Chapter 502 - A Strange Smile

MGA: Chapter 502 - A Strange Smile

“Hmph. You make it sound nice, but what if you scheme for the Secret Skill and secretly attack my brother?” The Monstrous Monkey King did not believe him.

“Hoh, if you truly have such thoughts, then I won’t argue with you. Since you have such distrust in me, it’s fine that you go in with Chu Feng. I can guard outside with the crowd.” The dynasty’s old ancestor shook his head while smiling.

“Monkey Bro, I believe Senior Jiang will not harm me. Don’t worry.”

Just at that time, Chu Feng spoke. He had to speak because of the cooperation relationship between him, the Monstrous Monkey King, and the Jiang Dynasty. If, at a time like this, some conflicts started to appear, it would definitely create detrimental effects and harm their cooperation in the future.

Seeing that, the Monstrous Monkey King didn’t feel it was too good to say much more. So, it nodded and said, “Okay then. Since my brother agrees, I won’t say any more.”

“Fifth Brother, I’ll go in with you two. If there are truly some dangers inside, we can look after each other if we join powers.” Just at that time, the supreme elder, who had the highest age in the Jiang Dynasty, spoke.

Although his position was inferior to the old ancestor, his seniority was larger than him, being the elder brother of the old ancestor.

“Mm, that’s fine.” The old ancestor also agreed. His elder brother had been living for so many years. Tossing aside his strength and not talking about it, his battle experience could be said to be extremely abundant. With his elder brother accompanying him, if they met with any troubles, things would be quite a bit easier.

Quickly after, Chu Feng, accompanied by the dynasty’s old ancestor and the supreme elder, walked into the strange but special grand structure.

Not only was the special structure’s outer appearance strange, the internal decorations were very strange as well. After many lefts and rights, Chu Feng and the others finally walked to the important area. At that very instant, what appeared in front of their eyes was a vast circular palace.

On the surrounding walls of the vast palace, there were murals made by special materials, and for every mural, a unique bird was carved. Doubtlessly, the beautiful and overbearing bird was called the Vermilion Bird.

As for the content of the murals, they were about the Vermilion Bird battling different types of Monstrous Beasts, and with none of them ending up with defeat. To sum it up, every single mural was depicting the powerful strength of the Vermilion Bird.

In the core area of the palace, there was even a ten-foot tall statue. It was also a Vermilion Bird, but the statue could absolutely be said to be the work of ghosts and gods, being vividly carved.

In addition, a special Spirit Formation was bestowed upon the statue. It was surrounded by layers of flame-like brilliance, and seemed extremely divine. As if it wasn’t a statue but truly a Vermilion Bird.

“Chu Feng, I believe that the Secret Skill is sealed within this statue. After I destroy this seal, it’ll be up to you.” The dynasty’s old ancestor smilingly said to Chu Feng.

“Don’t worry Senior Jiang, I will do my best.”

Before coming to this place, they had already drew up a complete plan. It was to first search for the Secret Skill at the entrance and let Chu Feng subdue it.

But before subduing it, Chu Feng was to first extract some information about the Emperor Tomb from the Secret Skill to allow them to more easily go deeper in.

“Mm.” Seeing that, the dynasty’s old ancestor smiled and didn’t hesitate as well. He walked up and started to lay an Opening Spirit Formation. After a moment of laying, a vast purple-coloured Spirit Formation was condensed out.

“Break!” After finishing the Spirit Formation, the dynasty’s old ancestor explosively yelled. The vast purple-coloured formation was like the eruption of a volcano. Layers of purple-coloured bodies of light were sprayed out, interweaving with the red-coloured aura surrounding the statue and was actually engulfing it.

“So powerful. The methods of a Purple-cloak World Spiritist are indeed impressive.” Seeing the special Spirit Formation being gradually broken through, Chu Feng sighed in admiration in his heart. The Spirit Formation was very strong. If he were to try and break it open, he would definitely not be able to.

But when the dynasty’s old ancestor came to break it, it was actually only a short moment of work to successfully break through. From that, it could be seen that there was a huge distance between a Blue-cloak World Spiritist and a Purple-cloak World Spiritist.


Finally, the Spirit Formation was thoroughly destroyed. Simultaneously, a wicked howl also rang out quickly after. Horrifying aura instantly permeated throughout the entire palace.

“This is bad.”

At that instant, the old ancestor hiddenly cursed because not only did he feel aura that was not inferior to him, he also felt a burst of killing intent which pounced at him.

*boom* Suddenly, an explosion resounded. The statue actually blew up, and at the same time, a huge monster also appeared in the middle of the palace.

That monster had an extremely terrifying appearance. Sharp and pointed teeth, both eyes blood-red, a dark-green aura up and down its entire body. Moreover, it emanated the aura of the 9th level of the Heaven realm.

*wuao* In the first instant the monster appeared, it furiously howled then quickly after, a huge claw along with boundless power slammed down towards the old ancestor.

“Haa!” Seeing that, without delay, the old ancestor angrily shouted, then layers of Heaven power explosively surged out. At the same time, faint radiance emitted from his body and on his forehead, a dazzling golden “royal” character appeared.

At that instant, the might of the dynasty’s old ancestor multiplied. Looking purely at his outer appearance, he simply didn’t even seem like a mortal, but more like a deity.

And his strength even rose by several times and was actually not the slightest bit weaker than the dark-green monster in front of him. In a blink, the two horrifying existences, who had overwhelming strength, fought against one another.

“This isn’t right. This monster is not a Secret Skill. Clearly, it is a vicious Evil Spirit.”

Chu Feng tightly furrowed his brows. Not to mention its appearance, just from its aura, Chu Feng was able to determine that the thing sealed within the stone statue was not a Secret Skill, but an Evil Spirit.

“Chu Feng, run! Leave this place! There isn’t a Secret Skill here! It’s a trap!” Suddenly, dynasty’s old ancestor loudly yelled.

Seeing the old ancestor who fought against the Evil Spirit yet did not gain too big of an advantage, Chu Feng bit his teeth, then leaped and aimed to rush out of the palace, wanting to ask the Monstrous Monkey King and the others for help.

*hmm* However, just as Chu Feng was going to move, he discovered at the exit of the palace, a layer of blue-coloured Spirit Formation covered it. Furthermore, a weak figure appeared in front of the exit, obstructing the road of retreat.

It was the elder brother of the old ancestor, the supreme elder of the Jiang Dynasty. Not only was the existence of the 8th level of the Heaven realm not helping the old ancestor at that moment, he even sealed the exit of the palace.

“Senior, what are you doing?” From the supreme elder’s body, he felt the aura of danger. So, he did not go close and loudly questioned.

“Big Brother, what are you doing? Quickly let Chu Feng out!” And with Chu Feng’s shouts, the dynasty’s old ancestor also discovered the change over there and furiously interrogated.

However, the supreme elder did not speak any words. He only lightly squinted his eyes, and then the corners of his mouth rose to form a hint of a strange smile.