, handed this badge to me, and told me to protect all of you as you leave this place.” Jiang Hengyuan was afraid Jiang Yini didn’t understand so he explained.



But just at that time, a cry of pain suddenly rang out from the sky. Quickly after, a body fell from above and fiercely shot into the ground’s surface. The strong power kept on shattering a palace from the collision, and even left a huge pit in the ground.

“Father!” At that moment, Jiang Yini loudly howled, then leaped and rushed into the huge pit.

“Crap.” At the same time, many dynasty experts such as Jiang Hengyuan also flew over, because the one who fell from the sky was none other than his Jiang Dynasty’s emperor.

“Yini, your father has been useless. Not only could I not protect the several tens of thousands of clan members, I can’t even protect you, my daughter.” At that instant, the face of the Jiang Dynasty’s emperor was of defeat. Seven of his facial orifices had blood flowing out, and his chest was even in a “凹” shape. His breastbone was shattered, his skin was cracked, and a large amount of blood was presently flowing out gradually.

“No! Father, in my heart, you are the most excellent father.” Jiang Yini’s face was filled with tears.

“Ha! He’s actually this weak, unable to even hold on for a few rounds.” Suddenly, a huge phlegm flew down from the sky, landing on the face of the Jiang Dynasty’s emperor.

It was from the Liu Dynasty’s emperor. Currently, he was standing in the sky, lightly squinting his eyes, and mockingly examining the Jiang Dynasty’s emperor who was heavily injured.

“Yeah! I heard his father had overwhelming battle power and was able to fight against our own fathers without being defeated, so I even thought his son also had quite impressive battle power. However, I didn’t expect him to be so useless.” The Zhao Dynasty’s emperor also ridiculed with cold words.

“That’s right. If I knew he was so useless, there was no need for the two of you to attack just now. I myself would have been enough to defeat him.” Not only did the Ji Dynasty's emperor speak to mock, his face was filled with smug.

“All of you should be ashamed of being the masters of clans. Putting aside the fact that all of you joined hands to harm my father, you even so shamelessly speak to mock him. All of you are truly despicable people!” Seeing her own father being humiliated by them in such a way, Jiang Yini’s little face reddened from anger, and she was endlessly furious.

“The victor is the king and the loser is the thief. Back then, the humiliation your ancestor gave my ancestor was thousands of times worse than this!” The emperor of the Liu Dynasty coldly shouted.

“Ahh, Emperor Liu, where’s the need to waste your breath with them? Today, we want them to pay the price for their ancestor’s actions. Since this girl is so sharp with her mouth, let me play with her for a while.” The Zhao Dynasty’s emperor coldly laughed, then suddenly, dashed towards Jiang Yini.

“Protect the princess!” Seeing that, Jiang Hengyuan and the other dynasty experts hurriedly flew into the sky. They displayed protection methods by opening a Defense Spirit Formation.

“Even a pile of trash dares to block my road? Move!” However, the Zhao Dynasty’s emperor casually palmed, causing the Spirit Formation laid by the combined power of Jiang Hengyuan and the others to immediately disintegrate. At the same time, the crowd cried out in pain and fell to the side. Their faces were already deathly-white, as they were heavily injured.

“Haha little lady, you truly don’t have any manners. It’s best to let me properly teach you some.” The Zhao Dynasty’s emperor kept on loudly laughing. When he spoke, he had already went up to Jiang Yini. He extended his hand, and was actually shamelessly aiming to grab Jiang Yini’s protruding two peaks.

“You want to teach Princess Yini manners? That’ll depend whether you have the ability or not!”


But just at that time, an explosive shout suddenly came from the dynasty’s core zone. Simultaneously, black dirt rolled on the surface, and two figures shot out from beneath the ground’s surface.

One of them had extremely quick speed. Almost with a blink, he arrived in front of the Zhao Dynasty’s emperor. He punched directly, throwing an attack towards the Zhao Dynasty.

“Where did this brat come from and dares to disturb this good occasion? Move to the side.” Only after turning his head to look did the Zhao Dynasty’s emperor discover that the one who was approaching was a young man. So, he disdainfully snorted coldly, casually waved his hand, wanting to slap the young man to the side.

But who would have thought that the young man was actually so powerful? Just as his fist landed on the arm of the Zhao Dynasty’s emperor, a snapping sound rang out, and the young man had actually snapped the emperor’s arm.

After that, the power of his punch did not diminish, and rather became even stronger. With a bang, it collided into the face of the Zhao Dynasty’s emperor. Blood splattered as his head was shattered and split into pieces, and he died immediately.