Chapter 500 - Returning to the Emperor Tomb

MGA: Chapter 500 - Returning to the Emperor Tomb

If Chu Feng saw the people from the Jiang Dynasty before, he would definitely be shocked at their strength.

But after seeing the strength of the Zi family, Chu Feng more and more deeply understood the words Zi Ling said.

In the continent of the Nine Provinces, the reason why they could make people look up to them wasn’t because they were strong. It was just because the people here were too weak.

So, it was only right that they, who had outstanding talent, were admired by people. If they couldn’t even do that, that itself wouldn’t make sense.

And other than the nine experts who had the same strength as Jiang Hengyuan, there was also a short old man who was as thin as a match.

The old man’s appearance was truly incomparably ugly. There were even more wrinkles on his face than ten steamed buns altogether! His head seemed bald when seen from afar, but there were still a few white strands when seen near. His mouth was full of stench, and the most important part was that he even lost his front teeth.

However, although the old man had an ugly appearance, his cultivation was very strong. It was not lower than the Jiang Dynasty’s emperor, and was clearly on the same level as the Monstrous Monkey King, having the cultivation of the 8th level of the Heaven realm.

And from the Jiang Dynasty crowd’s respectful appearances towards the old man and from their words, Chu Feng also learned of the man’s identity. He was the current emperor’s uncle. Although his position in the clan was inferior to the dynasty’s old ancestor, he was still the person who had lived for the longest in the Jiang Dynasty. From what he had heard, he was already 150 years old.

Normally speaking, a normal commoner’s life would be at most a few dozen years. A cultivator’s would not pass a hundred years, so it had to be said that it was a miracle for this old man to be able to live for 150 years.

But currently, the thing that attracted Chu Feng’s attention the most was a white-haired old man who wore a gold robe and had a face full of benevolence. That old man’s aura was actually a lot thicker than the Monstrous Monkey King’s.

According to Chu Feng’s guess, that old man should be the true ruler of the Jiang Dynasty: the former emperor of the Jiang Dynasty, but the current old ancestor of the dynasty. His cultivation should have already infinitely reached the Martial Lord realm, and was an expert in the 9th level of the Heaven realm.

Other than that, the old ancestor of the World Spirit Guild, Gu Tianchen, as well as the head of the World Spirit Guild, also followed the people from the Jiang Dynasty and arrived here together.

They first checked the Inferno Divine Bird that had already died, but ultimately, they didn’t discover anything. Also on that day, the dynasty’s old ancestor announced another thing that made Chu Feng rejoice. It was that they already finished preparing, and was going to open the Emperor Tomb soon.

After a while of organizing, a group that gathered many Heaven realm experts finally came to the Vermilion Bird Mountain Range. Only after coming there did people learn that the old ancestor of the Jiang Dynasty was also a Purple-cloak World Spiritist.

With the methods of the dynasty’s old ancestor and the Monstrous Monkey King, they easily locked onto the position of the entrance to the Emperor Tomb. With the crowd accompanying him, Chu Feng also, finally, stepped back into this entrance to the Emperor Tomb.

“Chu Feng, I’ve already heard of the matter between you and Zi Ling.”

“Believe me. They will regret. Regret missing out on you.”

“So, do not be discouraged. As long as you are willing to work hard, your achievements will be immeasurable.”

As the crowd walked forward together, Chu Feng suddenly received a mental message. Slanting his gaze to look, he saw that the old ancestor of the dynasty next to him was smilingly looking at himself.

Facing the encouragement of the dynasty’s old ancestor, Chu Feng returned a smile. After a short while of being together, Chu Feng also had a very good impression of him.

But for some reason, Chu Feng had a bad feeling.

The strongest old man in the Jiang Dynasty seemed to have a very favourable impression on himself. Entering the Emperor Tomb this time, he even let the Monstrous Monkey King lead the way, and as for himself, he kept on staying by Chu Feng’s side to protect his safety.

No one in Chu Feng’s group had weak cultivation. Other than Chu Feng, everyone’s cultivation was at least in the 5th level of the Heaven realm.

