Chapter 491 - What Exactly Is It?

MGA: Chapter 491 - What Exactly Is It?

*rumble rumble rumble rumble*

The flames came closer and closer as it endlessly made rumbling noises. Along with the nearing of the rumbling noises, the flames actually started to fall, and the direction they fell towards was the Void Mountain Range.

And along with the descent of the flames, boundless might also descended from the sky. That caused the entire mountain range to start to ceaselessly tremble. The frequency of trembling increased more and more, then at the end, it was like an earthquake as it swayed left and right.

“This is bad. Chu Feng, Zi Ling, Vice-head Gao, quickly follow me.” When the boundless flames streaked past above the Void School and rushed towards the mountain range behind, Jiang Hengyuan explosively shouted, then quickly after, flew up.

Seeing that, Chu Feng and the others didn’t delay as all of them quickly chased after him.

Only when he came to the edge of the Void School did Jiang Hengyuan stop and actually start to lay a Spirit Formation around the Void School.

At that instant, Chu Feng and the others understood. No matter what the flames were, after crashing into the ground, they would definitely create a huge ripple and the berserk ripple would engulf the mountain range. At such a distance, the Void School would not avoid a calamity as well.

So, they had to quickly lay a Defense Spirit Formation in order to guard the Void School when the ripple came, or else the school that had existed for almost a thousand years would be destroyed because of that.

The Void School was very big. Even if they only protected one side, the Spirit Formation would waste quite a bit of time, and according to logic, it was a mission that could not be finished.

But many people on scene were Blue-coloured World Spiritists. As they combined their powers, a single boundless blue-coloured Spirit Formation instantly rose into the sky, guarding the edges of the Void School.

“Waa, such powerful methods! Are these the peak experts of the Nine Provinces?!”

Seeing the blue-coloured Spirit Formation open afar, everyone from the Void School endlessly sighed in admiration and yelled out in surprise. Especially the head of the Void School and the others. All of them had glittering gazes and felt never-ending shock.

What they sighed in admiration for wasn’t the strength of the Jiang Dynasty or the World Spirit Guild because those powers and peak characters were like gods in their hearts, and that outlook was firmly rooted.

What they sighed in admiration for was Chu Feng. Two years ago, Chu Feng was only a Grey-cloak World Spiritist. To them at that time, Chu Feng was already extremely powerful.

But the current Chu Feng, with the short time of two years, actually became a Blue-cloak World Spiritist and was many times more powerful than two years ago. They could really not help but sigh in admiration.


But just at that time, a shocking huge explosion rang out and at the same time, the entire Void School intensely trembled. The violent charge caused many elders and disciples to be unable to stand stably and even many of the structures that were fortified with Spirit Formation were unable to bear that charge. Cracks started to appear, and some even split and collapsed.

The flames had fallen. They collided into the Void Mountain Range and the extremely terrifying energy ripple was spreading circularly.

The places that the ripple passed, no matter if they were trees or buildings, living things or dead things, were all instantly shattered and became dust.

“Quick! Concentrate fully on the formation or else this Void School will be heavily damaged.” Seeing the destructive horrifying ripple that was engulfing everything and coming over, Jiang Hengyuan loudly howled.

At that instant, Chu Feng and the others naturally did not dare to waste any time and strengthened the formation with their full strengths.

Finally, the brutally overwhelming might that the ripple brought along with countless fragments came surging over and fiercely collided into the Spirit Formation that the crowd combined powers to lay.

It had to be said that the ripple was really very powerful. Despite Chu Feng and the others joined hands, they still felt a huge pressure.

And that also indirectly showed the strength of the fallen object. The flames were too strong, so that was why such a horrifying ripple was made.

That was why when the ripples dispersed and the mountain range gradually settled, Chu Feng and the others who were standing in the air tightly knitted their brows. Shock and fear filled the gazes they looked towards the direction of the fallen flames with.

It was because in between several huge mountains, at that moment, it was no longer green. Rather, they became a continuous ocean of fire. Moreover, within the ocean of fire, extremely wild power seeped through and even the sky twisted by the heat.

“What exactly is that?” At that instant, Zhang Tianyi also flew over and said with a face filled with shock.

“With such might, if it is not the descent of an extraordinary expert, then it is the descent of an extraordinary treasure. Everyone, are you willing to investigate to the end with me?” Jiang Hengyuan swept his gaze towards the crowd.

“Lord Jiang, the might of this ocean of fire is very strong. Before knowing what object it is, it doesn’t seem to be too appropriate to go over like this right?” Vice-head Gao was a bit worried.

“I am willing to go over.” But just at that time, Chu Feng nodded and gave his agreement.

“I also want to go over.” Zhang Tianyi was the same. Like Chu Feng, not only was he not afraid, instead, he seemed a bit excited.

“No matter what, if it is harmful to us, we will not be able to escape this calamity regardless. If it doesn’t wish to harm us, even if we go over on our own accord, we may not anger it. Besides, if it is truly a treasure, if we don’t take the chance and go and take it now and miss it, that would be quite a shame.”

Qi Fengyang also spoke. At the same time, all the experts on scene expressed their position one after the other. They wanted to go into the ocean of fire and investigate it. After all, opportunities coexisted with dangers. The ocean of fires descended from the sky and it had enormous might. No one wanted to miss that chance.

After reaching an agreement, they didn’t dally and with Jiang Hengyuan as the leader, they became blurs of light and flew over, dashing towards the ocean of fire.

But they could do nothing as the flames were really too strange. The space above the ocean of fire was actually blocked by an alien energy. It wasn’t a Spirit Formation, but it was impossible to pass through. If the crowd wanted to go to that place, they could only travel through the flames.

However, luckily, the strength of the people on scene were all not weak. Although the flames were powerful, with their current bodies, they could still, barely, resist it. But as they went deeper in, the flames became fiercer. At the end, Qi Fengyang and the others in the 1st level of the Heaven realm were actually unable to fight against it. They had no choice but to leave, so they backed away from the ocean of fire.

Finally, the ones who could still continue forward within the ocean of fire were only Chu Feng, Zi Ling, Jiang Hengyuan, Zhang Tianyi, and the vice-head of the World Spirit Guild.

But within the ocean of fire, even if it was Zi Ling and Zhang Tianyi, they had to respectively release the purple-coloured aura and blue-coloured flames to fight against the power of the flames.

As for Vice-head Gao, he used powerful Spirit Formation techniques to fight against it, but he still felt the huge pressure.

At that very instant, the only one who was able to not use special methods and hold on with only his physical body was Jiang Hengyuan, the expert in the 7th level of the Heaven realm.

“Dammit. These flames are actually this horrifying. What exactly is in the heart of these flames?” At that instant, two lightning surged within Chu Feng’s eyes. His cultivation had already been risen to the 1st level of the Heaven realm, but it was useless as even with that, he had trouble enduring.

The flames were really too powerful. If he didn’t have the Black Tortoise Armor Technique protecting his body, it was likely he had no way of even bearing them.