Chapter 509 - Royal Bloodline Attachment Formation

MGA: Chapter 509 - Royal Bloodline Attachment Formation

At that instant, no matter if it was the dynasty’s emperor, or the dynasty’s many experts, they rejoiced unexpectedly, and were endlessly excited.

Because, they never would have thought when the powers, which followed them for many years, all chose to leave, Chu Feng would bring so many experts to support them.

The proverbs said it well: “True feelings are seen when disaster strikes”. Although the troops Chu Feng brought really had no way of fighting against the troops of the three great dynasties, it spoke his heart. Chu Feng’s action was undoubtedly like sending coal during winter, giving the Jiang Dynasty a huge encouragement.

“I didn’t expect that as my Jiang Dynasty stands on the border of life and death, this child would come help us while disregarding his life.”

“No wonder Yini and Wushang, as well as Father, has such a good impressions on this child. It seems like he is truly a person who cares about feelings and camaraderie.”

Seeing Chu Feng and the others, the emperor also had a face filled with relief. His already quite good impression on Chu Feng immediately became much better.

In the moment they discovered it was Chu Feng and the others who came as reinforcements, the Jiang Dynasty closed the Spirit Formation that reached the sky, opened the city gates, and welcomed Chu Feng and the others in.

“My friend Chu Feng, you indeed have camaraderie and righteousness. At a time like this, the one willing to support my Jiang Dynasty is only your Azure Dragon School.” Jiang Hengyuan looked at Chu Feng, and said while smiling.

“Ahh, Brother Hengyuan, it can’t be said like that. Haven’t I, Qi Fengyang, represented the Qilin Prince’s Mansion and come?” Just at that time, an old man walked out from the crowd. It was none other than Qi Fengyang.

“Haha, Brother Fengyang, I knew you would come.” Seeing Qi Fengyang, the smile on Jiang Hengyuan’s face became bit stronger. Although, no matter if it was cultivation or status, he and Qi Fengyang weren’t equal, the two of them got along extremely well, and their relationship was not different than brothers at all.

“That’s right. My second brother is correct. I believe that as they are the same as us, remembering that the Jiang Dynasty has not shown a small number of acts of kindness, at least the people from the World Spirit Guild will definitely come.” Chu Feng smilingly said.

The second brother he spoke of was Qi Fengyang. Back then, Chu Feng and Qi Fengyang became sworn brothers. So, Qi Fengyang became Chu Feng’s big brother. But after the Monstrous Monkey King appeared, the seniority between the three of them changed. The Monstrous Monkey King was the big brother, Qi Fengyang became the second brother, and as Chu Feng had the smallest seniority, he was the third brother.

As they spoke, a dynasty expert speedily flew over, went up to the emperor, saluted, and reported, “Milord, reporting in. All of the Heaven realm experts from the World Spirit Guild, with Gu Tianchen leading, has already entered my dynasty’s borders. Right now, they are hurrying towards my Jiang Dynasty’s headquarters.”

“Haha, Chu Feng’s words are truly accurate. I knew that this World Spirit Guild would be different from the Jie clan. At the time of my Jiang Dynasty’s catastrophe, they would definitely come and help. My Jiang Dynasty cooperating with them for this many years has indeed not been in vain.”

After learning of that news, the people from the Jiang Dynasty were even endlessly elated. Putting aside that the arrival of reinforcements at a time like this would provide them with quite a bit of battle power, purely the intention caused their morale to multiply.

“Milord!” Suddenly, another shout rang out. This time, it was an old man. Similarly, a Heaven realm expert. As he shouted for the emperor, he flew over with extremely quick speed.

“Is it possible that another power has come to assist my Jiang Dynasty?” Seeing that person, the people on scene were full of smiles, and even thought there was more good news.

“Wait.” But when they saw the face of that elder, their hearts were frightened because the on the face of the old man, it was not of joy. It was a face filled with panic.

“What’s the matter? What happened?” The emperor of the Jiang Dynasty hurried went up to ask.

“Prince, he… he couldn’t endure the power of the Royal Bloodline Attachment Formation and right now, he is unconscious! Milord, quickly go and see him!” The elder alarmedly said.


After hearing those words, the expressions of everyone on scene in the Jiang Dynasty changed greatly. Especially the emperor. His originally joyful face immediately became pale-white. He leaped, and flew towards the core zone of the dynasty.

At the same time, other experts from the Jiang Dynasty followed one after the other. Seeing that, after Chu Feng and the others looked at each other, they also followed.

And because presently, Chu Feng and the others had a reinforcement relationship with the Jiang Dynasty, there was no one who stopped them when they followed the emperor and the others.

On the road, they walked through layers of barriers, and finally, they entered a luxurious underground palace. To be more precise, it was not an underground palace, but a huge underground formation.

It was because the entire palace was engraved full of symbols and patterns. Clearly, it was a completed formation.

At that moment, a large group of people were in a cluster surrounding an area. Within the group of people, Chu Feng saw a familiar figure. It was Jiang Yini. At present, Jiang Yini had a face full of nervousness as she looked towards the middle of the group.

“The emperor has come!” After someone shouted loudly, the crowd immediately scattered. Only at that time did Chu Feng discover the one in the middle of the crowd was actually Jiang Wushang.

The current Jiang Wushang was laid on the ground. His face was deathly-white, blood was flowing out of seven of his facial orifices, and he was in a coma. An elder with the cultivation in the 7th level of the Heaven realm was currently treating Jiang Wushang.

“Wushang!” Seeing his own son in that state, the emperor was even more anxious. With a flash, he went up to Jiang Wushang and personally diagnosed Jiang Wushang’s injuries.

And after finish checking Jiang Wushang’s injuries, the emperor’s tautly stretched face finally relaxed. After personally wiping clean the traces of blood on Jiang Wushang’s face, he stood up and said, “Carry him back to his room for resting.”

“Father, how’s my brother? He’s fine right?” Seeing that, Jiang Yini hurriedly asked closely.

“Don’t worry. It’s nothing major. He only received some light internal injuries.” The emperor replied.

“Ahh, this child Wushang is too stubborn. Before, just as he entered the Royal Bloodline Attachment Formation, I felt that something was wrong with him and wanted him to back out, but he didn’t listen. Luckily, the elder laid a Delivery Formation on his body, and seeing he could not hold on, he sent him out. Or else… Sigh~~~” Mentioning that matter, Jiang Yini’s face was filled with helplessness and fear.

“Princess, just leave it as that. Don’t talk about him in such a way. He was also thinking for our Jiang Dynasty. After all, right now, the only thing that can save our dynasty is this Royal Bloodline Attachment Formation.” The elder in the 7th level of the Heaven realm said.

“Then what should we do now? If even Prince Wushang’s bloodline density can’t endure this Royal Bloodline Attachment Formation’s pressure, that also means that within the current Jiang Dynasty, there is no one who can gain the power of the Royal Bloodline Attachment Formation. Doesn’t it mean we are only waiting to die?” A dynasty expert said.

“As things have come to this point, we cannot continue dragging this out. Milord, I implore you, send the princesses and princes out of the dynasty right now and send experts to protect them as they leave the Nine Provinces. Or else, my Jiang Dynasty will truly be eradicated.” Suddenly, Jiang Hengyuan knelt on the ground and pleaded to the emperor.

“Emperor, we implore you!” Simultaneously, everyone from the Jiang Dynasty knelt down.

.”This...” Seeing that scene, the emperor didn't know what to do and was in an endlessly difficult situation.

“Wait.” But just at that time, Chu Feng stood out, looked towards the crowd, and asked, “What’s with the Royal Bloodline Attachment Formation you were just talking about?”