Chapter 497 - I'll Go Back With You

MGA: Chapter 497 - I'll Go Back With You

“Yu’er, what did you say?”

“The Immortal Execution Archipelago has cared so much for our Zi family. If you don’t go back with us, how can we face our family?” After hearing Zi Ling’s words, the face of Zi Ling’s father changed greatly. He abruptly stood up and actually pointed at Zi Ling and furiously reprimanded.

“Who’s Yu’er? I am not called Zi Yu’er. I am called Zi Ling.”

“Also, I don’t even know who the Immortal Execution Archipelago is. It is you who set the arranged marriage with them, not me. So, it is unrelated to me.” Zi Ling also stood up. She faced her own father and fiercely refuted.

“You!” Seeing Zi Ling speak to him like that, his face greened from fury, but at the end, his expression changed, his gaze turned, and he actually wanted to aim the spearhead towards Chu Feng instead.

It was because he knew that the person Zi Ling could not let go the most was Chu Feng. The person who was holding Zi Ling back was Chu Feng. It was all because of Chu Feng.

“Zi Qiang, what are you doing? Don’t scare Yu’er.” Seeing that, Zi Ling’s mother hurriedly pulled the corners of Zi Ling’s father’s clothes and forcefully pulled him back down onto the chair.

But Zi Ling’s father still pointed his finger towards Chu Feng and said, “No matter where, is a brat like him worth it for you to do so much? A random breath from the young archipelago master can shatter his body from the wind.”

“Shut up! I don’t need you to tell me whether he is good or not. In my, Zi Ling’s, eyes, he’s the best. The most perfect person. I will not marry any person other than him.” Zi Ling was also enraged and also furiously howled at her own father.

“Zi Yuanshan, look at what you have done! The reason why Yu’er has become what she is today is all because of you.” But just at that time, the master of the Zi family’s face also turned cold. He pointed at Zi Xuanyuan and reprimanded.

Facing the Zi family master’s reprimand, Zi Xuanyuan lowered his head and said nothing. If it was before, perhaps he could oppose the family master, but in these years, with the assistance of the Immortal Execution Archipelago, the Zi family’s cultivation increased greatly. At present, even Zi Ling’s parents stepped into the Martial Lord realm, let alone the family master.

“Shut up! What are you? Do you think you are worthy to reprimand my grandfather?” However, Zi Ling was unable to endure her own grandfather being reprimanded, so she pointed at the master of the Zi family and loudly roared.

At that instant, the face of the Zi family master clearly became unsightly, but he did not show his anger. He forcibly endured the fury and at the end, like a miracle, actually blossomed a kind smile on his aged face and said to Zi Ling, “Yu’er, one day, you will understand that we are the ones who care about you the most, think for you the most, and hope for your well-being the most.”

Afterwards, he cast his gaze towards Zi Ling’s parents and said, “Zi Qiang, Xinyue, this is your family’s problem, so you discuss it on your own. However, today, Zi Ling must leave with us.” After speaking those words, he flashed away and disappeared like a ghost.

After the master of the Zi family left, Zi Ling, as well as Zi Ling’s parents, went into silence. On the other hand, Zi Xuanyuan became uneasy because he knew the family master’s methods. If Zi Ling was not willing to leave no matter what, not only Chu Feng and he would be affected. Everyone related to Zi Ling would be.

Moreover, ultimately, it was very difficult for Zi Ling to escape her destiny of going with them because when forced without any other choice, even if it was kidnapping, they would definitely kidnap Zi Ling back.

So, his gaze turned, hiddenly sent a mental message, and spoke some words to Zi Ling.

After Zi Xuanyuan spoke those words, Zi Ling’s pupils flashed. Quickly after, her originally tightened up little face immediately relaxed. Her entire body was like a ball that had its air all released. She no longer had the energy she had before.

Chu Feng noticed Zi Ling’s change, and was also aware that Zi Xuanyuan might have hiddenly sent a mental message to Zi Ling about something. So, he grabbed Zi Ling’s hand, smiled to her, and said, “If you don’t want to leave, stay behind. Don’t have any worries.”

Facing such a warm Chu Feng, Zi Ling forced out a hint of smile, then threw herself into Chu Feng’s embrace. One hand tightly clamping over Chu Feng’s neck, the other was placed on Chu Feng’s chest.


Seeing that scene, the expression of Zi Ling’s father changed, and he planned to say something.

However, before he spoke, Zi Ling’s mother placed her hand on his hand, then shook her head.

At the end, Zi Ling’s father suppressed the fury in his heart. He stood up, walked to the edge of the tower, and looked down towards the courtyard, unwilling to see the intimate scene between Chu Feng and Zi Ling.

Like that, the two of them embraced each other for a long time. Only after a full two hours did Zi Ling unwillingly let her hand go.

At that moment, her eyes were already reddened but her face still brimmed with a sweet, light smile. She looked towards her own mother and said, “I am willing to go back with you.”

“Really? Yu’er, what you’ve said is true?” Hearing those words, Zi Ling’s father quickly turned around. His previous displeased face was filled with elation.

As for Chu Feng, he stood where he was and did not say anything because just now, Zi Ling used her hand to write many words on his chest.

With words, Zi Ling expressed her love to Chu Feng as well as her determination for loving Chu Feng. Her last words declared she would be waiting for Chu Feng in the Eastern Sea Region and after four years, go to the Zi family to marry her.

If, at that time, Chu Feng was still unable to appear, and the ones appearing were the people of the Immortal Execution Archipelago instead, she would commit suicide. Even if she died, she was not going to marry any other person.

To Zi Ling’s words, other than being moved, Chu Feng felt his heart ache. However, he had no other choice right now, and it could only be like so.

But he swore that four years later, he would definitely go to the Zi family to marry Zi Ling. Either he was going to completely shock everyone, or he was going to commit suicide, for love, along with Zi Ling. However, he was absolutely not going to allow Zi Ling to die alone.

“But I have several conditions.” Zi Ling said.

“What conditions? Yu’er, just say them. Your father, I, will meet your conditions. As long as you are willing to return with me, I agree to anything.” Zi Ling’s father unhesitantly responded.

“First. I am called Zi Ling, so do not call me Yu’er in the future because in this life, I am only called Zi Ling.”

“Second. After returning to the Zi family, I do not want to see anyone making things difficult for my grandfather.”

“Third. After leaving this place, I hope that no one in the continent of the Nine Provinces will be harmed. In the future, I will still return to this place. If I know that people suffer unneeded harm because of me, I’ll show you how I will suicide.”

“Last. I want ten million Heaven beads. Right now. I’ll leave whenever you can take them out.” Zi Ling said very clearly.

“What? Ten million Heaven beads? Yu’er… Nono, it’s Ling’er. You are making things too difficult for me.”

“I can agree to the first three conditions you said, but just this fourth one, it is really...”

“The fourth condition is unneeded.” Just at that time, Chu Feng spoke. He understood why Zi Ling wanted ten million Heaven beads. They were wanted for him. Zi Ling fought for the beads, for him.

But he did not need them. He did not need the help of Zi Ling’s family because he knew that Zi Ling’s family looked down on him. They looked down on his cultivation, and even more so, looked down on his background.