Chapter 504 - One's Own Selfishness

MGA: Chapter 504 - One's Own Selfishness

*aoo~~~* The Crimson Dragon Sword entered from the Evil Spirit’s large mouth, and exited from his buttocks. It pierced through its entire body, causing it to immediately howl in misery, being endlessly in pain.

“Ignorant Evil Spirit! You truly think that we two brothers would kill ourselves? We were only intentionally acting to make you lower your guard, and make the fatal strike afterwards.”

“The Golden Radiance Lotus Flower just now was a fake one. That one only had might, but no real offensive power, tricking everyone other than us two brothers.” The dynasty’s old ancestor coldly smiled and said.

“Evil Spirits are Evil Spirits. You have strength, but not brains. Hahaha...” At the same time, the supreme elder also mockingly laughed loudly.

“Damned humans, you are extremely despicable! I’ll kill you!” The Evil Spirit was thoroughly furious. It originally wanted to plot against the two of them, but it didn’t expect to be already plotted against from the very start.

So, it used its heavily injured body to release all of its power, wanting to use its everything to die with the old ancestor.

“Is you right now able to fight against me?”

However, he did not give it any chance. The Crimson Dragon Sword in his hand waved again, causing a crimson dragon to be detached from the sword, colliding into the Evil Spirit. With that strike only, the Evil Spirit was shattered. Not to mention residue, there wasn’t even any aura left behind.

“Big Brother, the Golden Radiance Lotus Flower you imitated is truly useful. It is simply the exact same as a real Golden Radiance Lotus Flower. When you used it just now, even I almost assumed it was real, so that’s why I used the Crimson Dragon Heaven Covering Shield to block it.” After killing the Evil Spirit, the dynasty’s old ancestor lightly smiled and said.

“Yeah. Father bestowed this Golden Radiance Lotus Flower to me and it has absolute offensive power. I have always been unwilling to use it.”

“However, I meticulously studied it. I created an imitation that has the same might as the Golden Radiance Lotus Flower. Although its true offensive strength is very weak, it can at least scare people.” As the supreme elder spoke, a Golden Radiance Lotus Flower appeared once again on his palm.

“But even though this is an imitation, it more or less has some offensive power. Why not use your Spirit Formation to feel what level of power this imitation has?” The supreme elder smilingly said.

“This...” At that instant, the old ancestor’s face slightly changed and originally wanted to say something.

“Go!” But at the same time, the supreme elder had already flicked his big sleeve. The Golden Radiance Lotus Flower in his hand left it, flew, became several golden arrows, and explosively shot towards the dynasty’s old ancestor.

Seeing that, the old ancestor did not panic, nor did he wave his sword to block. He said, “Big Brother’s Golden Radiance Lotus Flower is getting more and more realistic. Indeed, it can scare away quite a few experts. As for the power, let me analyze it for you.”

As he spoke, he waved his clothes. A layer of weak Spirit Formation appeared in front of him, as he wanted to use it to block the imitation Golden Radiance Lotus Flower.

*bang bang bang bang bang*

However, as the several golden arrows interweaved with the Spirit Formation, the Spirit Formation was actually shattered immediately. Simultaneously, the several golden arrows instantly accelerated, and with horrifying might, they shot straight towards the dynasty’s old ancestor.

“Crap.” In the moment the Spirit Formation was broken, the old ancestor’s originally calm face instantly changed greatly because he astonishedly discovered that the Golden Radiance Lotus Flower was not fake. It was real.

But when he discovered that, it was already too late. He would not make it if he were to dodge, so he could only forcibly defend against the attack.

Thus, as he willed, layers of purple-coloured Spirit Formation unendingly came out from his body to block the approaching golden arrows.

*bang bang bang bang bang*

Bursts of explosions endlessly went out in front of the dynasty’s old ancestor, but the layers of purple-coloured Spirit Formation also endlessly shattered. At the end, several golden radiances all struck the body of the dynasty’s old ancestor.


