Chapter 496 - Refusal

MGA: Chapter 496 - Refusal

“Senior, when have you prepared to take Zi Ling away?” After knowing everything and after a while of silence, Chu Feng spoke again to ask.

“I will bring Zi Ling away today.” Zi Xuanyuan replied.

“Then how will you tell Zi Ling about this?” Chu Feng asked.

“Actually, since everything has reached this state, I can only speak the truth. However, I’m only afraid that Zi Ling’s behavior will be too intense and that she will refuse to return with them, wanting to stay with you regardless of life or death. At that time, her actions would harm you and everyone in the continent of the Nine Provinces.”

“So, Chu Feng, it would be the best if you went and hide right now. It would be the best if you left right now, and the farther you leave, the better.” Zi Xuanyuan said.

“Ho...” But after hearing Zi Xuanyuan’s words, Chu Feng suddenly smiled. Then quickly after, he said, “Senior, I won’t stop Zi Ling if she has to leave, but even more so, I won’t cowardly hide. Let us return.”

“Ahh child, you are indeed as stubborn as Zi Ling.” Facing Chu Feng’s response, Zi Xuanyuan wasn’t too surprised. Rather, it was as if he already expected that. So, he didn’t force anything onto Chu Feng. He dissolved the purple-coloured Spirit Formation and returned to the Void Mountain Range.

However, when they came back to where the Inferno Divine Bird was, Zi Ling wasn’t there. In addition to that, everyone on scene were looking left and right with expressions of panic.

“Chu Feng, this is bad! Zi Ling has been taken away by someone!” Seeing Chu Feng, Zhang Tianyi hurriedly rose into the air and said with a face filled with nervousness.

“Who was it?” Chu Feng asked.

“It was an old man, as well as a man and a woman. They called themselves Zi Ling’s parents, but Zi Ling didn’t even recognize them.”

“However, they were too strong. We had no way of fighting back and we could only watch as they took Zi Ling away.” Zhang Tianyi explained.

“Then do you know where they went?” Chu Feng’s brows were tightly locked. He already knew who took away Zi Ling.

“I don’t know. They didn’t say anything before leaving.” Zhang Tianyi shook his head.

“Zi Yuanshan! Bring that Chu Feng to the Void School. We will wait for you two on the top of the Void Tower.” But just at that time, an extremely loud voice of an old man suddenly came from the direction of the Void School.

“It’s… It’s them! Is it possible that they haven’t left yet?” Hearing that voice, Zhang Tianyi and the others couldn’t help being greatly shocked, and more or less, expressions of fear emerged onto their faces.

“Senior?” At that moment, Chu Feng cast his gaze towards Zi Xuanyuan who was by his side.

“That’s right, it’s them. Zi Yuanshan is my real name. Chu Feng, follow me over. It seems like from the start, they had never planned to let me bring Zi Ling to see them myself.” Zi Xuanyuan said.

“Chu Feng, what is happening?” Seeing that, Zhang Tianyi hurried asked.

“This matter is a long story. I’ll tell all of you later. Right now, it would be the best for all of you to return to the Azure Dragon School. Wait until I finish handling the things here, then I’ll go find you.” Chu Feng was worried that the people on scene would get affected so he urged them to leave.

The people there were all intelligent people, so they all understood the meaning behind Chu Feng’s words. They also felt that the three who came had unkind intentions, so no one asked any more. However, the uneasiness on their faces became a bit stronger.

“Little boy, those three people are unsimple. They should all be Martial Lord experts. They are not people from the continent of the Nine Provinces, so do not be rash.”

At that instant, the Monstrous Monkey King also spoke. On the monstrous monkey’s face that had never feared the heavens or the earth, a hint of fear had actually also appeared.

Looking back at Jiang Hengyuan and the others, they were the same. It could be seen that they were indeed terrified. Martial Lord experts were indeed not existences they could fight against.

