Chapter 512 - Suffering from Misery

MGA: Chapter 512 - Suffering from Misery

“This is a secret weapon, and unless there is no other choice, I will not use it. But if I use it, this Jiang Dynasty will definitely be destroyed.” The Ji Dynasty’s old ancestor smilingly said.

“Since it is like that, why not directly use this secret weapon? Why is there a need for us to use up so many resources?” The Liu Dynasty’s old ancestor puzzledly asked.

“Hoh. The reason is very simple. Although this secret weapon is powerful, it harms both them and us.”

“It’s almost time. Let us three attack together and break this dog butt formation. Let us make the Jiang Dynasty pay the price for their actions of many years ago!” Suddenly, the Ji Dynasty’s old ancestor leaped, became a blur of light, and came up to the Spirit Formation.

*boom* The Ji Dynasty’s old ancestor was an expert in the 9th level of the Heaven realm. A character who infinitely neared the Martial Lord realm. He suddenly threw out a fist, and it could be said to shake the heaven and the earth. The Spirit Formation that touched the sky and enveloped the entire Jiang Dynasty also violently quivered.

“I will help you as well!” Quickly after, the Liu Dynasty’s old ancestor and the Zhao Dynasty’s old ancestor, as well as the three emperors, attacked as well.

With the combination of three people in the 9th level of the Heaven realm and three people in the 8th level of the heaven realm, the barrier, which guarded the Jiang Dynasty, was in peril.

“This is bad. If this continues, my Jiang Dynasty’s Protection Formation will very quickly be destroyed!”

“Emperor, what should we do? The experts they’ve sent out this time is too many. Not to mention having the three old ancestors in the 9th level of the Heaven realm to fortify their position, even without the three of them, our Jiang Dynasty will still not be able to defeat them. If the Protection Formation gets destroyed, my Jiang Dynasty’s several tens of thousands of people will suffer from misery.” In a situation like that, everyone cast their gazes towards the emperor.

But the emperor was also tightly furrowing his brows, not knowing what the best course of action was. Suddenly, he leaped, and flew towards the Royal Bloodline Attachment Formation.

After he neared the Royal Bloodline Attachment Formation, he impatiently asked, “How is it? How is Chu Feng’s situation?”

“The power of this Royal Bloodline Attachment Formation is indeed going against Chu Feng. Its merging speed with Chu Feng is extremely slow, and right now, he is only in the 7th level of the Heaven realm. But looking at the situation right now, he can very quickly step into the 8th level of the Heaven realm.” Zhang Tianyi, who was guarding that place, said.

“The 8th level of the Heaven realm? This… It’ll be too late!” Hearing Zhang Tianyi’s words, and also personally checking Chu Feng’s aura, the face of the Jiang Dynasty’s emperor was instantly like ash. As if the last bit of light within the dark night was also disappearing.

Putting aside the fact that even if Chu Feng had the cultivation of the 8th level of the Heaven realm, he would simply not be able to defeat the three old monsters.

Furthermore, with his detection, he discovered that Chu Feng’s aura was very unstable. It could be said to be very empty. The formation that their ancestors laid was indeed opposing Chu Feng. Although more or less, Chu Feng gained a portion of its power, it was very unstable.

In a situation like that, even though Chu Feng’s aura could reach the 8th level of the Heaven realm, his true battle power was only equivalent to the 6th level of the Heaven realm. Not to mention fighting against the three old monsters, even the three emperors could easily kill Chu Feng.

“What’s wrong? Is it possible that the Jiang Dynasty’s Protection Formation won’t be able to hold out soon?” Seemingly seeing through the emperor’s worry, Zhang Tianyi asked.

“Ahh, no matter how much stronger the Protection Formation is, it can’t hold back the attacks from three people in the 9th level of the Heaven realm! I’m afraid it won’t last much longer. This is truly the heavens wanting my Jiang Dynasty to be destroyed!” The emperor longly sighed, then said to Zhang Tianyi, “You and Chu Feng, stay here. Do not go out. I will seal this place later, and hopefully it will help you two evade this calamity.”

“Milord, what do you mean?” Hearing those words, Zhang Tianyi tightly frowned.

“My Jiang Dynasty has very deep enmity with the Ji Dynasty, Liu Dynasty, and Zhao Dynasty. If they fear this formation and slaughter their way into my dynasty, they will absolutely not leave anyone alive. It would even be kindness to let the people from my dynasty peacefully pass away.”

“Today, my Jiang Dynasty is fated to be destroyed. In addition, we will receive suffering.”

“But you and Chu Feng aren’t a part of my dynasty. You have done enough for my dynasty, so I don’t want to drag you two down with me anymore.” The emperor lightly smiled and said. So, when he said he was going to seal this place, he didn’t want the people from the three dynasties to find Chu Feng and Zhang Tianyi. He wanted them to avoid this catastrophe.

*boom rumble rumble rumble~~~~~~~~~”*

But just at that time, a sudden frightening huge explosion rang out. Even the underground palace built deep underground violently swayed.

“Crap.” At that instant, the emperor’s expression changed greatly. An unseen type of fear emerged into his eyes, and without saying anything more, he turned around and flew out.

After he left the underground palace, he sealed the entrance and also laid a Concealment Spirit Formation. Only after doing that did he fly out of the disguised underground palace.

And just as he flew out of the palace, he saw the Protection Formation that enveloped the Jiang Dynasty darken. In a certain area at the western horizon, a huge hole appeared.

Broken. The only barrier protecting his Jiang Dynasty was broken. At that very instant, the army of the three dynasties, like the tide, surged into his Jiang Dynasty’s territory.

“Hahaha, the trash of the Jiang Dynasty! Today is your last day!” Suddenly, an explosive shout rang out in the sky. Quickly after, the army of the three clans started to insanely display all sorts of martial skills. From top to bottom, endlessly throwing them towards the crowd of people.


No matter how much stronger the Jiang Dynasty was, the number of Heaven realm experts was limited. Most of them were still in the Profound realm, Origin realm, and even the spiritual realm.

To them, the attacks of a Heaven realm expert was simply unstoppable and unavoidable. So, when the attacks, which filled the sky, explosively shot towards the ground like a meteor shower, the things being destroyed were not only the luxurious palaces. Countless lives of the Jiang clan were also lost.

“I’ll kill you all!” In that situation, all of the experts in the Jiang Dynasty were furious. Many people in the Heaven realm flew up and started to attack the army of the three clans, fighting against them with their lives.

However, their strengths were too weak. In front of the three clan army that had their power fortified by the three old ancestors and the three emperors, even though they were Heaven realm experts, what awaited them was only heartless slaughter.

Immediately, in the vast Jiang Dynasty, sobs continued without end and miserable cries kept on sounding. Especially the children’s fearful cries. It really showed the powerlessness of the current Jiang Dynasty.

Despair. That was currently portrayed in all of the Jiang Dynasty’s adults. All of them knew that the Jiang Dynasty was finished. Everyone was finished. The Jiang Dynasty that had been thriving for countless generations was going to be destroyed today.

In a situation like that, the Jiang Dynasty’s emperor and its many experts still hadn’t rashly attacked. They gathered in the dynasty’s core zone, discussing something.

“Haha, the Jiang Dynasty’s emperor, your daughter has quite a nice appearance. How about...I bring her back and make her my concubine?” Suddenly, an explosive shout resounded in the air. It was the emperor of the Zhao Dynasty. He led a group of Zhao Dynasty experts and rushed to the core zone. Not only did he discover the group of peak experts from the Jiang Dynasty, he even had his eyes on the emperor’s daughter, Jiang Yini.