Chapter 510 - Entering the Formation

MGA: Chapter 510 - Entering the Formation

“Chu Feng, this Royal Bloodline Attachment Formation is a formation left behind by my Jiang Dynasty’s ancestors.”

“When their ages reach the end, the previous emperors would seal the power they cultivated in their entire lives into this formation to maintain the power this formation contains.”

“And as long as a person from the Jiang Dynasty enters this Royal Bloodline Attachment Formation, the power of the ancestors would attach onto their body, and within a short period of time, that person’s cultivation would rise greatly.”

“Originally, this Royal Bloodline Attachment Formation was our only hope to save my Jiang Dynasty currently, but it is useless as the Royal Bloodline Attachment Formation is not complete. There is extremely great pressure within, and the people who do not have a strong bloodline have no way of enduring the pressure inside.”

“Wushang can be said to have the most powerful Royal Bloodline in my current Jiang Dynasty, but even though it was him, he could not endure the pressure in this Royal Bloodline Attachment Formation.” Speaking to that point, the emperor sighed with a face full of helplessness.

“Milord, since this Royal Bloodline Attachment Formation has such an effect, why not let me give it a try?” Chu Feng said.

“What? You want to try this Royal Bloodline Attachment Formation?” Hearing those words, the expressions of the emperor as well as everyone from the Jiang Dynasty changed, and the gaze they looked at Chu Feng with couldn’t help becoming complicated.

“Chu Feng, you cannot do that. In order to prevent outsiders from using the power in this Royal Bloodline Attachment Formation, when my ancestors first laid this formation, they used special methods. Those who are not a part of my Jiang Dynasty will receive multiplied pressure after entering the formation.” Jiang Hengyuan reminded.

“Multiplied pressure... Then after enduring pressure like that, would it then be possible to gain the power of this formation?” Chu Feng smilingly asked, as if he didn’t put the so-called pressure of the formation in his eyes.

“This...” Hearing those words, Jiang Hengyuan became speechless because even if it was him, he didn’t know whether a person not a part of his clan could gain his ancestors’ powers after enduring the multiplied pressure.

“Chu Feng, accordingly, if you are able to endure the pressure, there is no problem for the ancestors’ powers to attach to you. However, because you aren’t a part of my dynasty, the power you gain will be greatly diminished, and moreover, it will also be very unstable.” Just at that time, the emperor explained.

“Milord, if it is truly like that, I, Chu Feng, am willing to give it a try.” Chu Feng begged.

“Chu Feng, I’ve taken your intention to heart, but it’s better if you don’t enter this Royal Bloodline Attachment Formation because you simply don’t know how terrifying the pressure of this Royal Bloodline Attachment Formation is.”

“Let’s say it like this. Normally, the pressure in this formation is already extremely horrifying. Before, Wushang entered, but if it was some other person, I’m afraid that in the instant that person entered, he would have been heavily injured. I am no exception.”

“And if power like this is multiplied several times, it would simply be the same as a land of certain death. In the moment one enters, that person would become a pool of blood. So, it’s best if you don’t try.” The emperor patiently advised him otherwise.

“Milord, I’ve heard the people from the dynasty say, that right now, the army of the three clans have already entered the borders of the Nine Provinces. With their speed, in less than several days, they will arrive at the Jiang Dynasty.”

“At that time, would you have any methods of defending?” Chu Feng asked while smiling.

“This...” After hearing Chu Feng’s words, the emperor sank into silence. Afterwards, he said with a small smile, “Indeed, right now, we are only waiting for death, and we have no methods to stop the three clan’s army.”

“But within the clan, we have the teachings of our ancestor. Even if we die, we must guard this land, the continent of the Nine Provinces. The teachings of the ancestor cannot be disregarded. So, my Jiang Dynasty will not leave this place.”

“But Chu Feng, all of you aren’t a part of my dynasty. There is no need for you to stay behind with us as we wait for death. Right now, by coming to support my Jiang Dynasty, I am already very grateful. I have taken this kind intention to heart. All of you, please leave.”

“Ho... Milord. Since we have come today, we have no plans to leave and we have already made the preparations to live and die with the Jiang Dynasty.”

“Right now, since you don’t have any way of defending, this Royal Bloodline Attachment Formation can be said to be the only chance. Since death is to the left and also to the right, why not let me try it?”

“Although my cultivation isn’t strong, I still grasp some special methods, so perhaps I can endure the pressure of the Royal Bloodline Attachment Formation. Even if I fail, then it would only be a death.” Chu Feng lightly smiled and said.

“Chu Feng, you...” Seeing Chu Feng persist in such a way for his Jiang Dynasty and actually not caring about his life or death, the emperor also didn’t know what he should do.

“Milord, since Chu Feng is insisting, why not let him try it?”

“Yeah, milord. After all, a Reverse Delivery Formation can be laid on his body. If he can truly not endure the pressure of the Royal Bloodline Attachment Formation, he can be immediately sent out. At that time, he might not definitely die.” At that instant, many people from the dynasty started to urge him one after the other.

After all, they didn’t want the Jiang Dynasty to be destroyed just like that, and since Chu Feng had such courage, it at least meant he had some confidence in himself. Besides, they also knew that Chu Feng had some special abilities. After all, he was the only person to gain two types of Secret Skills from the Emperor tomb.

So, at a time like this, they also wanted to find some chance when there was no chance. Even if there was only a one percent possibility of success, they did not want to miss out on it.

“Whatever. Since you insist on this, I wouldn’t say more.”

“Overall, today, everyone in my Jiang Dynasty are grateful in our hearts, and we will never forget about your actions.”

Finally, the emperor also didn’t say much, and personally laid a formation on Chu Feng’s body. That formation, within a short distance, could send Chu Feng to his side.

The formation was called the Reverse Delivery Formation. Normally speaking, it didn’t have great uses, but using it on the Royal Bloodline Attachment Formation was exactly good.

“Chu Feng, go. That’s the entrance to the Royal Bloodline Attachment Formation. If you feel that something is wrong, remember to loudly yell for help. I will immediately send you back here.” The emperor pointed at the center of the palace, at the round stone stage which was only half a meter tall, and said.

“Mm.” Chu Feng nodded his head with a light smile. Quickly after, lightning flashed in his eyes, and his aura rapidly rose, breaking into the 2nd level of the Heaven realm in a blink.

Quickly after, Chu Feng used the Black Tortoise Armor Technique as well, then started to walk. Step by step, he headed towards the Royal Bloodline Attachment Formation.

At that instant, everyone there had their hearts pounding heavily and they were extremely nervous. Within the vast palace, it was dead silent. The only thing that could be heard was Chu Feng’s footsteps.

*ta ta ta...*

One step. Two steps. Three steps. Ten steps. Fifty steps. Finally, when Chu Feng walked for fifty steps, he successfully stepped onto the stage.