Chapter 511 - Troops Arriving at the City Gates

MGA: Chapter 511 - Troops Arriving at the City Gates


And also at that instant, in the silent palace, radiance shot everywhere immediately. All of the symbols started flickering, emitting dazzling brilliance.

As for the stone stage Chu Feng stepped on, a faint-blue pillar of light charged straight towards the sky. Within the pillar of light, symbols swirled, and strands of gas were scuttling everywhere randomly.

At that instant, almost everyone on scene held their breaths. Some people couldn’t even bear continue looking and closed their eyes, deeply afraid that Chu Feng could not endure the pressure of the formation, and would forcibly be crushed into pieces.

“Look! Chu Feng is fine! He is actually hanging on!”

Suddenly, someone excitedly cried out, and only at that instant did they discover that Chu Feng already walked to the middle of stone stage at that moment. Moreover, his face was unchanging, as if he didn’t receive any disturbances at all.

“Heavens! This Chu Feng actually held back the pressure of the Royal Bloodline Attachment Formation?!”

At that instant, everyone’s faces changed greatly and on all their faces, shock was filled.

Especially the people who personally witnessed how Jiang Wushang failed. At that moment, they were endlessly shocked.

It was because at present, when Chu Feng stood on the stage, the might there was clearly many times stronger compared to when Jiang Wushang stood on it. But with such horrifying pressure, it was as though Chu Feng was unrelated to it all. It was really impossible for them to be not shocked.

“Wait, look carefully. There’s a layer of light on Chu Feng’s body. That appearance… Could it be one of the Secret Skills Chu Feng grasp, the Black Tortoise Armor Technique?”

“Is it possible that the Black Tortoise Armor Technique has the effect of blocking my Royal Bloodline Attachment Formation’s pressure?”

“Yeah! Right now, although he held back the pressure from the Royal Bloodline Attachment Formation, he didn’t gain the power of the formation. This likely means that the Secret Skill is interfering.”

Someone noticed the faint envelopment of light around Chu Feng’s body, and from the special aura, actually determined that it was Chu Feng’s Secret Skill, the Black Tortoise Armor Technique.

*hmm* However, just as everyone assumed it was the Black Tortoise Armor Technique helping Chu Feng block the pressure, Chu Feng willed, and dissolved his own Black Tortoise Armor Technique. He used his own body to stand in the center of the stone stage.

“Look! The cover of light has disappeared! Right now, Chu Feng is truly standing in the formation, but he has still not received any effects from the pressure!” Facing that change, their eyes were truly widened, their tongues were tied, and they were completely dumbfounded.

But the thing that made them most speechless was that currently, Chu Feng even turned around in the formation and lightly smiled towards the crowd. Then, he did a hand gesture, showing he was fine.

The formation that the people from the Jiang Dynasty simply could not endure was actually so easily and freely endured by Chu Feng. It really shocked everyone on scene.

“This Chu Feng is actually this powerful. No wonder he had such confidence. So he can truly hold off the pressure from the Royal Bloodline Attachment Formation.” At that very instant, the people from the dynasty discussed with one another, as they were thoroughly stunned by Chu Feng.

“It seems like the old ancestor was correct. This Chu Feng is indeed not simple at all. Perhaps the abnormality seven years ago was truly caused by him. Within his body, there is indeed horrifying power, or else it would not be possible to endure the pressure of the formation.” Jiang Hengyuan’s expression was complicated as he hiddenly said in his heart.

At the same time, Jiang Yini, the strongest person in the Jiang Dynasty's young generation, the Jiang Dynasty’s princess, currently also roundly widened her big eyes. Her brows slightly trembled as she said in a low voice, “I never would have thought after such a long time of development in the Nine Provinces, the one to finally decide the fate of my Jiang Dynasty would be an outsider like him.”

Although Chu Feng stepping into the Royal Bloodline Attachment Formation gave everyone a type of astonishment, it had to be said that it also gave everyone hope.

But, the Royal Bloodline Attachment Formation was not as simple as they imagined. Although indeed, layers of power started to converge and enter Chu Feng’s body after a long time, the speed could be said to be extremely slow.

Only when the World Spirit Guild’s reinforcements arrive did the converging speed start to increase. However, even before a few days passed, the army of the three clans entered the Han Province. Also, very quickly, the troops arrived at the city gates.

The war that the Jiang Dynasty hoped to face the least finally arrived.

*boom rumble rumble, boom rumble rumble*

Within the dynasty’s borders, endless explosions rang out. Everyone within the circumference of several thousand miles could hear the deafening sounds. It was even more terrifying than the sound of thunder.

And above the Jiang Dynasty’s Spirit Formation, which touched the sky, the explosions were loud to the extreme. Simultaneously, layers of horrifying ripples endlessly burst out above the Spirit Formation.

In the sky, there were several figures, all wearing three different clothes. However, there were a golden and dazzling “royal” characters on their foreheads. The three troops were gathered together, and were throwing violent attacks towards the Jiang Dynasty’s Spirit Formation that enveloped them.

They were the troops from the Zhao Dynasty, Ji Dynasty, and Liu Dynasty.

Also, as many Heaven realm experts, powerful World Spiritists, and many horrifying World Spirits from various Spirit Worlds called by the many World Spiritists, were breaking the formation with their full strengths, not too far away from the Spirit Formation, there was a golden chariot. The chariot was pulled by ten Heaven realm Monstrous Beasts. They were incomparably huge, and extremely overbearing. At that moment, they stood in the blue sky.

And on the chariot, there was even a huge table of dishes and wine. Three old men, and three middle-aged men, a total of six people, surrounded the table while drinking and chatting.

That sort of relaxed, free, chatting, and laughing appearance was as if the nearby overwhelming flames of war was a beautiful scene they were admiring.

They were the current emperors and old ancestors of the Zhao Dynasty, Liu Dynasty, and Ji Dynasty.

“It seems like the Jiang Dynasty’s old thing truly cannot fight. Or else, with his temper, he should have already come out to face us for the battle right?” As the Zhao clan’s old ancestor looked at the people from the Jiang Dynasty who had panicking expressions and were endlessly fearful, the corners of his mouth rose to form a hint of a cold smile.

“He’s pitiful enough to be schemed by his own elder brother, but his elder brother is even worse. He truly thought we would provide the priceless Year Prolongation Immoral Grasses to him!” The old ancestor of the Liu clan similarly smiled mockingly.

“A smart person gets impaired by his own smartness. He never would have expected that he, who was desperate to prolong his life, would die by our hands.” The Ji clan’s old ancestor shook his head while smiling.

“But on that topic, that Jiang Dynasty’s old thing has always been cunning, and his cultivation is also the strongest within the four of us. Is it possible he is feigning death, or pretending that he’s injured?” The Zhao clan’s elder said with a bit of worry.

“Don’t worry, this time, I have done plenty of preparation. Since we’ve come here, we must destroy his Jiang Dynasty to avenge our ancestors being killed back then.” The Ji clan’s old ancestor said while being full of confidence.

“Heh, what exactly is your secret weapon? You even made a Spirit Formation, so I can’t even check what it is.” As he spoke, the Liu clan’s old ancestor cast his gaze behind.

“Yeah, what actually is that? Don’t leave us in suspense.” At the same time, the other three people in the chariot cast their gazes over.

At that place, there was similarly a huge chariot. However, on the chariot, there was actually a small-scale palace. A Spirit Formation was laid outside of the palace, causing them to be unable to determine what exactly was inside.