Chapter 503 - Brothers Killing Each Other

MGA: Chapter 503 - Brothers Killing Each Other

“Evil Spirit, how about you cooperate with me?” Suddenly, the supreme elder looked at the Evil Spirit and said.

“Cooperate? How so?” Hearing those words, an eerie voice also came from the Evil Spirit’s mouth.

“It will be very difficult to defeat him if you fight him one-on-one. I’ll help you kill him, but you guarantee my exit. How about it?” The supreme elder coldly smiled and said.

“Haha, of course that’s good! As long as you help me kill this guy, I will definitely release you. I believe in honesty the most. Gaga~” As the Evil Spirit insanely laughed loudly, it strengthened its attacks towards the dynasty’s old ancestor.

“Big Brother, what are you saying? Not only are you not helping me, you are actually cooperating with the Evil Spirit to kill me?” At that instant, the old ancestor was really abruptly shocked.

“Hmph. You still recognize me to be your big brother? I am dozens of years older than you, I have greater seniority than you, and my talent is also no weaker than yours, but Father concentrated on raising you. Not only did he raise your cultivation to a higher point than mine, he even made you the emperor.”

“Right now, you are also my dynasty’s old ancestor, and I, who has the greatest seniority, is only some dog butt supreme elder. Ha!”

“I hate you. I thoroughly hate you. I hate that you call me ‘Big Brother’ all day in such a fake manner, yet took away everything that belongs to me.”

“For this day, I have waited for a very long time. I will kill you now. I will personally kill you.” At that instant, it was as if the supreme elder went insane. His face was sinister, and he fully revealed his killing intent.

At the same time, on his forehead, he released a golden, dazzling “royal” character. Clearly, he also used the special Royal Bloodline unique to the Jiang Dynasty, causing his battle power to multiply.

Furthermore, a golden big blade appeared in his hand. It was a Elite Armament. A Mastered Elite Armament. At that instant, the supreme elder’s atmosphere was completely different, already infinitely nearing the 9th level of the Heaven realm.

*boom* Suddenly, an explosion resonated. But it had to be said that the dynasty’s old ancestor was truly very strong. Even though his own elder brother held a Elite Armament as well as joining hands with the horrifying Evil Spirit that aimed its attacks towards him, he was still not disadvantaged. Rather, fighting two as one, he became more and more courageous as he fought.

“It is useless. Even if you interfere, with only your cultivation of the 8th level of the Heaven realm, it is useless. You wish to kill me, but today, you will only be killed by me.” The old ancestor coldly snorted. His battle power actually got stronger and stronger, and with his own power, he continuously pressed the Evil Spirit and the supreme elder back.

“So powerful. There is also a difference in strength for bloodline power, and this old ancestor’s bloodline is clearly above his elder brother’s. No wonder back then, their father chose him to be the emperor. If their bloodlines were discussed, the old ancestor is indeed superior.”

The current Chu Feng already arrived at the exit of the palace. As he tried to break the Blue-coloured Spirit Formation, he paid attention to the battle in the core of the palace. He could already tell that the old ancestor’s talent indeed surpassed his elder brother’s.

However, even though Chu Feng was also a Blue-cloak World Spiritist, the strength of the Spirit Formation laid by World Spiritists was related to their own cultivation. So, it was truly not easy for Chu Feng to want to break the Spirit Formation within a short amount of time.

In order to prevent any unanticipated changes, Chu Feng could only give up breaking the entire Spirit Formation and instead, concentrated on one point because as long as a tiny crack could appear, Chu Feng would have ways to send out news to call the Monkey King to save himself.


But just at that time, in the middle of the palace, dazzling brilliance was suddenly emitted. Turning his head back to look, a lotus flower the size of a washbowl, which shot radiance in all directions, appeared in the hand of the supreme elder.

The lotus flower’s aura was extremely horrifying, simply several times more horrifying than Elite Armaments. However, it was clearly not a Elite Armament. It seemed more like a Sovereign Treasure that could only be used once.

“The Golden Radiance Lotus Flower! You are actually using it to attack me?!”

Seeing the golden-coloured lotus flower, the old ancestor’s face also changed greatly. He hurriedly stopped attacking and retreated. At the same time, radiance flashed in his palm, and a crimson longsword appeared in his palm as well. It was a Elite Armament, and similarly, a Mastered Elite Armament. Facing the Golden Radiance Lotus Flower, even he had to seriously face it.

“This Golden Radiance Lotus Flower is an Offensive Sovereign Treasure. There is only one in the entire Jiang Dynasty and it can kill any person under the Martial lord realm. In that year, Father felt that he owed me as he gave the position of emperor to you, so he bestowed this Golden Radiance Lotus Flower to me for protecting myself.”

“But no matter what, he never would have expected that today, I will use the Sovereign Treasure he granted me to kill the son he likes and admires the most!”


Suddenly, the supreme elder loudly laughed, and the more he laughed, the more sinister it was. As he loudly laughed, a baneful glare emerged into the nearby Evil Spirit’s eyes as it hiddenly said, “Treacherous humans, killing one another. However, both of you will die by my hands. I will not let any one of you go.”

“Go die!” Finally, the supreme elder attacked. The Golden Radiance Lotus Flower in his hand was abruptly thrown. The complete lotus flower immediately fragmented, becoming countless golden arrows. With powerful might, they explosively shot towards the dynasty’s old ancestor.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh*

“Crimson Dragon Heaven Covering Shield!”

Seeing that, the longsword in the old ancestor’s hand waved and a huge dragon actually burst out. The huge dragon’s body occupied the space in front of him and formed a Crimson shield there, blocking several golden radiances.

The power of the golden radiance was very strong. It interweaved with the dragon shield and actually made cracks appear on it from the collision. But ultimately, it was still unable to break through the barrier of the dragon shield and were all stopped.

“Hmph. It’s useless. You underestimate me too much. Although this Golden Radiance Lotus Flower is very powerful, Father has already passed down the way to break it to me. This Crimson Dragon Sword is equipped with both attack and defense, and the Crimson Dragon Heaven Covering Shield, when used, can precisely stop your Golden Radiance Lotus Flower.” The dynasty’s old ancestor said, while his face was filled with complacent.

“Haha, of course I know that the Crimson Dragon Heaven Covering Shield Father passed down to you can break my Golden Radiance Lotus Flower. So that is why I haven’t made my move on you until today. However, despite being powerful, your Crimson Dragon Heaven Covering Shield has both advantages and detriments. It consumes too much power. It is a move that damages yourself.”

“Don’t forcefully hold on. Right now, your body is injured internally and your strength has been greatly diminished. You have already lost over half of your battle power.” The supreme elder coldly smiled and said.

“You!” Hearing those words, the old ancestor’s expression instantly changed greatly. His originally reddish face immediately turned deathly-white, bloodless. At the same time, he opened his mouth, and with a poof, a mouthful of old blood sprayed out, splattering all over his clothes. He powerlessly fell onto the ground, and his aura already became extremely weak.

“Evil Spirit, what are you waiting for? His Source energy is yours.” The supreme elder said to the Evil Spirit.

“Gagaga, my thanks.” The Evil Spirit madly laughed and made a light, sinister smile. He pounced towards the old ancestor, opened its large mouth, and actually wanted to swallow him in one go.

“Crimson Dragon Heaven Breaking Sword!”

But just as the Evil Spirit neared, the old ancestor’s face suddenly turned better. His feeble aura actually regained its peak state, and simultaneously, the Crimson Dragon Heaven Breaking Sword in his hand suddenly flew out, became golden radiance that was several feet long, and with bursts of dragon roars, it directly pierced through the Evil Spirit.