Chapter 489 - A Worthy Trip

MGA: Chapter 489 - A Worthy Trip

After driving away the people of the Lotus Flower School, the head of the Void School set up a banquet to welcome Chu Feng and the others.

Facing the Void School’s warm welcome, Chu Feng and the others did not refuse it because other than repaying the Void School for the favor back then, there was one other thing he came here for. It was to return to the Void School’s Void Tower.

At that moment, Chu Feng had already went into the Void Tower, and just as he entered, an extremely dark and faint consciousness appeared in front of Chu Feng.

That person was indeed the founder of the Void School, the super-expert who was able to oppose the Azure Dragon Founder a thousand years ago, Void Zhenren.

However, the current Void Zhenren had already been weakened to the extreme compared to the first time Chu Feng saw him back then. It was even possible that he could disappear at any time. His consciousness was already unable to hold on for a few more days.

“Senior Void Zhenren, this junior pays his respects.” Despite the might of the super-expert a thousand years ago had already vanished, Chu Feng was still extremely respectful towards him.

“Young one, you are not bad. Within the short time of two years, you are actually able to develop to this state. You’re a lot stronger than me and the old guy Azure Dragon back then.”

“The reason you’ve come here today should be for my Source energy right?” Void Zhenren floated in mid-air. With a light smile, he looked at Chu Feng. However, his voice was clearly very powerless. It could be seen that there was truly not many more days he could continue living for.

“Senior, I...” Facing Void Zhenren’s questioning, Chu Feng was very speechless because it was exactly as Void Zhenren said. The reason why he came here was for his Source energy.

After all, Void Zhenren was a super-expert. His cultivation should near the peak of the Heaven realm. Source energy like that would cause Eggy’s cultivation to rise greatly. Chu Feng didn’t want to miss that chance, and Eggy didn’t want to miss it even more.

“Hoh, no need to feel bad. This is very normal.” However, Void Zhenren unconcernedly smiled, then quickly after, said, “If it was before, I would definitely not allow anyone to absorb my Source energy because I felt that it would make me incomplete.”

“Even today I feel the same. Source energy is the root of people. If one doesn’t even have their Source energy, that person would be completely dead. The things he would have remaining in this world would only be a useless skeleton.”

“But now, I’ve thought it through. I am willing to let you absorb my Source energy. For no other reason but because you just saved my Void School.”

“No matter if you did that because you felt you would owe me by wanting to absorb my Source energy, or if you did it remembering that the Void School helped you back then, I feel very relieved.”

“Follow me. There is already not much time left for me. I’ll leave these things for you. I hope you can help my Void School’s useless later generation a bit more so that my Void School won’t die out too soon.”

As he spoke, Void Zhenren floated and actually headed towards the peak of the Void Tower. Quickly after, he used his hand to touch the murals on the walls. So it seemed that the murals, which were not eye-grabbing, were actually mechanisms. They were so hidden that even the current Chu Feng was unable to detect them.

From top to bottom, Void Zhenren activated the mechanisms. When he came back to the bottom of the Void Tower, from the surface of the rocks, a tunnel actually appeared. After following Void Zhenren into the tunnel, Chu Feng discovered that there was a secret room there.

The secret room wasn’t too big. It was squarish, but it was very majestic. In the center of the secret room, there was a coffin built by stone. That stone coffin did not have a cover, and before approaching, Chu Feng was able to feel some chilliness from within.

“Go ahead. Those all belong to you. But after getting those, remember to help out my Void School!” As he spoke, Void Zhenren smiled relievedly, his body started to undulate, and at the end, he became strands of gas. After swirling in the air for a good while, he dispersed like smoke.

“He broke up his consciousness on his own accord. Right now, he has already thoroughly died. Quickly let me out! I will personally refine this guy’s Source energy.” Eggy excitedly said.

Without delay, Chu Feng willed and opened the World Spirit Gate. Eggy’s beautiful figure also became a blur of black light, immediately dashing out, then stood on top of the stone coffin.

“Waa, Chu Feng, that old guy didn’t trick you. There are truly some treasures here. Look!”

At that very instant, Eggy’s little face of absolute beauty was filled with the expression of joy. Without saying anything more, she opened her little mouth, then boundless absorption power explosively surged out, and she started to absorb Void Zhenren’s Source energy.

At that instant, Chu Feng also discovered that after Void Zhenren’s consciousness was broken up, the radiance within the stone coffin actually became a bit brighter. The chilliness also increased quite a bit in power.

And when Chu Feng approached, he discovered that a dry corpse laid within the stone tomb. The body of the dry corpse was covered by a layer of shattered rocks. Those shattered rocks were blue-coloured, and every single one emitted chilliness a lot colder than ice.

The most important thing was that within the blue-coloured shattered rocks, they actually contained Heaven power. The degree of Heaven power denseness was extremely horrifying, and other than the Heaven power, there were also some special berserk energy objects. In brief, those shattered rocks were obviously not ordinary objects. They were strange divine objects.

“It seems like these shattered rocks is key reason how Void Zhenren’s consciousness survived this long.” Chu Feng said.

“Not only that. Other than these shattered rocks, this Void Tower’s construct has been made with great attention. Because of the combination of the two, that’s the reason why his consciousness was able to live that long. But also, he could only stay within this tower. If he were to leave, the consciousness would have immediately dispersed.”

“Chu Feng, these shattered rocks aren’t simple. The power contained within is very berserk. Normal people have no way of refining them, but you should be able to. Quickly try it out. Perhaps it can let you break into the 8th level of the Profound realm.” Eggy excitedly said.

“Eggy, you… you’ve actually entered the 2nd level of the Heaven realm?” But seeing Eggy, Chu Feng was a bit shocked. Before, she was clearly still in the 9th level of the Profound realm, but after refining Void Zhenren’s Source energy, she actually stepped into the 2nd level of the Heaven realm.

After such a long time of understanding, Chu Feng had already discovered that Eggy’s strength was very powerful. In terms of true battle power, she was even more powerful than Chu Feng with a Elite Armament.

But Eggy required a lot of Source energy in order to raise her cultivation, or at least compared to Zi Ling’s World Spirit, the Source energy Eggy required was a lot more.

But right now, Eggy was actually able to continuously break through two levels, and also from the Profound realm to the Heaven realm. It meant that Void Zhenren’s Source energy was indeed not simple. The old man’s strength when he lived was definitely very strong.

“Hehe, this old guy had the peak cultivation of the 8th level of the Heaven realm, and because of the nourishment of these shattered rocks, not only was the slightest bit of Source energy not lost, it even gained a bit of strengthening.” Eggy sweetly smiled. Since her cultivation rose greatly, she was very happy as well.

“It seems like this time, it has truly a worthy trip.” At that instant, Chu Feng’s face also brimmed with an excited smile. He cast his gaze back at the blue-coloured shattered rocks. He felt with the Heaven power that the shattered rocks contained, as long as they were refined by Chu Feng, it shouldn’t be hard for him to break into the 8th level of the Profound realm.