Chapter 508 - Reinforcements

MGA: Chapter 508 - Reinforcements

“I never would have thought that the Jiang Dynasty was forced to this kind of state.” After seeing the letter, Chu Feng sighed.

It was because the so-called Dynasty Summoning Order was for summoning all of the peak experts in all of the powers in the continent of the Nine Provinces, telling them to go forward to the Jiang Dynasty in order to fight against a great enemy together.

Thinking about how strong the Jiang Dynasty was, so strong that even after so many years, there were no other powers that dared to invade the continent of the Nine Provinces, yet as things were at present, the Jiang Dynasty was actually asking for assistance, from the powers of many places in the Nine Provinces. It could be seen that the current Jiang Dynasty was indeed facing a huge plight.

“Chu Feng, is it possible that you know what happened?” Seeing Chu Feng’s reaction, which was of having no surprise, and rather as if everything within expectations, Li Zhangqing became aware that Chu Feng possibly knew something.

“Yeah. School Head, right now, the Jiang Dynasty, and it can even be said that the entire continent of the Nine Provinces, are facing their biggest predicament. Right now, three dynasties that control three continents are joining hands and attacking the Jiang Dynasty.”

“Actually, if it was before, the Jiang Dynasty did not fear them, but right now, the old ancestor of the Jiang Dynasty has been heavily injured and is powerless to battle. So, it can be said that the Jiang Dynasty is in imminent danger currently.”

“If the Jiang Dynasty is truly destroyed, I’m afraid that my Azure Dragon School will also be affected.” Chu Feng spoke the truth.

“This… I never would have thought that such a huge matter actually happened.” After knowing the truth, the uneasiness on Li Zhangqing’s face became a bit stronger.

“As things are right now, there is no other way. We can only fight with all our strengths, so hopefully the three dynasties come a bit later.” Chu Feng knew if the Azure Dragon Founder revived, with his strength, he would definitely help the Jiang Dynasty defeat the three other dynasties.

But the Azure Dragon Founder’s revival required at least one month of time, perhaps even several months of time. So, Chu Feng could only hope that the Azure Dragon Founder revive before the grand army of the three clans arrive at the gates of the Jiang Dynasty.

After that, within the current Azure Dragon School, Chu Feng gathered all the Heaven realm experts together and roughly said that at present, the Jiang Dynasty was going to face huge trouble, and that he was preparing to support them.

However, people would very possibly lose lives in that matter, so Chu Feng didn’t force anyone. Those who were willing to go, follow him; those who were unwilling to go could choose to stay. Even if they feared the arrival of the three clan’s army and were afraid of themselves, it would be fine even if they backed out of the Azure Dragon School.

But what Chu Feng did not expect was that other than several people who chose to leave the Azure Dragon School, everyone else decided to follow Chu Feng to help the Jiang Dynasty.

Especially the Monstrous Beasts of the Thousand Monster Mountain. They were filled with bloodthirst, and not a single one shrunk away.

Although it was possible that the Monstrous Monkey King said something for them to act such a way, it had to be said that the group of Monstrous Beasts indeed made Chu Feng look at them in different eyes.

So, with the entrustment of the Azure Dragon Founder, and with Zhang Tianyi, the five Monster Kings, as well as a group of Heaven realm experts, they went forth to support the Jiang Dynasty, to defend against the attack of the three clan’s army.

Many days later…

The current Jiang Dynasty was very strictly on guard. Everyone knew that the three dynasties were going to attack, and all of them were preparing to face an enemy.

Outside of the vast city, a powerful Spirit Formation had already been opened. All of the experts in the dynasty were on alert, finishing making preparations for defending against the three clan’s army.

At present, the emperor of the Jiang Dynasty as well as experts such as Jiang Hengyuan stood on top of the city walls and looked at the distance from high up with complicated gazes. It was because they didn’t know how much longer peace like that could be continued for.


Suddenly, a dynasty elder flew from the heart of the dynasty itself, and landed on the city wall. He first respectfully saluted to the emperor as well as the many experts, then said with very slight agitation appearing, “Milord, reporting in. The army of the three clans has already entered the borders of the Nine Provinces, and is currently hurrying towards my Jiang Dynasty.”

“What? So fast? How many have come? What are their cultivation?!” Hearing those words, the faces of many experts changed greatly, as surprise and panic emerged onto their faces.

“They are approaching on air. The specific number of people is very difficult to be sure of, but they are at least in the Heaven realm. Other than humans, there are also many powerful Monstrous Beasts.” The elder replied.

“Then what about my Nine Provinces’ powers? Count the date. They should have already received the Summoning Order we sent out right? Why, up until now, there are no movements?” One expert asked.

“The Jie clan, Yuangang School, Fire God Valley, and other powers have yet to arrive within the borders of my Han Province.”

“And the scouts stationed at the various provinces report that they are organizing their troops right now, preparing to leave the continent of the Nine Provinces. I’m afraid that they won’t come to support us.” The elder replied.

“Truly damn it. It was a waste for the emperor to save their lives from the hands of the Monstrous Monkey King. Right now, they actually forget such kindness.” After knowing the news, all of the dynasty experts on scene were endlessly furious.

“Whatever, we should originally not rely on others for assistance on this matter. Besides, even if they came, so what? Can they stop the three dynasties’ three old ancestors in the 9th level of the Heaven realm?”

“As things are right now, we can only rely on the Royal Bloodline Attachment Formation that the former old ancestor left behind.” Just at that time, the emperor spoke.

“In my Jiang Dynasty, a hope like Wushang finally appeared with great difficulty. If some accident truly appears, what would we do then?” Jiang Hengyuan said with a face filled with worry.

“Yeah, milord, Senior Jiang is extremely correct. Right now, my Jiang Dynasty should think of ways to protect Wushang, and should get him quickly out of the Nine Provinces. How can we, at this time, let him borrow the power of the Royal Bloodline Attachment Formation to fight against the enemy? This is really too risky.” Many other experts went up and urged.

“If my dynasty doesn’t even exist, what use is hope? Besides, choosing to stay behind to borrow the power of the Royal Bloodline Attachment Formation in order to fight against the three dynasties was Wushang’s own decision. I am very happy to be able to have a son like him.” At that instant, the corners of the emperor’s mouth rose to form proud light smile.

And after hearing his words, the group of experts also lowered their heads and said nothing. They really didn’t know how to advise him otherwise.

“Milord, this isn’t good.” But just at that time, another dynasty expert pierced through the air and came. Moreover, his face was filled with panic.

“What’s the matter?” Seeing that, the crowd’s expression all changed slightly and asked at the same time.

“There is a group of people entering my dynasty’s borders, and are currently approaching quickly towards my dynasty. Their cultivation is almost all in the Heaven realm.” The expert replied.

“Is it possible that they have come so quickly?” After knowing that, everyone tightly furrowed their brows and cast their gazes towards the distance. Furthermore, an order was made. All troops of the Jiang Dynasty, prepare to face the enemy.

And as the Jiang Dynasty prepared to face a nasty battle and as everyone locked their nervous gazes towards the distant horizon, a group of figures finally appeared within their field of view. And when the people from the Jiang Dynasty saw that group of people, their originally solemn expressions instantly became joyful.

Because, they already recognized that the ones who were coming were not the armies of the three clans, but the people they were familiar with. It was Chu Feng. The group of powerful people Chu Feng led from the Azure Dragon School had come to support the Jiang Dynasty.