Chapter 501 - Vermilion Bird Revival Technique

MGA: Chapter 501 - Vermilion Bird Revival Technique

“Crap. Not only has that terrifying old man not left, he even came to this place!”

“With his strength, he can definitely gain huge benefits in this Emperor Tomb. If he takes away everything, wouldn’t our trip here be wasted?”

At that instant, Chu Feng hiddenly cursed. He didn’t believe that the black-clothed old man would give him any benefits even if he were to get any in the Emperor Tomb. Even if he truly did give him some of the so-called reward, it would certainly not be anything too precious.

After all, the two of them didn’t know one another and they met only by chance. He didn’t own him anything, so he had no need to give him any benefits.

But right now, Chu Feng could also not say anything. He could only feign ignorance and continue going forward with the people from the Jiang Dynasty.

At first, it was still good. Everything was normal. They only met a few Evil Spirits on the way, but they were all killed by them. As they walked, they had unstoppable might.

“Wait.” However, suddenly, the Monstrous Monkey King who was walking at the very front stopped its forwarding steps and spoke, “Something’s wrong.”

“What’s the matter?” Hearing those words, everyone became nervous and asked puzzledly.

"There should be both guardians and obstructions in this Emperor Tomb, yet on the road, we have only met guardians, but not any restrictions or obstructions.” The Monstrous Monkey King said.

“Senior, could it be that you mean someone has come to this place before us, and have already broke the obstructions in this place? The emperor asked.

“That’s right. That possibility is very high.” The Monstrous Monkey King said.

“That shouldn’t be possible right? If it is truly like so, some traces of destruction would at least be left behind, but on the way here, I haven’t seen any signs of things being broken.” The emperor doubtfully said.

“If that person has extremely powerful strength and also grasps extremely skilled Spirit Formation techniques, he could avoid the detection of the guardians and not leave any traces of obstruction destruction.”

“Think carefully. Many of the things guarding this place are Evil Spirits. These things are innately vicious. They even consume and refine their own species and kill each other.”

“But on the way, the Evil Spirits we met had different strengths, both weak and strong. However, they were orderly guarding in a single area and did not kill one another.”

“This only states one thing. It’s that the barricades before separated them and only because of that did it force them to guard in one place with discipline. Right now, the barricades have been destroyed. However, they still do not know. Thus, they continue guarding in their own places with order.” The Monstrous Monkey King explained.


At that instant, some people started to become uneasy because the words the Monstrous Monkey King said were indeed reasonable. With the Evil Spirits’ nature, if there wasn’t a special barricade separating them, it would not be possible for them to guard in their areas with control. They should definitely be flipping the heavens already.

“Senior, you must be thinking too much. The strength of this Emperor Tomb’s master is unfathomably deep. The methods he grasp may not be comprehensible by us.”

“Perhaps he already laid barriers which separates Evil Spirits, restricts only Evil Spirits, and are undetectable by us?”

After the emperor spoke, everyone nodded their heads again and felt that it made sense. After all, people were suspecting that the master of this tomb was the Divine Body ten thousand years ago. There were many opinions regarding the rumours of that person, but not a single one of them wasn’t strange, mystical, and mysterious. Besides, the methods of a Martial Emperor was indeed not something they could understand.

“I hope it is like so.” The Monstrous Monkey King didn’t bother arguing with the crowd. It curled its lips and didn’t say much more, continuing to lead the road forward.

“There is reason in the monkey king’s words. ‘If you are careful, you can steer a ten thousand year old ship.’ Everyone, it is better to be a bit more careful.” Just at that time, the dynasty’s old ancestor spoke.

After he spoke, everyone couldn’t help nodding their heads. After all, no matter if it was strength or position, that person was superior to them. Other than the Monstrous Monkey King, it was likely that no one dared to disobey his words.

At that instant, only Chu Feng understood in his heart that the Monstrous Monkey King was correct. If no accidents happened, the black-clothed old man should have already broke into the Emperor Tomb before them.

And there were two possibilities why the black-clothed old man only broke the obstructions but not kill the guardians.

First, he didn’t want to let those people know he arrived at that place. It would also be why he sent a mental message to Chu Feng and didn’t grandly show himself.

Second, he intentionally wanted to use the guardians to stop Chu Feng and the others, and wanted to make Chu Feng and the others know the danger and retreat.

But no matter which point it was, Chu Feng felt that he couldn’t tell the crowd about the black-clothed old man because if he did, everyone would definitely retreat as they knew their limits.

However, Chu Feng still didn’t want to give up because as long as he remembered the Zi family members’ faces and remembered that Zi Ling was still waiting for him in the Zi family, he impatiently wanted to become stronger. So, he did not want to miss out the chance to go search the Emperor Tomb.

Thus, Chu Feng didn’t say anything. As if he was unrelated to everything, he walked forward with the crowd, but other than the guardians which got stronger and stronger, there was no gain.

Only until they carefully walked a hundred full miles in the vast and seemingly edgeless Emperor Tomb did good change appear in front of them.

In front of Chu Feng and the others, a majestic structure appeared. The structure was a strange statue of a huge bird. Its appearance was like a peacock’s, but it was more beautiful than a peacock. More overbearing.

And at the entrance of the strange and grand structure, “Secret Skill, the Vermilion Bird Revival Technique. Only awaiting for the fated.” was written there.

“Secret Skill! It is indeed a Secret Skill!” At that instant, everyone was surprised and joyed. After all, Secret Skills were like legends. They were priceless treasures, things that could only be met by chance and not searched for.

But even though everyone was extremely excited and endlessly drooled for Secret Skill, not a single person dared to step in without permission. They involuntarily cast their gazes towards Chu Feng, and the dynasty’s old ancestor who was next to him.

It was because everyone knew that if the Secret Skill was going to pick one of them, the one who had the greatest chance was Chu Feng. After all, he currently already gained the approval of two Secret Skills.

Besides, at the gate of the strange but special structure, it was already very clearly stated that it “awaited only for the fated”, and clearly, Chu Feng was that fated one.

“All of you, stay here. I will go in with Chu Feng.” The old ancestor of the dynasty spoke.

“No. I will accompany my brother.” However, the Monstrous Monkey King immediately refused.

“Monkey King, the two of us are the only Purple-cloak World Spiritists here. One must stay behind, and one will go in.”

“If something unexpected truly happens, at least there will be one person who can safely bring everyone back.”

“And in terms of cultivation, I’m still a bit stronger than you. If there is truly some danger inside, I believe that I will be able to handle it better than you. It’ll be another layer of protection.” The dynasty’s old ancestor seemed to know what the Monstrous Monkey King was worried about, so he spoke to explain.