Chapter 495 - Astonishing Truth

MGA: Chapter 495 - Astonishing Truth

“Senior, what secret?” Chu Feng curiously asked and made an appearance of attentive listening.

“I wonder if Zi Ling talked to you about her ancestry and why I brought her to this place?” Zi Xuanyuan smilingly asked.

“Senior, I already know everything. I will work hard to cultivate. I will become even stronger, and sooner or later, I will kill Zi Ling’s enemy for her.”

“That’s right. Senior, who’s the person that killed Zi Ling parents as well as all her and your relatives? Can you tell me?” Chu Feng impatiently asked.

“Sigh.” Seeing how Chu Feng was behaving, Zi Xuanyuan felt very relieved, but he helplessly sighed, then said, “Actually, Zi Ling’s parents have not died yet, and our Zi family still exists.”

“What? Zi Ling’s parents haven’t died yet?” Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s pupils abruptly shrunk and he couldn’t help being a bit shocked.

“I tricked Zi Ling and made up a lie so big, it could fill up the sky.” Zi Xuanyuan said.

“Senior, what exactly happened?” Chu Feng asked closely.

“This matter is a long story. It’s better that I tell you from the start.”

“In the Eastern Sea Region, although my Zi family isn’t some huge power, it can still be counted as a slightly famous family. In addition, we had always been low-profile and lived in harmony with nearby powers. Our lives were lived quite peacefully, and in the Eastern Sea Region, our family has been passed down for several hundred years.”

“However, everything changed because of Zi Ling’s birth. Zi Ling is a Divine Body, so when she was born, an abnormal scene appeared. It shocked the land that was the Eastern Sea Region.”

“Logically speaking, it was a good thing. After all, Divine Bodies are geniuses with the blessing of the heavens. When born, they’re fated to have outstanding achievements in the future.”

“The surrounding powers all came over to congratulate. Even the ones who had conflicts with my Zi family wanted to dissolve the grudges and gain some relations.”

“Even the enormous force of the Eastern Sea Region, the Immortal Execution Archipelago, came to my Zi family and wanted to set up a marriage between Zi Ling and the young master of the archipelago.”

“To my Zi family, that was a heavenly huge joyous event. It even surpassed Zi Ling’s birth and her identity of a Divine Body.”

“It’s because the Immortal Execution Archipelago is truly too strong. So strong that in the Eastern Sea Region, there aren’t many powers that can directly fight against it. For Zi Ling to be able to marry the young master of the Immortal Execution Archipelago meant that in the future, she would become the young lady of the Immortal Execution Archipelago.”

“They even made a promise, stating on the great marriage day between Zi Ling and the young master of the Immortal Execution Archipelago, my Zi family could all enter the Immortal Execution Archipelago and became a member of it.”

“Moreover, in order for Zi Ling to have even better growth, an elder of the Immortal Execution Archipelago fed Zi Ling a special pellet. Quickly after, he set a date, stating that on the year Zi Ling became twenty years old, they would come to escort Zi Ling for the marriage.”

“Sigh~~~” Speaking to that point, the helplessness on Zi Xuanyuan’s face instantly became a bit stronger.

“What came after?” Chu Feng closely asked. He felt that something must have occurred, or else the scene today wouldn’t be happening.

“The things were not as simple as imagined. Because at that moment I was there, and as a World Spiritist, I have always liked to study ancient texts to learn things many people don’t know about, I noticed that the Immortal Execution Archipelago didn’t feed Zi Ling a good pellet that stabilized her strength and bettered her development. What they fed her was an already extinct poison.” Zi Xuanyuan spoke.

“Poison?!” Chu Feng felt greatly shocked.

“That’s right. It was an extremely poisonous poison. Poison that only belonged to the ancient times, and were specifically given to Divine Bodies as well as people with special bloodlines. So, that poison had a name. The Heaven Gripping Pellet. Poison specifically used for strangling geniuses.”

