Chapter 506 - Reviving the Ancestor

MGA: Chapter 506 - Reviving the Ancestor

“Monkey Bro, don’t worry. It’s not like I’m preparing to refine it, but such a precious and strange thing is really rarely seen. I want collect it and make it a memento.”

Chu Feng lightly smiled, then immediately after, engraved a small-scale Spirit Formation on the bottle. Afterwards, he inverted it, then a bundle of light shot out from the mouth of the bottle.

The areas that the radiance covered made the Spirit Formation Essence flow reversely in, and were all absorbed into the jade bottle. Just like that, with a blink of work, Chu Feng finishing collecting all of the Spirit Formation Essence and stuffed it into the Cosmos Sack.

“Boy, do not think of refining this thing or else it’ll cost your little life. Don’t blame me for not reminding you then!” The Monstrous Monkey King shot Chu Feng a glance, seeming to know Chu Feng’s plans, but did not go too deep and continued to walk forward.

“Heh.” Chu Feng chuckled, scratched his head, and also followed.

*ta* But before walking for far, the Monstrous Monkey King suddenly stopped. Quickly after, it waved his big sleeve and curled Chu Feng up, then along with him, speedily flew towards the direction they came from originally.

“Monkey Bro, what’s wrong? Did you feel that something was wrong?” To the Monstrous Monkey King’s sudden actions, Chu Feng guessed that it was definitely because he detected the aura of danger, or else with his nature, it would be impossible for him to escape so wildly.

“Just now, I felt two Evil Spirits in the 9th level of the Heaven realm. Luckily, they did not have Spirit power, so before they discovered you and me, I detected them first.”

“Or else, with my current cultivation, I might not have been able to escape from their hands. This Emperor Tomb is in chaos. Many barricades have been opened, and sooner or later, the Evil Spirits will discover that. When they run everywhere and kill each other, it will be even more dangerous. With our cultivation, we cannot enter the Emperor Tomb again from this place.” The Monstrous Monkey King explained.

Hearing those words, although Chu Feng was a bit unwilling to, he had no choice. Even the Monstrous Monkey King shrunk away, so with his tiny cultivation of the 1st level of the Heaven realm, what could he do?

Besides, on the road, they didn’t even see any treasures. Even the Secret Skill was made into a trap. Chu Feng felt that it was because of the black-clothed old man. With him opening up the road in front, even if Chu Feng continued taking risks and kept on going forward, he would not gain any benefits.

Benefits that were able to be seen would certainly be taken away by the black-clothed old man, so Chu Feng decided to just return to the Azure Dragon School.

After all, presently, the Jiang Dynasty had a disaster heading its way. It was likely that the entire continent of the Nine Provinces would sink into huge disarray.

At a time like this, he, and the Monstrous Monkey King, had to return to the Azure Dragon School to control the situation. Or else, with a mistake, the Azure Dragon School which hadn’t finished being rebuilt would very possibly die out completely.

Within the Azure Dragon Mountain Range, the rebuilding of the Azure Dragon School was in progress very successfully. Many main buildings were already finished being set up. There was a grand atmosphere, and compared to the former Azure Dragon School, it was many times more spectacular. No matter if it was scale or quality, both were raised a lot, and a flourishing appearance was manifesting everywhere.

Furthermore, at present, there were already disciples and elders living in many buildings. It could be seen that some disciples were cultivating and some disciples were conversing. There were many new faces, but all had extraordinary aptitude.

There were expressions of joy on everyone’s faces. However, they did not know that right now, the continent of the Nine Provinces was facing a calamity. At least the Jiang Dynasty, the huge power titled as the overlord of the Nine Provinces for many years, was very possibly going to be replaced by others, and that the continent was going to go into chaos.

After Chu Feng returned to the Azure Dragon School, he didn’t go see Li Zhangqing. He directly came to the center of the Azure Dragon School, to the vastest palace.