So, their speed was very quick. In a blink, they passed through layers of Anti-Demon Symbols. Finally, the lake that stopped Chu Feng back then reappeared in front of him.

“It’s only one Evil Spirit. Watch this.” At that instant, a dynasty expert with cultivation in the 6th level of the Heaven realm rose into the air and flew over the lake.

*hmm hmm hmm*

Just as that person flew above the lake, the green-coloured dots of light that were floating above the lake’s surface were like arrows as they flew quickly towards that person.


However, that person waved his big sleeve. Boundless Heaven power pressed downwards and shattered all of the green-coloured dots of light.

*wuao* Quickly after, a furious howl rang out from the lake. A huge spray rose into the air, and simultaneously, a pair of giant, dark-green eyes seeped through the spray. An enormous monster was hidden within the water sprays and made a surprise attack on the dynasty experts.

“Hmph.” However, even if it was the Evil Spirit that personally attacked, the dynasty expert was still not afraid in the slightest. He formed a fist with one of his hands, then layers of Heaven power condensed within the fist. Radiance shot in all directions with extraordinary might.

“Ha!” Quickly after, he explosively yelled, then threw a punch downwards.

*boom* An explosion resonated. Instantly, splashes sprayed everywhere and huge waves rolled.

*wuaoo* At the same time, a miserable cry also rang out, and the danger feeling in the lake thoroughly disappeared as well.

It died. In front of the dynasty expert, the Evil Spirit that was incomparable powerful, to Chu Feng of back then, was exploded to death by one punch.

That scene was within everyone’s expectations because those who were able to come to this place were all World Spiritists. They could feel the strength of the Evil Spirit, and as it was an Evil Spirit only in the 1st level of the Heaven realm, no one put it in their eyes.

But to Chu Feng, he very emotionally sighed. To the present Chu Feng, an Evil Spirit in the 1st level of the Heaven realm was indeed not much, and he could easily kill it, but he would never forget how terrifying that Evil Spirit in front of him was back then. Just with the two dark-green eyes, they could completely terrify the Chu Feng of that time.

“Kukukuku, this is indeed an Emperor Tomb! I never would have thought in such a desolate place, there would actually be a tomb like this! This is truly a great surprise fallen from heaven. An unexpected harvest! Hahahaha...” But suddenly, an aged voice suddenly rang in Chu Feng’s ears.

At that instant, Chu Feng was abruptly alarmed. He hurriedly swept his gaze towards his surroundings because he could already tell who the voice belonged to. It was precisely the extremely horrifying black-clothed old man whom he met within the ocean of fire back then.

“What’s wrong Chu Feng?” Seeing Chu Feng’s nervous expression, the old ancestor of the Jiang Dynasty lightly frowned and nervously asked.

“Chu Feng, did you discover something?” At the same time, everyone cast their gazes towards Chu Feng and nervously questioned.

In this Emperor Tomb exploration, Chu Feng was the root. They all felt that as he received the inheritance of two Secret Skills, there was some fate between him and the Emperor Tomb. With Chu Feng there, as they went deeper into the Emperor Tomb, perhaps they would have great harvests.

So, only when something was wrong with Chu Feng did everyone become nervous. They even thought Chu Feng found something.

“It’s nothing.” Seeing their reactions, Chu Feng shook his head with a small smile, but he hiddenly said in his heart, “Was it just my imagination?”

Because, Chu Feng clearly heard the black-clothed old man’s loud laugh, but clearly, the people here didn’t hear anything.

“Boy, go back. This Emperor Tomb isn’t something that you can enter. Forcefully pressing deeper only means you are sending yourself to death.”

“Go back and wait. After I enter the deep part of this Emperor Tomb, I will give you some benefits, as reward for bringing me to this Emperor Tomb.”

But suddenly, the voice of the black-clothed old man was projected into his ear. At that instant, Chu Feng knew that it wasn’t his imagination. It was a mental message. A mental message that the black-clothed old man sent him.