“After taking the poison, it would more or less restrict the special power of the consumer. In reality, it was accumulating the consumer’s special power, and when they reached twenty years old, the accumulation of the special power would reach the highest state.”

“At the time that person is twenty years old, as long as they do the thing between a man and a woman, all of their power would be taken by the other person. After that, the one who consumed the poison would became ordinary, because they would lose their power completely. From then on, they would lose their special power, and even have no cultivation at all.”

“In contrast, before twenty years old, the consumer could not do the thing between a man and woman, or else the other person would die, and the consumer would also die because of power loss.” Zi Xuanyuan said.

“What poisonous methods! That Immortal Execution Archipelago truly ought to die.” At that instant, Chu Feng finally understood why Zi Ling wasn’t willing to do the thing between a man and woman no matter what. Even when Chu Feng kissed Zi Ling, sometimes, she would be very afraid. So she had taken such a poisonous thing.

As long as he recalled that the person he loved was actually forced to take such a poison shortly after birth to become a tool for raising cultivation, Chu Feng truly felt his fury burn in his heart and was endlessly angry.

“At first, I wasn’t definitely sure that the pellet was the Heaven Gripping Pellet, but when the Immortal Execution Island set the marriage date to be when Zi Ling was twenty full years old, and instructed them to keep an eye on Zi Ling, and told them it was better for Zi Ling to keep a distance from the opposite gender, I pretty much confirmed that it was doubtlessly the Heaven Gripping Pellet.”

“So, I told this to Zi Ling’s parents as well as to the master of the Zi family, and also some people who managed the home.”

“But it was useless as they simply didn’t believe the words I said. They unendingly trusted the Immortal Execution Archipelago: the righteous, renowned family who removed demons and protected virtues.”

“For Zi Ling’s safety, I had no choice but to secretly take Zi Ling away and even kill an old man and a baby to feign the appearance of an accident happening to Zi Ling and me.”

“Afterwards, I escaped and came to this desolate place, changed names, and also made up a heavenly huge lie to Zi Ling. I wanted to agitate her will to fight so she could become powerful earlier and return to the Eastern Sea Region in order to go to the Immortal Execution Archipelago for demanding the antidote.” Zi Xuanyuan said.

“Senior, then why have you told this matter to me? Has some change happened?” Chu Feng who knew the truth felt uneasy. He felt that Zi Xuanyuan would not tell him all this for no reason at all.

“Honestly speaking, the ruse I set up back then has been seen through. Moreover, for so many years, the Zi family have kept on searching for Zi Ling and me. Right now, the master of my Zi family and Zi Ling’s parents have already came to the continent of the Nine Provinces. Also, they have found me.” Zi Xuanyuan said.

“What? Zi Ling’s parents have come? What are they planning to do? Is it possible they want to bring Zi Ling back? To go marry the master of the Immortal Execution Archipelago?” Chu Feng’s face changed greatly because it was something he could absolutely not bear.

“Sigh. It’s my fault. I overestimated myself, and underestimated the Immortal Execution Archipelago.”

“After Zi Ling and I left, not only did the people from the Immortal Execution Archipelago not make things difficult for the Zi family, they even maintained the marriage agreement and kept on providing cultivation resources and Mysterious Techniques and martial skills to assist the Zi family.”

“This caused the Zi family, who originally believed the Immortal Execution Archipelago already, to deeply trust them even more and to not doubt them at all. They felt deeply grateful for their kindness, and made a resolution to find Zi Ling and me in order to complete the marriage agreement to repay the favours and kindness from the Immortal Execution Archipelago.”

“Right now, they have already found me and they have also come to the Azure Province. Zi Ling and I will follow them back to the Eastern Sea Region, or else not only will they kill you, they will kill everyone in the continent of the Nine Provinces.”

“They will do that for no other reason but because the continent of the Nine Provinces contained Zi Ling and me for sixteen full years.”