Chapter 514 - Reversing the Battle Situation

MGA: Chapter 514 - Reversing the Battle Situation

The sudden scene that came shocked all who noticed it. Especially the two emperors who were still in the air. Their faces suddenly changed, and they loudly questioned, “Who are you?”

“The person who will have your lives.” Chu Feng coldly smiled, then stuck out his hand and grabbed the air. A burst of boundless suction power explosively surged out.

“Ahh!” And with that burst of power, the two emperors who were both in the 8th level of the Heaven realm actually didn’t have any strength to escape. They both fell down and crashed in front of Chu Feng.

After the two crashed, Chu Feng suddenly extended his hand again and with two bangs, punched the area of their dantian.

“Ahh~~~~~” The two punches caused the Liu Dynasty’s and Ji Dynasty’s emperor to immediately cry out. A large mouthful of blood was sprayed as they covered their dantian area with their hands and started to unendingly roll on the ground.

Although Chu Feng’s two punches didn’t destroy their cultivation, it heavily injured the two of them. At least temporarily, they were the same as two useless people, as they lost the battle power they had before.

“Chu Feng, you!” At that instant, not a single person’s face on scene didn’t change greatly because they were able to feel that currently, Chu Feng’s aura was only in the 8th level of the Heaven realm. Moreover, it was extremely unstable. But even so, Chu Feng was still able to easily kill the three emperors if he wished to.

To know for the later stages of the Heaven realm, the distance between every single level was extremely big, yet Chu Feng was relying on the unstable cultivation and killed a genuine person in the 8th level of the Heaven realm. It was truly difficult for them to be not shocked.

Chu Feng did not pay attention to their stunned gazes. He abruptly extended his two arms, formed two eagle’s claws with his hands, grabbed the collars of the two emperor, and said to them, “Yell for help.”

“What?!” The two emperors, who were receiving sharp pain, were both taken aback by the words coming from Chu Feng suddenly.

*bam bam* Seeing that, Chu Feng didn’t waste any breath. He raised his arm and gave their faces two big slaps. Afterwards, he said, “I told you to yell for help. If you don’t, I’ll destroy the root of your lives. [1]

“You...” Hearing those words, their faces instantly greened. Despite being unendingly furious, they didn’t dare to retort. So, they loudly howled towards the sky, “Help!”

After those words were spoken, they were like claps of thunder, attracting the attention of everyone in the Jiang Dynasty. Especially the people from the three clans. They dashed and flew over from the dynasty’s core zone. Even the three old ancestors, who didn’t attack yet and were just sitting, watching the liveliness, immediately came over.

And when the three old ancestors saw the scene on the ground, their originally calm faces couldn’t help but change because they never would have thought that of their three sons, at present, one was dead and two were injured.

“Who killed my son?! I will have his life!” Seeing his son, who he meticulously raised for many years, killed by someone, the old ancestor of the Zhao Dynasty was incomparably enraged. He furiously howled, and ignoring all reason, he directly threw a punch to the ground.

That punch was extremely horrifying. Before he even descended, the ground already intensely trembled. Countless cracks spread, and a large area of land collapsed.

Not to mention the people in the Profound realm, even the people in the Heaven realm could not hold back such horrifying pressure. At that instant, they were forced to lay on the ground, and they could not stand up.


But just at that time, Chu Feng threw out a punch. With a boom, he actually dissolved the palm of the Zhao Dynasty’s old ancestor with his own power.

“Senior Hengyuan, look after these two.” Chu Feng threw the two emperors to the front of Jiang Hengyuan. Quickly after, he loudly howled to the sky, “Your son was killed by me! If you can, come!” As he spoke, Chu Feng had already risen into the air and fought against the Zhao Dynasty’s old ancestor.

“This brat is truly looking to die!” Seeing that, the Liu Dynasty’s old ancestor coldly snorted, then prepared to attack.

“Wait.” However, before he made his move, he was stopped by the Ji Dynasty’s old ancestor on the side. After looking down at the two emperors who were under Jiang Hengyuan’s control, he sent a mental message to the Liu Dynasty’s old ancestor, saying, “Look carefully. Your son and my son, right now, are in their hands. If we attack at this time, they will be in danger.”


“Are we just going to watch as that old guy fights that brat alone? He doesn’t seem to be simple!” The Liu Dynasty’s old ancestor was a bit worried for the Zhao Dynasty’s old ancestor.

“Don’t worry. Although that brat’s battle power is strong, something’s off with his aura. If I’m not mistaken, he should have either used special Forbidden Medicine or used a special formation to borrow some power. It is impossible for him to be victorious.” The Ji Dynasty’s old ancestor said.

“That’s...true! Your observation is really quite detailed.” The Liu Dynasty’s old ancestor looked carefully, and discovered that indeed, it was as he said. Chu Feng’s aura was very unstable, so only then did he calm down.

“Old ancestor of the Liu Dynasty, old ancestor of the Ji Dynasty! Tell your clan members to stop or else I’ll kill your sons!” Jiang Hengyuan was an intelligent person, so in the instant Chu Feng threw the two emperors to him, he understood his intentions. Thus, without hesitation, he currently used Heaven power to howl loudly towards the sky.

After those words were spoken, all experts from the Liu Dynasty and Ji Dynasty cast their gazes towards the two old ancestors in the sky.

And though the two old ancestors didn’t speak, they gestured with their hands. After seeing the hand gestures, the experts from the two clans came to the two old ancestors’ side and no longer attacked the people from the Jiang Dynasty.

In a situation like that, only the people from the Zhao Dynasty were still attacking the Jiang Dynasty.

But as the emperor was already dead, and the old ancestor was being bound, the Zhao Dynasty itself was clearly unable to defeat the Jiang Dynasty.

With the assistance of many Monstrous Beasts and many World Spirit Guild experts, the Jiang Dynasty’s situation quickly turned from bad to good, and actually started to slaughter the people from the Zhao Dynasty.

“Liu clan, Ji clan, what are you doing? Why aren’t you attacking and helping me kill this brat?!” Noticing that his two allies were actually merely observing with their hands in their sleeves, the old ancestor of the Zhao Dynasty furiously howled.

Sigh, your opponent is only a brat, and he only has the cultivation of the 8th level of the Heaven realm. If the three of us join hands to take care of a brat like him, and this gets known, we will not be able to avoid being the laughingstock in other people’s mouths. It’s better if you take care of him yourself.” The Ji Dynasty’s old ancestor said while smiling.

“Yeah, Brother Zhao, that brat only borrowed some special power and it isn’t his real cultivation. I’m sure with your abilities, it shouldn’t be hard to defeat him.” The Liu Dynasty’s old ancestor also smiled.

“You two old things are indeed not trustworthy!” Seeing his own clan members being reversely killed currently, the Zhao Dynasty’s old ancestor grinded his teeth from anger.

“Haha, old bastard! Your allies aren’t too reliable. They are already selling you out so quickly!” As Chu Feng fought against the Zhao Dynasty’s old ancestor, he sent a mental message to ridicule.