“Everyone, don’t worry. ‘If it’s fortune, it’s not a disaster. If it’s a disaster, it’s unavoidable [1. Similar to “If it’s a problem you can solve, you don’t need to worry as you can solve it. If it’s a problem you cannot solve, you also don’t need to worry as there is nothing you can do.”].’” Chu Feng relievedly smiled, then looked at Zi Xuanyuan and said, “Senior, let’s go over.”

“Mm.” Zi Xuanyuan nodded his head, then grabbed Chu Feng’s shoulder and rose into the sky. With a gust of wind blowing past, they instantly passed over countless mountain heads and came above the Void School.

At that instant, Chu Feng stood in the high sky and was able to see that on the top of the Void Tower, there was a tea table. Zi Ling sat next to the tea table, and beside her, there was even a man and a woman, as well as an old man.

The man and woman had very handsome and beautiful appearances. Looking carefully, they truly did look a bit similar to Zi Ling. At that instant, they were dotingly looking at Zi Ling, chatting about something with her.

As for the old man, he was also full of smiles. Although he didn’t say anything, he was smilingly looking at Zi Ling and unendingly examining her. He even endlessly nodded his head.

But compared to them, Zi Ling’s current face was quite unsightly. She was sweeping her gaze along the horizon, seemingly trying to search for something.

When she saw Chu Feng and Zi Xuanyuan, she hurriedly stood up and flew over. She went up to Chu Feng and Zi Xuanyuan, then asked him, “Grandfather, was what they said all true? They are my parents? My Zi family is still living well, and you tricked me?”

“This...” Zi Xuanyuan didn’t know how to reply and his face was filled with shame. But as things were, he had no way of concealing it. At the end, he could only silently nod his head.

“But grandfather, why did you need to trick me? Why did you need to take me away from my parents’ side? Why did you need to take me away from my family, and even lied, saying that they were all killed and wanted me to avenge them?” Zi Ling kept on asking with a face filled with confusion. More or less, in her eyes, there was some blame.

“Zi Ling, you must believe Senior Zi. He has hidden troubles. Everything he has done is for the sake of you.” Chu Feng explained.

After hearing Chu Feng’s words, only then did Zi Ling instantly calm down quite a bit.

“Zi Yuanshan, bring Yu’er and Chu Feng down. If you have things to say, sit down first.” Just at that time, the so-called master of the Zi family spoke.

“Yu’er?” Hearing that name, Chu Feng was first taken aback, but he reacted very quickly. It should be Zi Ling’s previous name.

“Chu Feng, Zi Ling, let’s go over there to speak.” Zi Xuanyuan went over first and landed on top of the tower.

Quickly after, Chu Feng and Zi Ling descended together. With the invitation of Zi Ling’s parents, they sat in front of the tea table on two empty chairs.

At first, Zi Ling’s parents first detailedly examined Chu Feng. The mother’s gaze was rather soft, and there was perhaps even some admiration, but the father’s gaze was filled with enmity. It could be seen that he really did not like Chu Feng.

As for the Zi family master who had unfathomably deep cultivation, although he also smilingly examined Chu Feng, he could feel that he very casually looked at himself. In addition to that, although he had a smile on his face, his gaze was not kind. It could be said that he had extremely deep thoughts.

After that, with the five of them on one table, they chatted for a long time. They told Zi Ling about the things that happened back then in detail, and also mentioned the arranged marriage set between Zi Ling and the Immortal Execution Archipelago, as well as their goal by coming here to find Zi Ling: to bring her back.

After knowing everything, Zi Ling shut her eyes and stayed in silence for a long time. Only then did she gradually stand back up. She first looked at Chu Feng with a light smile, then looked at Zi Xuanyuan, and only at the end did she cast her gaze towards her own parents and the family master and said, “Thank you for your kind intentions, but I think I have already gotten used to my current life. Besides, I already have a person I love, so I will not follow you back.”