Chapter 507 - Dynasty Summoning Order

MGA: Chapter 507 - Dynasty Summoning Order

The Monstrous Monkey King helping the Azure Dragon Founder revive was a very tedious and complicated matter. It required a very lengthy period of time, needing at least one month.

To such high difficulty matters, with the Spirit Formations techniques that Chu Feng currently grasp, he could really not help out much.

As the Monstrous Monkey King discussed the specific steps with the Azure Dragon Founder regarding his revival, Chu Feng arrived in front of the Spirit Formation sealing Su Rou and Su Mei.

“You two girls… Two years has passed with a single sleep. Do you know how much I miss your voices, your smiles?”

Chu Feng sat in front of the Spirit Formation. Through the gaps, he was looking at the two beauties in the Spirit Formation, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help raising to form a hint of a peaceful smile.

Quite some time had passed since the Monstrous Monkey King saved Su Rou and Su Mei by thoroughly merging the Ice and Fire Pearls into their bodies, but the two of them had yet to reawaken.

At first, Chu Feng was still very worried, but very quickly, his nervousness became nothing and replacing it was unexpected and surprising joy.

It was because as Su Rou and Su Mei deeply slept, not only did they gradually recover their former appearances, as the colour of their faces became redder and redder, currently, they had a special atmosphere they didn’t have before. It was something that normal people did not have, so without a doubt, it was definitely affected by the pearls within their bodies.

But the thing that made Chu Feng most joyful was that as the two of them were in deep sleep, their auras started to rise. Currently, Su Rou already rose into the 6th level of the Profound realm, and even Su Mei’s cultivation rose into the 5th level of the Profound realm.

Unknowingly, their cultivations were actually quickly going to catch up to Chu Feng’s. To know that the reason why Chu Feng was able to have his current cultivation was because he experienced countless tribulations and cultivated a large amount of resources. It could be said that he paid an extremely huge price.

But the two girls found fortune in a disaster. They only slept deeply for roughly two years of time and their cultivation rose greatly. Moreover, it was clearly not their final realm. If it continued, when they were to wake up, perhaps they could even step into the Heaven realm.

Speaking honestly, facing that situation, even if it was Chu Feng, he felt a bit of admiration. However, even more so, he felt happy. After all, Su Rou and Su Mei were people he loved. If their cultivation became stronger, it was equal to having the power to protect themselves. It was exactly what Chu Feng hoped for.

“If the Jiang Dynasty can dissolve this danger, and both of you can also quickly awaken, follow me to the Eastern Sea Region to have a look. After all, you two, who have the two pearls, should also go check out that land.”

Chu Feng already made plans. If Su Rou and Su Mei could quickly awaken, he would bring them along to the Eastern Sea Region, and also let them join the Four Seas Academy together with Jiang Wushang and Zhang Tianyi.

With that, for the two of them, they would have greater developments. After all, joining the Four Seas Academy was equivalent to having a shelter, and relatively speaking, it would be safer.

As for Chu Feng himself, he temporarily already gave up the thought of joining the Four Seas Academy because he had to quickly raise his cultivation, and that required a large amount of cultivation resources.

But as cultivation resources were so precious, on the journey of retrieving them, it would be hard to avoid setting enmity with others. So, after Chu Feng entered the Eastern Sea Region, on the surface, he would act as if he didn’t know Zhang Tianyi, Jiang Wushang and the others. He would only meet up with them in the dark, so that in the future, the enemies he offend wouldn’t go and find Zhang Tianyi and the others for settling debts.

“Let me feel what kind of effects this thing has.”

Suddenly, Chu Feng took out the jade bottle containing the Spirit Formation Essence. Although he already knew how horrifying the Spirit Formation Essence was, being titled as a dangerous object that could not be refined, Chu Feng felt that it could be refined. The Divine Lightning in his body seemed to not fear any frenzied energy. As long as it was energy in between the heaven and the earth, they could all be absorbed by it.

So, Chu Feng opened the jade bottle and poured a drop of Spirit Formation Essence onto his hand. Just in case, he only licked it. Immediately, he felt a burst of wild gas exploding in his mouth.


At that instant, Chu Feng hurriedly closed his mouth, and while grinding his teeth, he forcefully swallowed the gas.

Just as it entered his throat, the wild gas attacked Chu Feng’s body. But just as it had indications of attacking, a burst of boundless suction power surged out of Chu Feng’s dantian, forcibly taking the frenzied gas into the dantian.

At the same time, chewing sounds came from his dantian.

At that moment, Chu Feng was endlessly ecstatic because the wild Spirit Formation Essence was exactly how Chu Feng expected it to be. It was consumed by the Divine Lightning in Chu Feng’s dantian without any negative effects at all. Moreover, with just a tiny bit, Chu Feng felt his aura strengthen a lot.

From then on, from little to more, Chu Feng swallowed the Spirit Formation Essence in the jade bottle bit by bit and after Chu Feng completely finished the bottle of Spirit Formation Essence, like a miracle, Chu Feng broke through. Broke into the 9th level of the Profound realm.

“This Spirit Formation Essence is indeed a good thing. With just this tiny bit, it made me break through one level of cultivation. If I get myself more of this, wouldn’t I have hope to step into the Heaven realm?” Chu Feng was very excited.

He was not only happy because the Spirit Formation Essence could be refined by him, but because the Divine Lightning could be fearless of such uncontrolled energy. Which means many things people could not refine and were viewed as dangerous, Chu Feng could take them as cultivation resources and refine them.

“Haha, Chu Feng, I had said it before. You don’t need to worry about cultivation resources because there are many types of cultivation resources in this world.”

“Right now, you believe me right? There are still many things like this Spirit Formation Essence in this world. To normal people, they are useless, and are even things that they keep a distance when seen, but to you, they have incomparable advantageous effects.”

“This continent of the Nine Provinces is only a tiny land. It is normal for this place to have few oddities, but I believe after you step into the Eastern Sea Region, there will be more and more things able to be used by you. Four years later, you may not have no chance.” Just at that time, Eggy also spoke. Actually, when Chu Feng consumed the Spirit Formation Essence just now, she also broke out in a cold sweat for Chu Feng. But, after seeing him succeed, from the bottom of her heart, she felt happy for Chu Feng.

“Mm, yeah. I look more and more forward to stepping on that land.” And after hearing Eggy’s words, Chu Feng was even more endlessly looking forward to the Eastern Sea Region.

After his cultivation broke through, Chu Feng didn’t go disturb the Monstrous Monkey King and the Azure Dragon Founder. He left the Thousand Bone Graveyard, but just as he returned to the vast palace, he discovered that Li Zhangqing was sitting inside with a face full of uneasiness.

After Li Zhangqing saw Chu Feng, he hurried ran up to him and said with somewhat panic, “Chu Feng, this isn’t good.”

“School Head, what happened?” Chu Feng puzzledly asked.

“Look at this.” Li Zhangqing handed a golden letter to Chu Feng.

The letter was sent by the Jiang Dynasty, and on the letter, three dazzling big words were written.

It was a——Dynasty Summoning Order!