Chapter 494 - A Secret

MGA: Chapter 494 - A Secret

“Mm, that should be right.” After hearing Chu Feng’s reply, Jiang Hengyuan cast his gaze back at the terrifying huge bird. He discovered that the flames on the huge bird’s body was also currently returning back to its body. So, to Chu Feng’s words, he deeply believed them and did not doubt. He did not have the slightest trace of suspicion.

Afterwards, Jiang Hengyuan and the others started to check the huge bird in detail, seeing whether there were treasures on its body or not.

But at the end, they didn’t find any treasure on the huge bird. However, even so, Jiang Hengyuan still personally laid a vast Concealment Spirit Formation to hide the huge bird. Moreover, Jiang Hengyuan prepared to sleep next to the huge bird to act as guard there.

Although the huge bird didn’t bring any treasures, it itself was a treasure. Its feathers, teeth, and bones could be made into weapons. Extremely powerful weapons. Through a World Spiritist’s processing, they could all be made into treasure-level weapons that were only second to Elite Armaments.

Even its meat and organs, after eating, could help the health of one’s mind and body. They could also be concocted into medicine, and even made into cultivation resources.

However, that huge bird was very strong. Even though it was already dead at present and its power had dissipated, its physical body was still very strong. Breaking it up was still a huge project so even if it was Jiang Hengyuan, he immediately sent news back to the Jiang Dynasty and asked dynasty experts to come there.

In less than a few days, the Monstrous Monkey King and the Jiang Dynasty experts, who stayed in the Azure Dragon School, came. So it turned out that the flames shocked almost the entire Azure Province. The experts came there because they were chasing after the flames.

But other than the Monstrous Monkey King and the others, another expert also came. It was Zi Xuanyuan. Zi Ling’s grandfather actually came as well.

“This is a Inferno Divine Bird. It is a Monstrous Beast species that has special blood in the Eastern Sea Region. A powerful existence that has its own land in the Eastern Sea Region.”

“But this Inferno Divine Bird can be said to be an existence of the Bird King level. A Inferno Divine Bird would not die for no reason.”

Zi Xuanyuan came from the Eastern Sea Region so he immediately recognized the origin of the terrifying huge bird. In addition, within Zi Xuanyuan’s eyes, one could see deep fear, even terror.

“There are indeed a few injuries on the body of this Inferno Divine Bird and when it was living, it should have fought against a person. However, these are not fatal injuries. I believe that its fatal injury should have come from inside its body.” Just at that time, Jiang Hengyuan spoke. He had already carefully examined the terrifying huge bird.

“Senior Zi, from what you see, when this Inferno Divine Bird lived, what realm should its cultivation be in? Had it stepped into the level of Martial Lords?” Afterwards, Jiang Hengyuan looked at Zi Xuanyuan again.

Not only was Zi Xuanyuan older than him, his cultivation was also stronger than his. The only person who could equally fight against Zi Xuanyuan was likely only the Monstrous Monkey King. So, Jiang Hengyuan had to be respectful towards Zi Xuanyuan.

“Martial Lord? You are underestimating this Inferno Divine Bird too much. The Inferno Divine Bird is a Monstrous Beast that has a pure bloodline. It comes from the ancient times, and has already been thriving in this world for several tens of thousands of years.”

“Monstrous Beasts that are more like that will be more likely to not form a humanoid shape. They will keep their original Monstrous Beast shape to reproduce and survive.”

“So, the strength of the Inferno Divine Bird can be determined based on their body size. According to this Inferno Divine Bird’s body size, it should be of the Bird King level.”

“The number of Inferno Divine Birds in the Bird King level, from the group of Inferno Divine Birds back then, does not exceed three. So, this Inferno Divine Bird was absolutely not only in the Martial Lord realm. It is an existence in the Martial King level.” Zi Xuanyuan said with a face full of solemnness.

“What? Martial King?!” Hearing those words, not a single person on scene wasn’t greatly shocked. In the continent of the Nine Provinces, not a single person could step into the Martial Lord realm, so how terrifying of an existence was a Martial King? And what kind of existence would the one who killed the Inferno Divine Bird be?

But compared to other people’s pure shock and wild guessing, Chu Feng lightly frowned. He felt uneasiness in his heart because he couldn’t help but think about the black-clothed old man.

If it was said that the Inferno Divine Bird was a Martial King level existence, and it was indeed killed by the black-clothed old man, it also meant that the black-clothed old man was at least an expert of the Martial King level.

At present, in the continent of the Nine Provinces, a Martial King expert actually came, yet incidentally right now, it was the time when the Jiang Dynasty prepared to open the Emperor Tomb.

If the news of the Emperor Tomb was known, it was likely that the black-clothed old man would poke his foot in. After all, with the enticement of an Emperor Tomb, even if it was a Gold-cloak World Spiritist, he would definitely feel very interested.

And if the black-clothed old man truly interfered, Chu Feng would truly not know whether it was fortune or a disaster because the killing intent of the black-clothed old man was too dense. Chu Feng did not dare to be sure whether he would kill the people from the Jiang Dynasty for the treasures.

So, Chu Feng was hesitating. Hesitating whether he should tell that to the Jiang Dynasty. However, the old man’s strength was too powerful. Chu Feng didn’t even truly know whether the old man left or not.

If the black-clothed old man didn’t leave and Chu Feng told the others about him, he didn’t dare to guarantee that the old man wouldn’t be angered. At that time, it was possible that his tiny life couldn’t be kept.

It wouldn’t matter if he died, but if the old man was going to completely kill everyone, and also kill Zi Ling as well as his family, that would be a huge problem.

At the end, Chu Feng did not speak. He decided to make a wager and hoped that the black-clothed old man left immediately. After all, in a place like this, there was no meaning in staying behind for such a powerful person like himself.

“Chu Feng, follow me over. I have something I want to tell you alone.” Suddenly, Zi Xuanyuan patted Chu Feng’s shoulder.

“Grandfather, what’s the matter? Can I listen in as well?” Seeing that, Zi Ling hurriedly came over with smiles.

“You little girl, would I still harm Chu Feng?” Seeing his own granddaughter protect Chu Feng in such a way, Zi Xuanyuan felt very helpless.

“Zi Ling, don’t worry. I’ll quickly return after leaving with Senior Xuanyuan.” Chu Feng said as he smiled.

“Then okay.” Seeing Chu Feng speak, only then did Zi Ling obediently nod her head.

“Ahh, I’ve raised you for so many years, yet that is inferior to one year with Chu Feng. You little girl...”

Seeing his stubborn granddaughter being actually so obedient in front of Chu Feng, Zi Xuanyuan felt quite helpless, but there was still a smile of relief on his face.

Quickly after, Zi Xuanyuan rose into the air, and Chu Feng also closely followed. Only after the two of them flew out of the Void Mountain Range and entered a large area of white clouds did Zi Xuanyuan wave his big sleeve and laid a purple-coloured Soundproofing Spirit Formation.

At that instant, Chu Feng was shocked in his heart. He never would have thought that Zi Xuanyuan was also a World Spiritist, and he was even a Purple-cloak World Spiritist.

But thinking a bit more in detail, he calmed back down. After all, that old man was already unfathomable from the start. If there were even Gold-cloak World Spiritists in the Eastern Sea Region, it would be much more acceptable for there to be Purple-cloak World Spiritists.

“Chu Feng. Today, I will tell you a secret that even Zi Ling doesn’t know.” Finally, Zi Xuanyuan spoke.