Chapter 492 - Black-clothed Old Man

MGA: Chapter 492 - Black-clothed Old Man

“Dammit. Is it possible I must stop here?”

Chu Feng was very bitter because in the core of the ocean of fire, there were very possibly some opportunities. He didn’t want to miss them.

*hmm* As Chu Feng was worried, a layer of purple-coloured aura suddenly came encircling. It orbited the horrifying flames that surrounded Chu Feng.

It was Zi Ling. She saw Chu Feng had troubling holding on, so she made a move without asking and helped Chu Feng hold off the flames.

And when the purple-coloured aura surrounded Chu Feng, the temperature of the scorching heat did indeed lower quite a bit, but looking at Zi Ling, her face was pale and her face was filled with sweat.

“Zi Ling, stop! In this place, you must protect yourself. You cannot split up your power to help me resist the flames.” Seeing that, Chu Feng hurried spoke to stop her.

“Lady Zi Ling, Chu Feng is correct. This ocean of fire is very deep and the remaining road is still long. If you want to continue forward, it’s best to save your own power. If Chu Feng cannot hold on, he can only back out. After all, forcefully going onwards in a place like this is very dangerous.”

Jiang Hengyuan also spoke. Actually, with this strength, there would be no problem for him to split his power to help Chu Feng and the others fight against the flames.

But the reason why he didn’t do that was because he knew that the flames were very strange. The deeper they went, the most overwhelming they would be. Even he himself could not guarantee he could walk to the deepest part, so naturally, he would not waste his power to protect others.

“Heh, Chu Feng, you’ve been looked down on! Quickly let me out. Watch me protect you to the deepest part.” Eggy smilingly said.

Chu Feng did not waste time and with a thought, he opened the World Spirit Gate. In the instant the gate opened, boundless black-coloured gas violently rushed out of the gate and instantly enveloped Chu Feng.

Not only did the black-coloured gas envelop Chu Feng, it even cut off the purple-coloured aura Zi Ling covered Chu Feng with. The most important part was that after the black-coloured gas appeared, Chu Feng was actually unable to feel, in the slightest, the scorching hot temperature of the flames.

“Hehe, excuse me, but as long as I am here, I guarantee that Chu Feng won’t lose to any of you.”

Just at that time, Eggy, who wore a black-coloured feathered skirt, naughtily walked out. She first shot Jiang Hengyuan a glance, then skipped and jumped deeper into the flames. In the places she passed, the flames actually backed away on their own, as if they feared her.

“Asura World Spirit?” After seeing Eggy, Jiang Hengyuan’s eyes flashed and he felt greatly shocked. Only then did he meaningfully look towards Chu Feng and say, “Chu Feng, you are indeed impressive. You’ve actually made a contract with an Asura World Spirit!”

“Senior, you overpraise me.” Chu Feng calmly smiled, but also didn’t waste time speaking and continued forward.

Indeed, the flames were really too strange. The deeper they went, the fiercer they got. At the later stages, they were actually like wild beasts as they endlessly went into vicious states to attack people, and even made strange howls.

In a situation like that, Vice-head Gao was the first to be unable to continue and was forced back. Quickly after, Zi Ling was also unable to bear it. Before walking too much farther, even Zhang Tianyi couldn’t do it.

On the other hand, Chu Feng, who had Eggy’s protection, was like a person unrelated to everything that was happening, and was even more relaxed than Jiang Hengyuan.

That forced Jiang Hengyuan to look at Chu Feng in another light because he discovered that Eggy was very powerful. Although the World Spirit only had the cultivation of the 2nd level of the Heaven realm, faintly, even he felt some feelings of danger from Eggy.

As for why he looked at Chu Feng in another light, it was not only because of Eggy. It was because Eggy was Chu Feng’s World Spirit. In simpler terms, no matter how much stronger Eggy was, she had to listen to Chu Feng. So, it meant that Chu Feng was the one who was truly powerful.


*cough cough cough cough*

When Chu Feng and Jiang Hengyuan walked to the deepest part of the ocean of fire, Jiang Hengyuan actually spat out a mouthful of blood, then started to painfully cough.

“Senior, are you okay?” Turning his head back to look, Chu Feng couldn’t help but be shocked. He astonishedly discovered that at present, Jiang Hengyuan’s face was extremely strange. His entire body was scalding, and even his aura became unstable.

“Chu Feng! I can’t go on. These flames are too strange, they actually entered my body without me knowing. I cannot continue forward, or else even if I don’t get burned by these flames, I will explode from the inside and die.”

“Right now, the one who is able to continue searching and continue in this ocean of fire is only you. But do not force yourself. If you have trouble resisting against the flames, you must immediately return.”

Jiang Hengyuan patted Chu Feng’s shoulder, then after he meaningfully looked at the nearby Eggy, without turning his head again, he went back on the path he came from.

“Tch, his cultivation is fine, but regretfully, his physique is too poor.” Looking at Jiang Hengyuan’s back, Eggy disdainfully curled her lips, then continued forward.

Looking at Eggy who was both naughty and “tsundere”, Chu Feng could only helplessly shake his head. Eggy was very powerful, so powerful that even Chu Feng could not estimate how powerful she was.

Although she only had the cultivation of the 2nd level of the Heaven realm currently, it was likely that even Jiang Hengyuan in the 7th level of the Heaven realm could not be compared to her battle power.

Eggy was that terrifying. At first, after Eggy borrowed Chu Feng’s body in the White Tiger Mountain Range to crush Zi Ling, Chu Feng already knew.

After that, Eggy led the way and Chu Feng quickly followed. Finally, they arrived at the deepest part of the ocean of fire.

At that instant, the flames all around them rose into the sky and endlessly rolled and howled. Not only would they materialize to attack Chu Feng and Eggy, they even cut off Chu Feng’s Spirit power, preventing him from determining the directions.

At that instant, Chu Feng panicked. Surrounding him was an area filled with flames. Without Spirit power, he was equal to a blind person. If he messed up, he would possibly even be stuck there.

*ta ta ta ta...*

But just at that time, Chu Feng’s ears jumped. Quickly after, he abruptly cast his fierce gaze towards one side of the ocean of fire because he had actually heard footsteps within the howling.


Indeed, shortly after Chu Feng heard those footsteps and after the flames furiously howled, both walls of flames avoided the origin of the noises and formed a road. And at the end of the road, a figure wearing a black-coloured robe was gradually approaching.

It was an old man. The long black hair on his head reached his waist and fluttered without wind. He was extremely overbearing.

The most special thing was his pair of aged eyes. Although the corners of his eyes were dried wrinkles, his eyes’ expression was extremely terrifying, just like a death god’s.

He only looked at Chu Feng once, but Chu Feng couldn’t help taking a few steps back. The usually calm Chu Feng, at present, his heart was actually beating quicker, feeling an unprecedented feeling of danger.

It was killing intent. Extremely powerful killing intent. That killing intent was not innate, but killing intent that only people who truly killed countless living had.

If it was said that a person’s killing intent strength could be measured by the number of people killed, then the number of people the old man killed would definitely had passed several tens of millions.