Chapter 490 - Flames That Cover the Sky

MGA: Chapter 490 - Flames That Cover the Sky

Those blue-coloured shattered rocks were very special. Although there wasn’t many, they were very challenging to refine.

Chu Feng determined that if it was a normal person, they would absolutely not have any way of refining the shattered rocks. However, the shattered rocks were not difficult to refine for him at all.

With only two hours of time, Chu Feng completely refined the blue-coloured shattered rocks. Moreover, the strangest thing was that no matter if it was the berserk power or the Heaven power, they were all cleanly absorbed by the Divine Lightning in his dantian.

The oddities that could simply not be refined, in a normal person’s perspective, were cultivation oddities in front of Chu Feng. Once again, this showed the strong power of the Divine Lightning in his body.

But the most important thing was that after refining the blue-coloured shattered rocks, Chu Feng truly broke into the 8th level of the Profound realm. In addition, that was when Chu Feng still hadn’t refined the Profound beads.

The Monstrous Monkey King gave Chu Feng thirty million Profound beads, but Chu Feng knew that the amount of cultivation resources he required was going to get more and more terrifying. The thirty million Profound beads would likely not even be close to reaching half of the necessary resources, so even if he refined them all, he would not be able to make a breakthrough.

Thus, Chu Feng gave Li Zhangqing ten million beads for developing the Azure Dragon School’s more excellent elders and disciples as well as for strengthening and developing the Azure Dragon School itself. After all, sooner or later, he was going to leave this place to head towards the Eastern Sea Region.

Chu Feng did not refine the remaining twenty million Profound beads. He left them on him in case he required them in the future.

As for the blue-coloured shattered rocks, they were actually able to directly raise Chu Feng to the 8th level of the Profound realm even when there was absolutely no power in his dantian. Moreover, after breaking through, some power was accumulated within his dantian, which meant even more that the blue-coloured shattered rocks were not simple.

“Senior, thank you.”

“As long as I, Chu Feng, am still breathing, I will definitely make the Void School more and more prosperous.”

After raising his cultivation, with Spirit Formation techniques, Chu Feng condensed a coffin cover out. On the coffin cover, he also made a spirit tablet and wrote Void Zhenren’s grand name to express his respect and gratitude to him.

Only after doing all that did Chu Feng leave the secret room, and after he closed the secret room, he walked out of the Void Tower.

After Chu Feng left the Void Tower, the Void School just finished setting up the banquet, so Chu Feng and the others all took their seats.

Because of Chu Feng’s current status, no one from the Void School dared to ask Chu Feng what he went to the Void Tower to do. On the other hand, Zi Ling who knew the reason for Chu Feng’s trip put her little mouth close to Chu Feng’s ear and gently asked, “How was it? Successful?”

“Check this out.” Chu Feng lightly smiled and grabbed onto Zi Ling’s pale little hand. Through special methods, he sent out a strand of aura into Zi Ling’s hand.

“You broke through?” Feeling Chu Feng’s aura of the 8th level of the Profound realm, Zi Ling’s clear eyes instantly turned round and shocked expression appeared.

If Chu Feng broke into the 8th level of the Profound realm one year ago, she would absolutely not be this shocked, but she had experienced many things with Chu Feng. After knowing Chu Feng’s method of cultivation, she had to be shocked.

Thinking back at first, in order to break into the 7th level of the Profound realm, Chu Feng had paid a huge price. So, Zi Ling understood very clearly that if Chu Feng wanted to make a breakthrough again, the price would be even bigger, yet right now, he actually broke through. It meant that Chu Feng must have gotten some special harvests on his trip.

“That Void Zhenren was still there. Although he wasn’t able to leave the Void Tower, he was able to see the things that happened in the Void School. He saw that I protected the Void School and felt gratitude in his heart, so he handed the oddities, which prevented his consciousness from being destroyed for a thousand years, to me.”

“If those things were given to normal people, perhaps they could not directly cultivate them and they would only have a supplementary effect, but incidentally, I was able to refine them.” Chu Feng didn’t hide anything. He went close to Zi Ling’s ear and detailedly narrated the details of what happened.

And after knowing everything, Zi Ling’s mood was great. Her little face of absolute beauty, from start to finish, was brimming with a sweet smile. She felt happy for Chu Feng from the bottom of her heart.

After all the dishes came up, the banquet officially started. It was definitely a banquet, and to thank Chu Feng and the others, it could be said that the second-rate school, the Void School, took all the delicious things and treasures out.

Those dishes were not simply sumptuous foods. There were also dishes made by special materials such as spiritual medicine, Origin medicine, and even Profound medicine. They had the effect of helping cultivation.

Although dishes like those didn’t have the slightest effect on Chu Feng and the others, they at least felt the Void School’s sincerity and warmth.

It was because many people there were great characters. Putting aside people such as Chu Feng, Zi Ling, Zhang Tianyi, Qi Fengyang, and the vice-head of the World Spirit Guild, even Jiang Hengyuan who stayed in the Valley of Hundred Bends for many years came.

At present, Chu Feng and the others knew that actually, he was a general from the Jiang Dynasty. He had the cultivation of the 7th level of the Heaven realm, and was the Jiang Dynasty’s representative for helping Chu Feng rebuild the Azure Dragon School.

While facing the great characters who had extremely high statuses and strengths, the people from the Void School were very restrained. They were deeply afraid that they would say something wrong accidentally and offend those great characters. They would truly not even know how they died if something like that happened.

In a situation like that, Chu Feng became the bridge people connected with. The effect was really good. The more the crowd chatted, the more engaged they got and they actually chatted from daytime to nighttime.

But when it was deep in the night and when the sky was filled with stars, change appeared at the western night sky.

“Milords, quickly look! The sky over there is actually bright!” One of the Void School elders discovered that scene first, and said with shock as he pointed towards afar.

“This is?”

When Chu Feng and the others cast their gazes towards the horizon, their pupils shrunk while their eyes couldn’t avoid enlarging a lot.

Because they astonishedly discovered in the western night sky, there was indeed a section that became bright. However, it was obviously not just a strange scenery because the area of brightness was currently moving. Moreover, it was heading towards them.

Finally, the strange body of light neared. Chu Feng and the others could clearly see that it was a huge area of flames. It covered the sky and covered the moon as it arrived. It made the sky fiery red from burning, and strongly lit up the ground.

“Heavens, what is that?” At that instant, the faces of everyone on scene changed greatly. Especially the people from the Void School, they even started to scream in terror.

It was because the scene in the sky was really too scary. Although they were still unable to determine what it was, they were able to feel the horror of that thing.

“This is bad, it’s heading towards my Void School!” Suddenly, someone loudly howled, and other than the banquet place, the Void School was in chaos.

It was because currently, the flames which covered the sky truly headed towards the Void School. Before it even neared, the Void Mountain Range was already brightly lit up as if it was day. People were able to feel the scorching hot temperature.

“Everyone, do not panic. Stay where you are!” At that instant, the one with the highest cultivation, Jiang Hengyuan, loudly shouted. His thunder-like voice resonated inside and outside the Void School. Only with that did the panicking elders and disciples settle down.

However, even though he calmed the crowd, he himself was tightly frowning. His gaze flashed with expressions of uneasiness because even if it was him, he felt endless fear when facing the huge area of flames in the sky.