In this place, there were a few elders with quite decent strength, and because it was a forbidden area, when they saw a figure descending from the sky, all of them raised their guards, as though they were facing a grand enemy.

But after they clearly saw that person’s appearance, they hurriedly made way. Moreover, humble expressions filled their faces because they already recognized that the person who came was the one who did the meritorious deed of rebuilding the Azure Dragon School, Chu Feng.

After Chu Feng entered the palace, he walked into the underground palace. Within the underground palace, he laid a Spirit Formation, then very quickly, an entrance appeared. It was the entrance to the Thousand Bone Graveyard. However, above the current entrance, a grand structure covered it. So, this place also became a forbidden area.

After arriving at the Thousand Bone Graveyard, Chu Feng told the Azure Dragon Founder all about opening the Emperor Tomb, as well as the Jiang Dynasty facing a disaster.

“Chu Feng, we cannot do nothing and ignore this matter.” After knowing everything, the Azure Dragon Founder tightly knitted his brows and solemnly said.

“Ancestor, actually, I also want to help the Jiang Dynasty. After all, right now, the labour for rebuilding of the Azure Dragon School is from the Jiang Dynasty. Everyone in the continent of the Nine Provinces know that my Azure Dragon School’s relationship with the Jiang Dynasty is not simple.”

“So, if the three dynasties truly want to eradicate the Jiang Dynasty, my Azure Dragon School will most likely not avoid destruction. However, with our strengths, I’m afraid we cannot save the Jiang Dynasty.” Chu Feng shook his head.

“Chu Feng, is the Purple-cloak World Spiritist you told me about last time still here?” After thinking for a while, the Azure Dragon Founder asked.

“You’re talking about Monkey Bro? Yes, it’s said that the Monstrous Beasts of the Thousand Monster Mountain will live and die with the Azure Dragon School.” Chu Feng replied.

“Mm. I never would have thought that this Monstrous Beast would be filled with such strong camaraderie. Whatever. As things are right now, there is no other way. Tell it to come, I have something I need its help for.” The Azure Dragon Founder said.

“Ancestor, is it possible that you mean?” Chu Feng couldn’t help but rejoice, as he already heard the meaning behind his words.

“Little boy, you truly ask even though you already know the answer.” The Azure Dragon Founder shook his head with a bitter smile, then said, “Back then, the Jiang Dynasty has showed me kindness as well, so I can’t just watch them die out like this. Besides, when the other dynasties come to rule the continent of the Nine Provinces, they may not kindly treat the forces and citizens here.”

“So, I want to allow that Monstrous Beast help me revive, to use my set of old bones to help the Jiang Dynasty, and to fight against the three dynasties.”

“Mm, I understand ancestor. I’ll go right now.” Although he already expected it, when the Azure Dragon Founder personally spoke those words, Chu Feng was still unendingly excited.

After that, Chu Feng told the Monstrous Monkey King about the Azure Dragon Founder. After knowing that the Azure Dragon Founder was in this world currently, even it was shocked. After all, after one thousand years, no matter if it was man or consciousness, they should be destroyed.

However, being shocked was being shocked. The Monstrous Monkey King did not ask much and straightforwardly agreed to Chu Feng’s request. Agreed to help the Azure Dragon Founder resurrect.

So, Chu Feng brought the Monstrous Monkey King and entered the Thousand Bone Graveyard to meet with the Azure Dragon Founder.

And seeing his strong consciousness and complete corpse, as well as the special pearl, the Monstrous Monkey King was endlessly shocked.

However, facing a complete Source energy from an expert in the peak of the Heaven realm, as well as a mysterious treasure pearl with special power, the Monstrous Monkey King did not have any plundering actions.

Rather, it changed its usual untamed attitude and respectfully said to the Azure Dragon Founder, “Azure Dragon Founder. In terms of age, you are my senior; in terms of status, you are my brother’s ancestor. Tell me, what do I need to do in order to help you revive?!”