But just as the golden arrows struck the old ancestor’s body, his golden robe gave off dazzling golden brilliance and interweaved with the golden arrows.

“Elite Armament, Pure Dragon Robe. I already knew that Father must also have gave this Elite Armament to you.”

“However, do not underestimate my Golden Radiance Lotus Flower. Although it can only be used once, if I channel all my power into it, even the Pure Dragon Robe cannot block it.”

Suddenly, the supreme elder explosively shouted. The golden arrows then abruptly detonated. Bursts of explosions endlessly rang out, and countless berserk ripples constantly swept and spread on the old ancestor’s body,

“Dammit! This supreme elder is actually attacking his dynasty’s old ancestor! What exactly is happening?”

At that instant, Chu Feng was endlessly shocked. He originally thought that the danger in front of his eyes was already dissolved, but he did not expect the supreme elder to suddenly change his face again. Moreover, the attacks right now clearly harmed the dynasty’s old ancestor already because even though the old ancestor had a Elite Armament protecting him, such a terrifying attack would definitely cause heavy injuries on his body.

“Screw it!”

Although he was still unclear what was happening between the old ancestor and the supreme elder, Chu Feng felt that the situation in front of him was already not good. So, with his full power, he finally made a crack in the blue-coloured Spirit Formation.

Quickly after, Chu Feng overlaid his palms. A flash of radiance came from the middle of his hands, then he opened them once again. A fingernail-size blue-coloured crystal object had appeared on his palm.

Chu Feng patted his palm towards the crack. A slightly weak ripple spread, and when he retracted his palm, the crack in the blue-coloured Spirit Formation already disappeared, but the blue-coloured crystal object pierced through the Spirit Formation, became a blur of light, and flew out of the palace.

“Ahh!” But at the same time, the horrifying ripples finally dissipated. The body of dynasty’s old ancestor appeared within Chu Feng’s line of sight once again.

The current old ancestor’s body, other than the areas covered by the golden long robe, was horribly mangled. There were even some places that revealed eerie white bones. Even his face was no exception. It was extremely horrifying.

Although he blocked the Golden Radiance Lotus Flower, his body did indeed receive heavy injuries. Currently, his aura was feeble. Not to mention continuing to fight, if he remained in that state, he would quickly die.

“Why? Why attack me? Let me at least die with some understanding.” The dynasty’s old ancestor said.

“Oh brother, don’t blame me. I don’t care about something like the position of emperor. I also don’t care about the love Father has given to you. Even more so, I don’t care about all the fame and wealth being taken by you.”

“What I do care about is whether I die or live, but I, I have already reached the year of death. But I don’t want to die!”

“In these years, I have always been searching for a method to prolong my life. I’ve tried various immortal grasses and divine medicines, but the effects were extremely minuscule. The ones with the best effect were only the Year Prolongation Immortal Grasses.”

“But you also know that those things are very precious. So precious that even you aren’t willing to buy some even as your life reaches the end. So, I shouldn’t even hope for you to buy me some.”

“Hence, when the Ji Dynasty, Zhao Dynasty, and Liu Dynasty joined hands to take out ten Year Prolongation Immortal Grasses in exchange for your life, I agreed.” The supreme elder lightly smiled and said.

“Big Brother, you are truly stupid.”

*cough cough cough* Hearing those words, the dynasty’s old ancestor was furious. He first violently coughed a few times, then said, “How many years has the Ji clan, Zhao clan, and Liu clan wanted to invade my Jiang Dynasty?”

“At present, in the Jiang Dynasty, the only one able to fight against them is me. You helping them right now is not only as simple as killing me. You are sending my entire Jiang Dynasty to the grave!”

“Hoh, if you truly feared them, you wouldn’t be taking a risk by coming here to open the Emperor Tomb.” The supreme elder coldly smiled. Quickly after, he said, “Besides, what does the existence of the Jiang Dynasty have to do with me? I only care how long my own life can last for.”